S3 Video Host App By Matthew McDonald

S3 Video Host App By Matthew McDonald



hello everyone and welcome to my video I’m David from thehudereview.com Team today I will introduce to you a brand new product first please check my full review in the description below of this video I provide all the information about this new product what exactly is this product outstanding features how to use it in detail and my experience who should buy this product how to apply this product in your daily work and make money from it regarding the price policy the upsells that the seller provides in this sale is there an all-in-one bundle offer my discount codes will save you a lot of money and especially as my team’s gratitude to the readers as well as to those who purchase through my website or through this video I have a lot of attractive and valuable bonuses for you check them out at the end of the product review on my website hoodareview.com by following the link in the description I am sure you will not be disappointed with those bonuses and they will help you increase the profits you earn be sure to send me a message to email you to review bonus gmail.com and I will send them to you within 24 hours next let’s explore this product so hello and greetings it is Matthew McDonald here and thank you for joining me for this exciting video where I’m kind of debuting a brand new tool for online marketers that have a focus in video and using videos online and create your own video service like this one directly from your WordPress admin so you don’t have to go and log into S3 Amazon S3 and you don’t have to struggle with the limitations within media library or bandwidth or file size limitations these are video servers and you can have as many video servers as you want I’ve already got two here why do I want a third one because I want one how I like the freedom to have as many video servers as I want so clicking this option here we’re going to give it a server name and this is where the S3 video host it just it’s out of this world you can give it any name so let’s call it Alpha server and we put it in our bucket name here and it’s gonna convert a simple Amazon S3 bucket into a state-of-the-art video hosting server it’s it’s mad it is mad it should be illegal but it’s not ad server and now it’s going ahead and configuring that server so now that we have our new server ready if we look at our server list we’ve got three uh service video service ready to go and we could go ahead and drag videos directly in here it’s literally ready to go using multiple different video servers can be beneficial also to get organized and if you have a certain project and you want to isolate that project from everything else in your business you just come in here and you create a server for that project so there’s our video we can go ahead and select it here’s our thumbnails create our thumbnails and everything is super easy and and fun to create the thumbnail of the video you don’t have to use Photoshop I usually find the perfect thumbnail in the frame of the video so here we go let’s just slide the playhead there and click create a thumbnail this is going to create official thumbnail sizes for 2023 but it’s also going to create two variations of each thumbnail now you’re gonna like this if I scroll down here you can see here’s all my thumbnail sizes all the way from icon up to full HD if we look at a thumbnail there you’ve got two variations so you’ve got the standard thumbnail here but we’ve also got one with a play button what do we do with a thumbnail with a play button well that’s what we use in our marketing so if you’re doing an email promotion or anywhere you want people to actually click the thumbnail then you’ll use this particular thumbnail you don’t have to download it and upload it again to your email Builder or whatever you’ve got the URL right here super easily just click the copy and now I can their thumbnail if you want to use this video within the WordPress environment it is super easy to do we can just grab the short code and I’ve got a blank page here I’m just going to slap this video as the short code here and we’re not limited to the short code but let’s have a look at it here refreshing the page and there’s my video that looks absolutely fantastic and it’s playing directly from my video server without putting any extra load on my WordPress site but hey Matt I want to use it outside of WordPress environment that’s all right we’ve got you covered I do that as well we have the HTML option here you can put it anywhere you put HTML it gives you everything on a silver platter what about using these videos in other video players what if you want to use this video in those other tools well we can just go ahead and grab the source URL with one click copy it to your clipboard and you can use that now I’ve also added here for you the raw HTML option so if there’s some Advanced users out there have to go and figure out what’s the HTML5 code for the video and all of the rest of that with the post that’s all in there you can just come in here and click the copy and you’ve got it in your clipboard you can title your videos using the dynamic video title tool and you can do that after you’ve created your video so you can easily change if your video title here and as you can see I’m typing it it’s coming up in real time up here we can also give it an author so I’m going to put there Matthew McDonald and you could put a business name there as well and we can also add an image so that’s going to be your profile picture or your business logo if you’re doing video courses and video programs then you might have a logo or an image for that video course so you would use that here let’s click this and it’s open up a media library not in my WordPress admin when I go ahead and spin up a video server it creates its own unique media library so that any files associated with your video are going to be loading lightning fast so from here I can just drag and drop more images in here but I’m just going to select the profile photo and look look at that that looks absolutely amazing and we can also brand the color of this video player which is nice you want something unique you want your video player to be different from other people’s well branded with your business branding or branded with your website theme colors and they look great so from here we can just slide this around and you can see in real time I’m getting a preview of my video player here you’ve also got options to put in the hex value or anything like that and we’ve got some ready to go colors beautiful colors that you can simply just go ahead and click to select and use those colors as your video player right now what I’m doing on this page it’s called a members invitation early bird and it’s for existing customers and invitation friends to get this to add a pre-launch offer so officially this tool has not come out yet when the Tool rolls out it’s going to be rolling out at about the two to three hundred dollar mark But at the moment for a small window limited time I’m doing an early bird no-brainer crazy killer deal for my existing customers and friends if you look below this video you’ll see a buy now button there which will take you through the checkout process you get an instant access to this tool you can download it and you can set this up it’s as easy as the easiest WordPress plugin you’ve ever installed you just go ahead and install it set it up and connect it up with your Amazon S3 and you can start generating your own video service which is crazy awesome fun so for a limited time you’ve got that early bird window where you can pick up this tool for pennies on the dollar it is Matthew McDonald here thank you so much for joining me in this video it’s been fun I hope you take advantage of this early bird before it ends and I hope to see you on the other side in just a moment foreign




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