Phoenix Reloaded Review OTO Bonuses By Mark Barrett

Phoenix Reloaded Review OTO Bonuses By Mark Barrett

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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FRONT END – Phoenix IV – Coupon Code: 20FFPHOENIX
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Phoenix IV OTO 1 – Unlimited Profits Bundle

Phoenix IV OTO 2 – Phoenix DFY Package

Phoenix IV OTO 3 – Inner Circle Profitz Club

Phoenix IV OTO 4 – Little Black Book

Phoenix IV OTO 5 – Phoenix Unlimited Traffic

Phoenix IV OTO 6 – Super Reseller License Rights

Phoenix IV OTO 7 – Leg Up Package Edition

♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

hey what is up this is rob palmer welcome to my phoenix 2.0 reloaded review this is uh in my opinion an excellent product which is going to show you how to really make money online based on tons of proof now as you can see here they even have a 100k a month case study which i think you are going to like but before that let’s talk about the bonuses that i have for you and i have some massive bonuses for you that i’m gonna be limiting because well you’re gonna be understanding in just a moment and you probably want to grab this before the timer on this bonus page hit zero okay so the first bonus is very very special and no one else is going to be offering this to you this is early bird access today okay not tomorrow we’re talking about today to the oto number one which is the affiliate maximizer unlimited version no limits on a really awesome software that i’m using that i’ve created for myself and my customers and i’m getting killer results with this now this is going to be limited to 50 people only okay so once you grab this you’ll have to send me your receipt and what you want to do after you send send me your receipt well basically i’m going to be sending you the the access link to this special bonus now you want to have in mind that you have to send this within the time frame okay and the time frame for this is going to be today is january 17th so between today okay and tomorrow okay between today and tomorrow you’re gonna get access to this and this is going to be limited to 50 people and i’m going to be very strict about this because of course i want to sell some copies of this in a couple of days when this actually launches on the 19th okay so you’re going to get direct access to this okay and um spots are gonna disappear really really fast okay so once again you’ll have to show me within your receipt that you have purchased this before the 18th of january okay before midnight okay you want to have that in mind so that’s the bonus number one this is my mega bonus bonus number two the same system that i used to generate my first 8k online very very powerful and goes it ties in very well with this product the bonus number three is how i would use chatbots together with phoenix 2.0 to boost my earnings great stuff here and the bonus number four get my super affiliate advanced training and use it as bonuses for your own promos okay so that’s about that then we have the bonus number five secret email tactics that i use to convert 4.97 more than other affiliates okay you can use this even if you have just a you know a trickle very little traffic and um that’s basically it okay so you want to have that in mind and talking about the actual sales page it says reveal the secret phoenix reloaded method we’ve been profiting with for 10 years now if you have heard about this product before this is the new and improved version and i’m going to be showing you why they’re saying this and i’m i’m gonna be showing you that within the members area and it’s making them thousand dollars thousand dollar daily passively and this is how you can essentially replicate this within 30 minutes do i think this works definitely it’s a great system these are the guys to go if you want to use this specific and precise method and you can see more about the results testimonials you can see everything here okay everything testimonials income proof and so on okay so that being said this is the members area okay so first the welcome video the overview this here 100k a month a study this is massive guys and then here getting set up with phoenix sitting up or set up with phoenix reloaded how to find the top offers how to build the rotator build the funnel integrate the autoresponder set up your phoenix reloaded follow-ups test funnel everything is based on actual results okay and then here we have the traffic section they’re top converting traffic source they’re gonna they’re actually handling to you handling over to you the exact top converting traffic offers how to monitor and scale everything the phoenix ecosystem explains so i had a look at this here this is something different that they haven’t covered in past versions this is great stuff here how to set up this entire phoenix ecosystem how to create your own phoenix ecosystem how to monetize your phoenix ecosystem really great content here that i think that you’re going to get results with this and there’s tons of proof tons of people that i personally know about this or know that are getting results with this i’m definitely going to be diving more into this there’s so many ways to make money online and you know time um you know don’t always have the time to cover all the different methods okay but this is definitely something that i like and that’s the reason why i’m recommending this to you because i i think that it has tons of proof and it’s based on actual results okay we have the conclusion phoenix reloaded done for you funnel there’s some other bonuses here and and so on okay so definitely a great product now don’t forget that my bonuses are definitely exclusive you’re not going to get this anywhere anywhere else especially this first one