HookGPT OTO 2023

HookGPT OTO 2023



hey everybody and welcome to my hook GPT review where I’m going to show you exactly what you will find from this product in a nutshell hook GPT is a cloud-based software and what it does is allows you to create interactive opt-in locked flip books in just a matter of seconds and just a few clicks and then you just simply Drive traffic to this flipbox and you can build your email list now to build these um flip books you can either choose from seven plus different sources or let chat GPT write the unique content for you the AI of the hook GPT software won’t then convert it into these flip books it will add images it will add videos opt-in forms and call to actions this solves multiple problems that most people in their day-to-day business generally have and it means you do not have to have Tech skills or be good at writing or coding because the software will do everything for you it also saves you a ton of time and money um the ton of money that you will pay for a freelancer to create these kind of products for you so if this sounds interesting then um or if it would be useful in your business then stick around for the rest of my hook GPT review and I will show you all of the features as well as a full demo of the software in action and anybody who picks up a front-end copy of hook GPT vimor link that can be found in the description below this video will also receive my custom bonus package and if I just start with the bonuses so bonus number one is my Mammoth list of 100 plus II tools there are all kinds of different tools for everything that you can imagine inside of here that will help you with the software and that will help you with your online business bonus number two is content Crusher again there’s all kinds of cool tips and tricks inside of here the next bonus is my top five super cheap traffic sources so you can use these traffic sources to send traffic to the flip books that you create using the software and the next bonus is 180 plus email subjects lines now there’s a copy copy and paste template email subject lines you can improve your open rates and you can make more sales and as you build your list using the hook GPT software uh you’re collecting these emails and you can use this to send those emails to people to make more money and more sales my final bonus is five app masterclass all right what you can also do if you want to go down this route is you can use this software to provide it as a service as a service for other people so you can create these flip books for other people on Fiverr and this will show you how to set everything up and you can start sending this as well so that’s the bonuses all of these advantages are custom made by myself which means you will not find any of these bonuses anywhere online or from any other affiliate that’s promoting these products and the only way that you can unlock all of these is to grab yourself a front-end copy of hook GPT through my link and to do that you simply hit that first link below this video in the description you will land on this page here which is my blog version of the review and to unlock the bonuses as well as hook GPT you simply hit any of the orange buttons that you see on the page which will take you to the sales page of hook GPT that will look something like this and eventually when you come to the uh the purchase the the members area you will see um the access to hook GPT and you’ll also see all of my bonuses if my bonuses are not inside of there you can grab my email address here just drop me an email and what I would do is I will send all of the bonuses over to you and this goes live on Saturday the 18th of January sorry Saturday the 18th of March at 10 A.M Eastern Standard Time so on Saturday the 18th at 10 A.M this will go live as well as on all of my bonuses and to unlock them you just simply access via the link below this video hit any of the orange buttons that you see on the page here and you’ll unlock hook GPT as well as all of my bonuses okay so if we just take a quick look at the sales page so watch as we legally cracked open Ai and chat gpt’s algorithm to generate over a thousand plus clicks and 600 plus leads daily without any sex girls experience or budget and create and publish unlimited profitable locked Kindle like flip books in just three clicks fully monetized and auto Legion system built in um you can see how easy it is to use here so just a few simple easy steps so as I’ve previously mentioned you can select from the seven plus sources that will create the content for you or chat GPT will create the content for you and the AI will then convert it into these kind of flip books and as I said it will add images videos and all kinds of different things to the flip books and then the next and final step is just uh traffic so you can share these across everywhere on your website social media channels um if you do not have a big social following then don’t worry you can there’s other different ways to build traffic to it and one of my bonuses includes how to generate traffic to these flip books and I’ll let you take a look at the sales page in your own time what I’m now going to do is I’m going to pass you over to a demo of hook GPT in action and it will show you all of the features and exactly how it works and when that’s finished you will come back over to myself and then I’ll just quickly go through the pricing as well as the optional upgrades welcome to the hook GPT demo where I’m going to show you all of the features for the software and before we jump in and start let me just quickly remind you um I have a full demo of the hawk GPT over on my channel I will leave a link to that in the description below this video and it will show you all of the features the upgrades and but this is just a demo video so once you’ve logged in you will land on the main dashboard which will look at something like this and it will tell you some information on what you’ve created and stats and automation plus a ton of other things um we have all of the different features on the left hand side menu here you can create your projects so once you once you’re inside of the Creator project you will get just four simple steps to create