LinkedIn Fire GPT Review By Lee Cole

LinkedIn Fire GPT Review By Lee Cole

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welcome to cube core casual videos but hardcore knowledge like this video subscribe to our Channel press that Bell notification let’s start the video LinkedIn fire GPT review Namaste friends and welcome to your channel uh to your core and in this video we’ll talk about this training program called LinkedIn fired GPT so this is the LinkedIn fire GPT review and right now we are on the sales page and then you have this uh 19 minutes 29 seconds long video in which uh Lee Cole and uh uh Gloria is it I think her name is Gloria Gunn okay so they are explaining you everything what this method is all about so you do have to go and watch this uh 20 minutes long video to understand how to get into this and uh who is this for so it says here learn how Gloria created her own AI powered LinkedIn money machine using her new OPF other people’s followers Mega strategy you two can have your own LinkedIn AI powered passive income machine up and running within 48 Hours read this sales letter to learn how hey guys this stuff really works I’m making real money for the first time ever thank you so much for the training okay and then we have what would your life be you will be stranded in in the ocean no I don’t want that livestock anyway so you work a couple of hours a week and then you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean I don’t like this lifestyle maybe you do so I want to be surrounded between between as in around the people okay not stranded in some ocean or on the beach sorry or in the jungle okay so these are the creators and these are some stay short they’re showing they have made money with the I guess serving some clients or offering them some Services I guess so these are those things which you have to post on LinkedIn you have to create those uh reels I guess reels and Carousel videos so you have to actually stop people from scrolling that’s the concept so you have to post these things on LinkedIn to get clients and if they watch your services whatever you have to offer in that video in the Reel then you may get some contacts some inbound leads and if they buy your services you make money okay this brings me to a very good point that this is not for an EBS okay they are saying it can uh you know you can do this as a newbie as well but trust me it’s not for newbies in this world there’s nothing for newbies okay so what is LinkedIn fire GPT it’s a training that shows you how to use your chat GPT to supercharge your marketing on the LinkedIn platform okay so it’s about charge gbt LinkedIn clients services closing deal or for them Services Collective payment okay we show you everything you need to get rolling with this fast including that what to sell how to sell and who to sell to LinkedIn marketing has changed over the past year what worked in the past no longer works what most gurus tell you actually do more damage than good if you can follow our simple blah blah so technically you have to post those videos and carousels I guess the way algorithm works on LinkedIn or any platform is that the more time people spend in watching your content the more your content will be recommended and will have good good rankings in LinkedIn platform okay what do you sell using the LinkedIn fire GPT program we use this LinkedIn as a traffic Source pre-branded traffic to our offerings plan blah you need to survey you need to sell a service I guess okay you need a service to sell to your clients obviously and you can be what you have to sell something okay either you have to sell some website development services SEO Services God knows what services okay so if you’re up for this most welcome to buy this training program okay the training program is called LinkedIn fire chat something gbt okay I don’t care really because I will never do this let’s finish these questions and then I will talk about what I’m doing what I’m going to say I am really new can I do this they’re saying yes you can do this I am challenging them and you guys can’t do here okay so it’s not funnybase because here you have to go and find clients cold marketing you have to go and uh you know convince somebody out of the blue on LinkedIn so that so that they uh maybe contact you for services inquiry then they will just go and maybe come on get a life this is how you make money online now this is business making money online is different than business okay this is this thing comes under digital marketing business when you start providing a service you’re now making money you’re doing a business for you smart people you have to understand I did this service industry for five six years in the past okay I am not servicing any clients anymore I am free man a boy I’m still a boy I guess I’m a free boy okay so is it Navy friendly absolutely not do you need a website no is this just for us they’re saying absolutely not you can do you can do this worldwide it’s not a worldwide trust me what skills do I need nothing you don’t need anything you know willingness to work do I need to spend any more money uh nobody you have the otos okay so there are otos and I will show you the otos and blind blog okay so I guess sales page is done let’s clear out two things here is this a good training program yes it’s a good training program are these good vendors yes they are good vendors so if you click on the profile of leeco and you will see they have been launching these kind of training programs in the you know in the past as well 29 products so far and 40 000 sales now again the question comes back here is if all these things were supposed to make money in the past you do not need a new method every month or every other month or every other week that’s just harsh truth 29 products okay people tell me what do you want by the end of the day you want to make money that’s all you own right am I right until now you want to make money you don’t care how you you don’t care if the money comes from YouTube you don’t care if the money comes from Google business you don’t care if the money comes from LinkedIn you don’t care if the money comes from Facebook you don’t care if the money comes from ClickBank you don’t care if the money comes from Instagram you don’t care if the money comes from tick tock all you care about is how does the