here spent tons of time developing this okay that being said the front-end version of this is gonna be 12.95 but they’re gonna be a five dollar discount applied at the checkout so think about this you’re getting this for 12.95 cents but if you apply the five dollar discount it’s gonna be a steal plus you’re gonna get my oto number one for affiliate maximizer and i shouldn’t be giving this out okay but that’s the reason i’m limiting this to 50 okay 50 spots only and during from right now okay until tomorrow 18th of august august sorry january january 2022 okay because actually i’m launching this product on the on the 19th okay of january and if i feel there’s too many people accessing this i might be pulling the plug before that okay so it’s it’s really sensitive okay so this is the front-end offer this is an information product which is gonna reveal to you the exact process that they’ve used to go from flat broke and losing everything to bringing in consistent and reliable income day after day it’s sustainable scalable and extremely easy to set up yet powerful enough to provide peace of mind in your weekly income product bump is going to be 9.95 okay and this is 70k in 30 days case study foolproof case study how to easily implement process or this process to generate profits fast with any economic environment full step-by-step process this actually sells full retail for 197 but you’re getting this for 9.95 which is crazy in my opinion okay so you want to check out or check at the checkout you want to check this product bump you’re going to get this 197 dollar product for 9.95 the upper number one is going to be profit automators reloaded 37 and a 27 down cell getting this to work around the clock on complete autopilot reliably and consistently day after day takes an army of secret weapons to unlock real profits and they’ve included the exact swipes that they’ve used to generate sales day after day week after week the upgrade number two is the phoenix done for you package reloaded one hundred ninety seven dollars and there’s a downsell for ninety seven dollars and exactly you know figuring out how to do this from scratch scratch how to rise from the ashes financially is half the battle they pack it something very special and unique to really give anyone the implements this is a surefire way to get cash flow into your wallet here okay so you want to check the down sales here as well the upper number three is 10x profit box 2.0 and this is going to cost 47 and it’s going to be a 27 down sale here this entails everything you need to maximize profits this is the biggest challenge and talking about that getting fan sitters to convert into actual real buyers that’s always the struggle okay and this upgrade is going to allow you to leverage any affiliate or product offer and increase your profits 10 times the upper number four is their band breakout affiliate mastery now you might be asking yourself but this is costing 497 dollars well the thing here is that essentially i’m going to make this a little bit bigger here okay like this and this is their high end back-end coaching program okay and they’re getting tons of results for their customers and clients and i think this is going to get you some killer results if you want to focus on paid solo ads advertising okay the upgrade number five is going to be the inner circle profits club sixty seven dollars and a downside for forty seven dollars and this includes everything that you need to maximize profits inside their facebook community not exactly their bam program but you get access to their support team for any questions that you might have now the upgrade number six is the phoenix unlimited traffic 197 dollars and they got one better with providing anyone multiple and unique methods in tapping into their traffic sources targeting buyer traffic is tough let alone getting a regular cold traffic to any offer these traffic methods will surely bring hot card in hand buyers to any offer okay 197 dollars and a downside for 97 upgrade number seven is the super reseller license 67 dollars and a 47 down cell and you know getting approval to promote an offer is half of the battle for new affiliates well that’s true this upgrade is going to allow you to sell all 14 other offers as if it was your own product and you get you know essentially bigger commissions okay so in my opinion i would go for let’s see here the front-end offer definitely the product bump i will go for that one because of what you’re getting okay then i like the upgrade number one and two okay i’ll i like several of these upgrades but you don’t need them to get results the difference is that the front-end offer is you’re gonna get information to do this on your own the for example the upgrade number four is essentially a group coaching program with weekly calls and all of that a little bit better if you want a little bit more extra help and getting you know results as the bam members are getting and so you have to decide what you want to get okay but that’s essentially my recommendation okay so that being said don’t forget you’re going to get this first bonus here i mentioned this once again this is only going to be available today 17th and 18th of january tomorrow until midnight okay limited to 50 people i might pull the plug before if there’s too many people getting jumping on and grabbing this okay spots are going to disappear very very fast okay so you want to have that in mind no one else is going to offer this to you you can shop around and you’re probably going to see you’re definitely going to see that this is the best bonus for this product okay so i have that in mind okay and thank you for watching my phoenix reloaded 2.0 review and i guess i’ll talk to you soon take care bye

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