High Ticket Siphon Review By Brendan Mace

High Ticket Siphon Review By Brendan Mace

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hey it’s trevor here and welcome to my high ticket siphon review it’s really hot in the uk today so if i’m perspiring or looking a little bit then that’s because it’s like 37 degrees i think already and it’s you know something just coming into the afternoon now as always i’m going to keep this nice and short for you today going to give you a quick review show you the fantastic bonuses that i’ve got for you exclusive cannot get these anywhere else i’m going to show you what this is all about why i think you should get it what i’ve managed to do with it and and just then leave you to go and grab it and then i’m going to go out in the sun all right okay sound good i think that that sounds good to me so it’s high ticket siphon you may notice when you come on here that this um video has got me uh in the as a voice over on this so you might recognize the voice um and it basically the the headline here says you’re seconds away from hijacking hot and loaded free visitors and turning them into daily leads and sales this is one of those bold headlines and you could be forgiven for thinking that that’s a load of bs but i’m going to show you that it’s actually not for a change all right which is quite refreshing if we come over to here i’m going to show you a video and this video here has had 3.9 million views okay and the first link in here is pop pilatesdvd.com now if i click on this link it’s going to take us through to toned intent i think it is and i know that because i own that domain okay and i’ve set this up now this is included in my cheat sheet i’m giving you my bonus um some information on this and how you can make some really serious money at this but i just wanted to show you that that i own popularity’s dvd because it was a broken link found using this system on a channel that has 5.29 million subscribers and on a video that has 3.9 million views so can you see the power of this so in a nutshell what this system does is you put in a keyword and it goes through youtube and it finds videos that have broken links in their description which means they’ve got um a url that has expired and the person that owns the channel has let it expire and you can just go and grab it and do a simple redirect full training is shown inside out to do that it literally takes a couple of seconds and you redirect it to your affiliate offer and then you bag the money sound good it’s really really simple so let’s take a quick look inside the members area um i’m just going to refresh this page here and let me just see if i can if we do a quick live demo i don’t know if this is going to work or not as in are we going to find anything actually i should have put the publish day actually changed that um but while that’s while that’s wearing away in the background i’m going to come over to my uh my my bonus document here which is actually my cheat sheet that i’ve made for this now if you grab high ticket siphon through me you’re going to get this cheat sheet and what i’ve done is i’ve done some research because there there’s a few things you need to know and that is if you really want to take advantage of this what you want to do is you want to link up offers that are in the make money online niche because you get guaranteed approval for some big uh some big webinars so let me just show you right so these webinars here two brendan and jonno webinars paul nichols and anthony mancuso webinar greg’s and stefan’s and john christani um john christine you don’t need approval for because that’s clickbank but this cheat sheet here it goes through and it shows you all the stuff you want to do plus i’ve done i’ve got all these keywords for you that you can put into the system that’s going to make things a lot easier for you all right and i’m also giving you these these bonuses um so you’re going to get low jacker which is my lunch jack in training by me and my oto three advance gonna get for free gonna get my high ticket sales video course five figure freedom how to make money on fiverr had to make money with clickbank by me solo ads private training fast and fu fast and easy google ads case study i’ll show you how to do google ads really fast and easy so you can do it yourself 100 a day with messenger bots how i create my e-covers text-to-speech pimper uh pimper oto the video course so you’re gonna learn how to take plr and pimp it um how to make money online with warrior plus how to make money online for beginners how to increase your affiliate sales instantly how to create digital products to sell online fast the blueprints are making money online in 2020 google ads training by me traffic um from chat bots by me the best traffic you can get uh by me solo ads trained by me traffic cheney video training calls et cetera et cetera can you get all these videos so there are all these bonuses 23 bonuses there plus this cheat sheet all right and that is going to give you the insiders um kind of fast track to what you need to know to really make some decent money out of this okay so we’ve got the results back there what i should have done is put publish before and what i’d like to do is put publish before say january this year so it’s at least sort of six or seven months old um because you’ve got more chance to find expired domains but when you scroll through what you’re looking for are any that have a dark blue background so like or till background i should say like these so there’s one there one there uh one there and the domains in a list at the bottom that are uh broken domains and the videos themselves so if we go through to this one let’s take a look and there are other four um parameters that you can do when you’re searching but i’ve just done this quickly obviously to show you so this one’s got 4400 um reviews sorry views and there is the domain right there if we click on that that should be yep a dead domain so that’s that’s like how simple this is and that is how i was able to find that domain that i found uh which is just incredible you know it’s like they’re huge numbers and it’s it you just you kind of gobsmacked these people let them expire but they do and software like this is very addictive because you can you can just carry on searching and searching all day long and find all sorts of goodies in here and you know it the fact of the matter is because this is in this is tied in with these webinars if you if you focus on the make money online niche and you just look for you use my cheat sheet there with that whole list of 100 keywords that you can put in yourself so you have to think about that that you can find videos that are related to that niche so that when they watch that video they click that link they go through what happens is they then go on to one of these auto webinars hi convert and auto webinar and you are guaranteed approval for that and you’re gonna get big commissions and we’re talking like you can earn five six seven eight hundred dollars per sale from this now you just imagine if you’ve got a few of these videos that have got millions of people on the channel hundreds of thousands of views and you’ve got your domain because you own it right the domain in the description of the youtube video you own people are clicking through on that registering to watch these webinars and when they buy you get the commissions that’s why this is good that’s why this is sexy so in the rest of the members area here we have training and we’ve got um setting up your big money pages um your campaigns and you’re managing your campaigns and that is um you know basically as you put these together this is where it’s all going to be listed uh your big money pages if i just click on here um add new money page it’s going to show you these um hold on a second big money pages no it wasn’t there i thought it was there a few money pages no it wasn’t that one must be in campaigns major campaigns no it wasn’t that one um i’ve lost it now where it was what it showed you in fact i can show you a copy over here um this is the these are the the ones that you’ve got remember we’ve said about so you’ve got the brendan jono two of those paul nichols greg kononeko and john christani and they’re they’re the ones that you want to target your mmo searches for and that’s where that cheat sheet that i’m giving you free of charge comes in with that hundred keyword list that i’ve researched for you this morning uh training videos here to get you started very very simple there’s just a few there there is a welcome video buying your domains and then redirecting them and this video here like it’s funny it’s two minutes long that’s how easy it is to redirect so in a nutshell you do a search you find videos that have got broken links you grab that link people keep coming to that video people click on the link they go through and register for the webinar that you’re guaranteed approval for your affiliate link you get paid the commissions all right let’s see simple as that so that’s it for me nice and quick i wanted to keep this under 10 minutes looks like i’ve achieved that make sure you grab this as soon as you can remember i do limit this to a hundred bonuses per promo so you need to get in as fast as you can and make sure you grab one of those packages including my incredible cheat sheet and all the other bonuses that i showed you if you’ve got any questions please let me know in the meantime i wish you all the very best i’m going to go and cool down it’s very very hot here today and you take care i’ll speak to you soon

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