money come in at least that’s what I care about okay what I am trying to point out here is yes you can come back you can teach people about LinkedIn about Golden method AI automatic Pro you can teach everything and I will have only one question in my life is this not making money why did we need this why did we need this why did we need this out of these 29 products is not anything making money because trust me guys I will not launch anything if the first thing is working you know you will not see tube core launching 10 programs in his life because what I launch or what I ask you to do that makes money end of the topic you go and rinse and repeat for example let’s come back here and you go below my YouTube video okay and it shows you these links now the second link says make money with traffic charges traffic charges will help you to make money on YouTube in multiple ways right now when you’re watching my YouTube video my money is made because my YouTube channel is monetize more ties means you’re watching some ads in this video the you know the more people see these as the more money this video is going to make for me whether you buy something from me or not then all I have to do is get to your YouTube channel monetize and come and make videos rinse and repeat I make YouTube videos all day look in the side here this is screen my video my video my video my video my video this is follow you know the side here you see it’s these are all my videos what do you not see here I take I have taken over the YouTube you see so once you become my subscriber or YouTube start recommending so I have so much content that YouTube cannot ignore me okay you see all my videos showing up here because I didn’t repeat I don’t go after 29 methods I don’t go after LinkedIn the next day Facebook the next week Instagram the next week you see the stick talk and then God knows what else man you need one thing which will make you money and then you will rinse and repeat that’s all today you’re gonna do LinkedIn tomorrow you’re gonna do YouTube third day you’re gonna do some uh Instagram no this is not how you make money online these people sharing the information in the form of a training course I don’t blame them you can sell information and using that information some people can make money but LinkedIn really give me a break give me a big one okay I do not trust those platforms where I do not have control over anything I don’t do Facebook marketing I don’t do Instagram I don’t do LinkedIn I don’t do Tick Tock I do YouTube because I trust YouTube because it’s the number one company from Google I don’t trust LinkedIn Link in cash a suspend my account anytime Tick Tock can suspend my account anytime Instagram Facebook and take me down anytime they have taken down Donald Trump who the hell are you I don’t know if you know Trump’s Facebook is still on or not Twitter has uh I think Donald Trump has come back on Twitter because Elon Musk took over Twitter otherwise Donald Trump was still banned on Twitter if lmus did not come into the existence I don’t I don’t have to go and find it first thing when you have to decide you’re gonna spend your time money efforts on a method that method need to sustain it’s not like you go and do some hard work on on LinkedIn consumers and after two months you realize that oh your account is suspended due to your policies because you have been spamming okay so again guys if I am saying something that’s the last word you you believe me or not that’s intality nobody is forcing you to believe me but what I say that works and what I say that’s the last word you take it you don’t take it you’re free to choose you’re a free man or a woman okay what we have here so LinkedIn fire GPT first thing is a training program you will get the knowledge that’s what you’re paying for okay you’re paying for the knowledge that’s it so in 37 they will give you the training whatever they have learned whatever they have tested out tried out and then you have some otos here so what is this so you can see this is the front end this is Oto one expand your LinkedIn strategy to other social media platforms such as Facebook YouTube blind blah if you have to come on YouTube then um mmm you have to come to YouTube which is the father of the online marketing for free traffic and why to worry about LinkedIn why to worry about Facebook why to worry about Instagram why to worry about tech talk if you have to come on YouTube man why don’t you just go and start with YouTube you’re gonna let’s wind this uh so let’s rewind this you’re gonna buy something in 37 and then you’re gonna buy an Oto in maybe 57 and inside that Oto you will be told that you have to come and make YouTube videos wow and I am telling you that for free right now so you’re gonna pay them 100 first and after paying them hundred dollars they will tell you that go and make YouTube videos and then you will do it because you have paid the money to them but here tube core is telling you’re asking you to come on YouTube for free I’m not charging you money to tell you this advice to give you this advice so you won’t listen to me because you have to spend the money until right people are so fooled people are so dumb here in this world you know let’s say you go and buy a one thousand dollar trading program I know people if they spend a thousand they spend fifteen hundred dollar on high ticket training programs Okay so a tube core is telling you right now for free you have to come on YouTube you have to make YouTube videos no no no no tube Corp no I will not do YouTube no no no no no you don’t know anything no fine you’ll go you’ll walk away you will not listen to me right but after a week after two after two weeks after a month after two months after six months you will go and join a high ticket program you will pay one thousand dollar for that high ticket program and inside that high ticket program you will be told that you have to come on YouTube and then after paying one thousand dollars you will come on YouTube that’s what you’ve got told you for free six months before take your middle finger in your own ass I don’t want to get my hands dirty all right if you are going to come on YouTube then come on come on YouTube for free like to pay all this money okay this method might work may work could work I don’t know but what I am talking about that will definitely work