these books so step number one you just give the project a name we have the type here so you can create a eBook or you can create a flip book and then we have mode so you can create an ebook only you can create a simple ebook or you can create a lead magnet so you just simply fill that in and then you click the continue button and in step two so this is the different sources that it will pull the content from and as you can see so from inbuilt ebook you can pull the content from a URL so you simply paste a URL in there and it will pull in the content into your book from a blog post from an RSS feed from inbuilt content you can do it yourself on scratch you can pull in the content from a video even from an existing PDF or which is very popular at the moment from chat GPT so that’s the option that we’re going to use just quickly in this example here so if you once you click on the chat GPT this is what it will look like here in step three so as you can see enter your topic and this is just an example here you can type literally anything depending on what what you want to promote or what you want to create your books about you can type in any keywords as soon as you hit generate it will generate all of the content inside of this box and then all you do you simply click add it will add that content down below there and you can keep generating as much as you like so you can break this down into different chapters different sections so you keep adding your keywords generate add your content and you can keep adding as much content as you like the more content you keep adding um the bigger your ebooks are going to be and then once you move finally on to step four and it will show you all of your different pages you can break it down into different different pages you can add a new page and then you have various different options so you can add media you can add all kinds of different media inside of the pages as well you can add elements so you can add different Design Elements such as shapes typography you can add links there’s all kinds of different stuff that you can add inside of there you can view all of your projects here the next step is to create an e-cover so you can create inside of this dashboard e-covers for your ebooks and again it’s very simple to use you just an inbuilt designer you have all different kinds of options so you can filter resize you can crop you can add images and all kinds of different things inside of there and you can create as many templates as you like and sub users users we have the automation section uh we have the done for you offers and swipes so that’s already pre-built uh different different things in there that you can promote and as you can see there’s a whole heap of stuff you have the JV page and the document there you have the swipes and you also have the affiliate link so these are just up and ready to go and you can start earning money on these offers we then have the system settings so you can input all of the different settings you can view your list your email list you can send emails to the whole list right from inside the dashboard there and then just the final options are the optional upgrades that I would have showed you this inside the full uh hook GPT review what these are so if you just look at that review you can see these so you have the Ojo two three and four and five there and then finally there’s the bonus section and then the help section there if you need help with anything so that’s the hook GPT demo and again just to remind you I have a full review of this product I’ll leave that link in the description and below this video so that’s hook GPT in action and everything on the front end there is 17.95 and for that you’ll get all of the all of the different features you’ll get the the template system the custom ebook cover designer the um lead generation and auto optimization system uh these seven different sources over five million inbuilt ebooks over one million articles also built in the software plus a ton of other stuff you get a lot there for the money on the front end oto1 is a hook GPT Pro Edition for 37 this allows you to create unlimited flip books per month so on the front end um I don’t know exactly how many but you are limited to it how many you can create so if you either want to create a lot of these or going back to my bonuses if you want to go down the route of sending this as a freelancer on places like Fiverr then you’ll definitely need the Oto one so you can generate unlimited flip books Ocho 2 is the hook GPT chat GPT Edition for 37 dollars and with this you will get step-by-step chat GPT training you will get templates uh 40 plus templates uh the secret copywriter Encore jat GPT prompts uh plus a ton of other stuff inside of there oto3 is the hawk GPT traffic Edition for 37 dollars and create hundreds of traffic pulling and commission generating videos in any Niche so video is another extremely good traffic source so if you want to transform these into video as well then that’s a good upgrade to get right there plus you get all of the other stuff inside of there ocho4 is the hawk GPT one-click list builder for 37 dollars and then finally we have the o25 which is the hawk GPT reseller Edition and there are two different versions of this so you can either have a 50 or 250 accounts so the 50 accounts is 127 the 250 accounts is a hundred and forty seven dollars so that’s all of the upgrades and just to remind you quickly uh how to get your hands on all of the bonuses that I showed you pretty previously as well as the hook GPT software you simply hit that link below this video the first thing that you see you will land on this page here which is my blog version for the review and to unlock the bonuses as well as the software you simply access access via any of the orange buttons that you see here on the page and just one quick reminder this goes live on Saturday the 18th of March at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time thank you for watching my hook GPT review if you have any questions at all about the software about my bonuses or anything else just simply leave a comment uh down below the video

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