Tube Hero Review By Paul Nicholls

Tube Hero Review By Paul Nicholls

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in this tube hero review I’m going to be showing you a course by a guy who’s created a successful YouTube channel creating quality content now he’s going to teach you how to do it yourself and make sure you staying to the end of this review is I’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades so you know exactly what you’re getting into if you decide to purchase if you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out tube hero just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it it make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page I’ve got a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of warrior plus after you purchase through my link okay let’s take a look at the sales page here together it says are you looking for a way to get free traffic build Authority and build a real online business my my brand new masterclass reveals the exact methods I’ve been quietly using to generate massive free traffic and build overnight Authority in any Niche using the power of YouTube so essentially this is Paul’s course teaching you how he’s been able to be successful on YouTube and build an authority Channel he’s gotten tons of views on some of his videos here he’s 57 000 views gaining 271 subscribers uh here’s another one here we got 10 000 views on a video of his and another one here 60 like you see here 66 000 views that he’s gotten in the last 365 days from his videos and some of you might be saying oh that’s a lot some of you might be saying that’s not a lot at all if you’re comparing this to like people that million dollar a million uh like views every every single day but he’s gone ahead and he’s created a quality channel that gets quality traffic coming in now you can actually see here here’s some of his views on some actual videos that he’s done here he actually built a Knight Rider car and it’s gone viral he’s got one here they’ve got 57 000 views on it I even got published and shared in an online magazine I think it’s called like lad Bible I think we’re going to show it here in a second uh if I if I can find it for you guys but you got shared and published in there as well uh which because he was creating quality content that’s why here we go live Bible uh he got his content shared look at this he’s got has 10 000 likes on it a thousand comments 2 000 shares uh he’s able to get his content shared around so his course isn’t about creating just a bunch of crappy content about creating uh quality content so that your your content can get shared around the internet and then you can essentially monetize that as well what I’m going to do now is I’m going to go ahead and play you a quick video from Paul then I’m going to come back I’m going to show you his YouTube channel I’m going to show you the backend area and the otos are you looking for a proven method for successfully creating a YouTube channel that generates massive Authority and a steady stream of free traffic are you tired of trying methods that just never seem to work like they say or maybe you’ve tried your hand at creating your own YouTube channel and you just didn’t get the results you wanted unfortunately there are so many courses and online methods out there that promise to give you what you need to get results with YouTube but all these courses are fixated only on the big money you can supposedly make you see the numbers you get excited you buy the course and once you get inside you quickly find out it’s just the same old rehashed gimmicky garbage that you’ve seen before you’re not looking for a quick cash loophole you’re looking for step-by-step training that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to start your own YouTube channel that gets you free traffic and makes you an authority in any Niche you choose to enter the good news is you’re in the right place today you’ve got the opportunity to get your hands on a proven method for creating a brand new YouTube channel in any niche and you’ll discover exactly how to leverage your brand new YouTube channel to get massive Authority and a steady stream of free traffic you don’t need any prior experience with YouTube you don’t need to be skilled at creating video content you don’t need to invest in any super expensive equipment all you need is this brand new master class that takes you by the hand and shows you a real proven method for getting massive Authority in a steady stream of free traffic with YouTube introducing tube hero everything inside tube hero is based on real methods that are proven to generate Authority and free traffic in any niche even if you’re just starting out inside tube hero you’ll discover how to get started now even if you’ve never made a video before in your life the simple way to get started today without needing to invest a bunch of money in video equipment cameras and special lighting in fact you’ll be able to do most of this with your phone you don’t need any special technical skills you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get started and even if you’re shy and not well spoken you’ll discover a simple trick to quickly create quality video content that gets results and comes off as authentic just look at this video that was created with an older phone that generated huge Authority and a steady stream of free traffic you can do this too and when you get tube hero you’ll get everything you need to start your own successful YouTube channel in any Niche today inside you’ll get access to step-by-step video training that shows you everything from A to Z so there’s no guessing what to do next you’ll also get access to a special quick start guide so you’ll be able to get up and running fast plus when you get tube hero today you’ll also get access to a video template guide that makes it fast and easy to create winning video content that establishes you as an authority and to round out this powerful Master Class you’ll also get access to a real world case study that reveals how a beginner became an authority in a new niche in just 90 days just follow along and you’ll be able to get the same results for yourself with your newfound Authority and free traffic for your new YouTube channel you’ll be able to send traffic to anything you want brand your business improve merchandising sell your own info products build your email list sell physical products offer services get coaching clients sell physical merchandise and a lot more just to be clear this is not some here today gone tomorrow method that will stop working this is the key to creating a real online business in any Niche you want without paying for ads it’s fast it’s simple and anyone can do it and the best part about this is the special discounted pricing because this gives you everything you need to finally create a successful YouTube channel in any Niche the regular price for this is ninety seven dollars and very soon tube hero will only be available as a small group master class with limited seats and a price tag of at least 197 dollars but today you have the limited time opportunity to get your hands on everything for a low one-time payment when you click the button below right now but please don’t wait around this massive discount is not going to last long and if you close this page and come back later you do run the risk of paying a lot more for access although the highly discounted price should make this a total no-brainer when you get this now you’ll also get access to free bonuses that will help you level up and generate massive Authority and traffic even faster from your new YouTube channel these bonuses make this a complete system that truly gives you everything you need to crush it in any niche so if you’re tired of methods that don’t work or focus on loopholes only but not on how to create a successful YouTube channel that generates free traffic and Authority in any niche then you need to get your hands onto hero this is like nothing you’ve seen before and within no time you will be able to enjoy the benefits of finally having your very own successful YouTube channel click the button below now to lock in your discount and get instant access to tube hero before the price goes up see we are back so this is Paul’s YouTube channel uh he doesn’t have like millions of subscribers it’s a it’s a smaller channel here but he does have some videos with a lot of views on them if we look at uh see his stats here on his channel uh in in the last uh what is it 30 days he said that seven thousand views on it it’s not publishing tons and tons of videos on here uh he’s got videos with with a lot of views like this one here it’s 40 54 000 views and he’s publishing and he’s getting here we go 785 194 3000 views on this one again it’s not a crazy thing but this is something that he’s doing as a passion project this is something that he’s doing for fun now if you decide to purchase the course you’re going to have access to this back end area right here and where you can access the entire training you have the bonuses the introduction choosing your model niches that could land you in trouble how to set up your channel content creation content Style YouTube algorithm how often to upload an overview all of this in over the shoulder video training now there are multiple otos here you can see they’re 27 27 27 and then there’s a 397 dollar one here as well I was unable to get access to those pages but you can see the prices of them they’re all optional otos pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about tube hero and what don’t I like about it if I had to say something that I don’t like about it if you’re looking to build a channel that has millions and millions of views on it you want to build one of these ones that is in like the internet marketing Niche and it’s just like pumping out just video after video this isn’t going to be the right kind of course for you this is something that’s focused around building quality content and doing stuff that you enjoy what do I like about this this this is a real course by a real guy that actually has experience of creating viral content on YouTube if you want to learn what Paul has learned in his journey then check this out thank you so much for checking out my tube hero review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in my next review video thanks

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