okay so we’ll discuss these links in a moment let’s find this up for now uh this thingy called uh LinkedIn fire GPT okay I will not do this you want to do this go and do this in your own imagination okay this thing will give you the training the knowledge how to use LinkedIn how to use GPT how to maybe uh post something on LinkedIn and then maybe let’s talk about theoretical dreams here you will go and post something somebody will you know see your videos then buy Miracle they will contact you and then you will have to offer them a search wow you’re gonna sell what are you gonna sell huh You’re Gonna you know how to create website do you do you know how to do SEO or do you know how to make apps or you know programs what are you going to sell or you’re going to sell social media marketing Services I will be posting the content on your uh you know LinkedIn LinkedIn and this Facebook Instagram for 300 per month that’s what that is what you’re gonna sell SSM social media Automation Services if you can find some clients to pay you good luck Okay so do whatever you like they are telling you after buying the with you too we forgot about you too takes our LinkedIn fire method to the next level using platforms like Fiverr and network oh really you have to become a freelancer now on fire but enough work to get some sales to get some clients now come on man get a life first is okay first let’s do it let’s decide again let me remind you training program might be good method let’s these people confused okay are we let’s talk about it let’s do some logical questions ask some logical questions are we making money on LinkedIn or are we making money on Instagram Facebook and YouTube or I’ll be making money on Fiverr Network what are we doing here are we here to become a freelancer are we here to become our digital marketing company are we here to post on Facebook Instagram are we here to become a YouTuber why what are we paying for here what am I supposed to become after buying these three otos I’m not confused they are or maybe they’re confusing you sometimes they’re saying come on YouTube sometimes they’re saying go on Facebook post on Instagram sometime go and become some freelancer now organ fiber get a life man grow up if your end goal is only to make money on the internet then go below the video first of all subscribe and like it’s all free okay and if you want to support you make little super fines press the Bell thingy and now we have two links here so traffic Jarvis I have I will explain you again but the first link says make money on autopilot with Forex Trading you know what this magic is Forex Trading come here let’s see you see this machine and you see the amount here 100 000 plus it’s like hundred and three thousand some dollars okay this is a demo account I started this account with 50 000 deposit money okay and I have increased that amount from fifty thousand to uh 103 in only one month this method is quite simple you buy low you sell High all of this is done by the software okay and it will be done by me so let me come back and click on the first link here come on this page enter your email address enter your name then click on unlock Syndicate go back to your email verify the email once your verified your email then you will be taken to the main page of The Syndicate watch two videos there to understand what this thing is all about it’s pretty simple we will be setting up this machine for you okay well I will be setting up this machine I will be setting up the graph then I will be setting up the software and then I will give the settings to the software and after that it will be doing trading on our behalf automatically okay this Syndicate will make you uh 60 profits weekly this will be on profit sharing 60 profits yours 40 mine okay and in this you do not have to do anything because I will be managing everything on your behalf that is why I will be keeping 40 every week okay to know everything in detail enter your information here go on the sales page watch those two videos there and after that if you have any questions you can contact me on Skype here okay the second link says make money with traffic Jarvis this traffic drivers will again help you to monetize your YouTube channel within a month so that you can make money without even selling anything on YouTube with these videos it will help you to get those 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in two weeks only you can do upgrade marketing on YouTube you can make busy videos I mean email marketing there’s a lot of things you can do on YouTube depending on what is your willingness okay now you have to either choose here because either you can go for both the method for example I am doing both okay so this thing works on automation so it doesn’t consume my time so I don’t have to do anything here so whatever time I have I simply make my Youtube video so I’m doing both I’m doing this Forex thingy I’m doing traffic Jarvis for you you have to decide if you have time and you are willing to make YouTube videos and you want to work manually then go and get traffic Jarvis but if you want to make 60 profits weekly just for doing nothing then check out The Syndicate program okay this training program LinkedIn fire GPT might be a good training program but it’s so far far away from making money because you have to work your ass off and if you’re on eBay stay away from all this okay if your end goal is only to make money on the internet don’t touch anything else outside there if your end goal is to make money check out these two links Forex thingy and traffic Jarvis the difference is that in traffic drivers you have to work manually work a lot in the first option you got to work nothing no work required 60 properties weekly yours okay subscribe like in the end I’ll show you how to make money with traffic Jarvis in detail so once you click on the first link below my YouTube video it says make money with traffic drivers and then you will be taken to this website which says finally proven methods for making real money online from home even if you’re a brand newbie option number one is email marketing option number two is YouTube traffic service so this traffic drivers will help you to monetize your YouTube channel within 30 days as soon as possible and it will help you to get those 1000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours which are required to get if you want to make money on YouTube without selling anything okay so before I talk about traffic Jarvis in detail first of all first of all let’s talk about this email marketing method here so you can also make money with email marketing just by sending one email per day but you need a lot of numbers okay you need to have thousands and thousands of email addresses into your list and then only you can go ahead and make some money with email marketing so if you want to grow your email list without buying some paid ads then you can try the system which you see right on the screen this will give you 100 email leads from US Canada Australia from those countries and you will also be allowed to send emails to these once per day so by the end of the month you know in 30 days you will have 3000 leads minimum and you will be able to send them emails 30 times you know in a month right so here here are the proofs you can see they have made fifteen thousand pluses you know they have made 15 000 plus to the system I have made 377 so far and when I am recording this video uh you might be watching this video in my uh you know on my YouTube channel but these data will change because this is a reoccurring commission okay so these numbers keeps adding every month and this number will change I don’t know when you’re watching this video so whatever numbers you will see those will be the updated numbers okay and then if you want to learn how to use the system then go and click on this play button go on the next page enter your name and email address click on this watch free video then go back to your email verify your email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to this video watch the video and take action because if you take action I’ll send you some bonus email swipes okay now let’s talk about YouTube Traffic Service figures on YouTube again you can make money for the rest of your life without selling anything click on the play button here go on the next page enter your name and email address click on this red button go back to your email verify the email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to the Traffic Service video what’s the video take action because you can see the proofs here this is the money I have made just by uploading videos without selling anything because my YouTube channel is monetized and you must have seen some ads in my YouTube videos so the more you people see these ads in my YouTube videos the more money this video is going to make for me okay the same can be done for you too you can go and get your YouTube channel monetized with the help of traffic Jarvis within maximum 30 days and after that your job is simply to upload videos every day on your channel and make this kind of money okay and you can see here this is the money I have made by doing some reviews on my YouTube channel my primary source of income is YouTube ad Revenue just upload videos make money no selling required okay and again these numbers will change these numbers will change these numbers will grow because again I’m telling you this is a reoccurring commission system so right now if it shows 560 in the future it might be well about 600 or 700 so the the data will be changing when you’re watching the video in the future okay all right great so we have these two methods email marketing and YouTube now if you can Master these two methods you will never need to learn any third way to make money online so go and check this out and then we have this link says get kiss tracking cable stupid case tracking is all about doing what I’m doing right now so in case if you are interested in learning how to do these reviews on your YouTube channel if you want to know how to find these products how to get your affiliate things approved and how to upload these videos on your YouTube channel then you can go through this tracking training and this case tracking will also be available inside traffic Jarvis okay and then we have the third link it says make 120 return commission let’s click on this one this is for people who know how to sell or maybe you have some kind of experience online so just go and enter your name and email first and then click on email be my free ebook then go back to your email address click on click on the verification email and then you will be given your ebook go and read the ebook if you want to join the system and take action because you have to go and sell this system to others because this system can make you up 220 dollars from one person from one sale okay so if you can bring in let’s say a 10 people into the system those 10 people can make you up to 12 100 every single month okay so this is a reoccurring system and they will give you the proper training inside how to go and try free traffic or paid traffic so you will have you know all the training inside too but it is good if you have some experience already and experience means if you already have a YouTube channel or maybe you have you have an email list or you have some kind of audience uh and you can go and promote this product so that will give you quick you know quick boost okay so this is it uh these were the links and I would say go and check them out if you want to make money without selling anything for rest of your life then you can go for Traffic Service YouTube method we YouTube is absolutely free and uh you know you it’s entirely on you the more you work the more money you will make here’s the heroes you know here’s the example as you can see and email marketing you have to go and start doing it because you have to wait for the numbers to grow because in one month you will be getting 3 000 and that means you have to spend two three four five months before you can get up to those 10 or 15 000 email addresses okay so all these methods are working for me they will work for you too if you know how to make them work okay so again in the end go and check everything and thank you so much for watching the video so far and subscribe I have told you YouTube does not allow me to subscribe to my own channel so you gotta do it subscribe like leave your uh colorful super you know comments here and thank you for watching the video again I guess I’ll see you in my next video shortly till then Baba Thai Thai that means China bye bye

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