HookGPT By Tom Yevsikov

HookGPT By Tom Yevsikov



welcome to cube core casual videos but hardcore knowledge like this video subscribe to our Channel press that Bell notification let’s start the video review Namaste friends and welcome to your Channel with you before and in this video we’ll talk about the software called the hooker GPT so this is the hook GPT review and right now we are on the sales page and the demo video is not out yet it’s shows coming soon so maybe you will find the demo video on 17th okay anyways on the sales page it says still struggling to get good leads consistently how about how about traffic create an unlimited chat GPT powered fully monetized profitable flip books in 60 SEC that generates thousands of clicks and leads without writing coding design or budget copy the same strategy that big corporates online business authors have been using to driving millions of new buyers every month is skeptical to watch the video below for fake proofs okay so I will not be wasting my time here I will try to make this very very quick because we we don’t have to go through the demo video because the demo video is not available so that will be my Time Saver flip books are these kind of bugs okay so when you talk about online flip books they will have some images people can swipe right to flip the books you know they’re like ebooks but with some nice images okay now these people are telling you that you can get traffic this and that these people are bastards okay because we’re talking about this website called warriorplus.com here and if you see the products here they have 22 products okay so if you give them 17 bucks and uh you buy the front end they will not leave you alone they’ll make you pay all this money okay so if this concept these books flip books ebooks if all of this was making money then why are they selling this thing to you in 17 not even just 17 they want you to pay for God Knows Why why will you pay 397 okay one day I will get heart attack but I will continue doing this as long as I possibly can physically okay so hook GPT is a concept I don’t care if the software will work or if the software will not work it’s not my problem my simple one question which will be answered is if you buy Hoku GPT will you make money with this the answer is no you will not make money by this that’s it okay because these people are scammers they come on Warrior plus this website they have an email list okay so if I go to overview when you go to the profile of the vendor here you will see 15 000 plus sales these sales are not just sales they are also email addresses of those 15 000 people or idiots okay so these 15 000 plus idiots have purchased something from him in the past and he will come back again and again and will sell the garbage thing to them when I say garbage I am not talking about if the software will work or not for me the concept is garbage okay I have set this thousand times literally thousand times because on my channel I have done 1100 Plus reviews okay so I’m saying the same thing over and over again over and over again until I am taking breath here until I’m able to breathe I have to keep saying it’s all okay because if one thing was supposed to make money the second thing will not be needed what makes money is traffic not some software okay how do you make money if you go on 17th of this uh March 2023 you go and search for hook GPT review in Google or in YouTube sorry you will see other YouTubers are giving you some bonuses in your bomb and they say go and buy from me go and buy from me because if you buy they make money you don’t you don’t make money if you buy hook GPT you make money if you sell hookah GPT in your YouTube videos okay for example if I decide to if I decide to go and sell this hook GPT to you in my YouTube video then I will make half of the money he will make half of the money and you will lose all the money all the money here means 17 okay and then if you go if you go and buy some upgrades you will lose more money okay so now let’s cut the bow cut the bone here and uh you can understand what I’m going through you can’t actually let me show you if you go to this channel to your code here and come to a playlist here and you will see the reviews 1.1 K 1.1 K means more than 1100 reviews I have done in last 22 months your entire Generations will not be able to do that it’s a record it’s a freaking record okay making 1100 videos you know and the minimum duration of each video is 30 minutes so my average video is half an hour long and I have done it more than 1100 times making 1100 videos is not a record but making 1100 videos in 22 months only that is a record you can’t do this okay so pay respect to my work I don’t need your money I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars for one individually in all this time so listen to me okay because I am doing it as long I’m doing it stop this somebody else will give you a software in 17 and you start making money and all that garbage don’t make me waste my time do we have a demo here we don’t really let me see I’ll not lie all right so do we have some questions at the bottom I don’t think so right so the sales page is done demo video is not available so it saves my time if you buy this you will lose 17 and if you get the software what will you be able to do you might be able to generate some flip books so what so what who’s gonna come and read your flip books do you have traffic already I told you you don’t make money by buying who cheap by buying hook GPT you make a money if you sell hookah GPT how would you sell you will come and make a YouTube review if people buy from a YouTube video then you make money and they don’t let’s cut the crap the only reason I make these videos so that I can tell you don’t waste your money at the same time I can tell you if you really want to make money on the internet the real the money which will come into your bank account which you will actually work the guaranteed way I don’t talk about methods which might make you money which may make you money which could make your money I only talk about the method which will make you money with that guarantee nobody else can give you the guarantee I will I can because I work in certainty okay go below the video subscribe to the Channel first hit the like button press the Bell notification if you want to support and contribute you may click on super thanks however subscribe is free like is free do all of that okay now we will talk about these links here so the first link says make money on autopilot with Forex Trading what is Forex Trading here Forex Trading is like currency trading you buy currency at low price and you sell when the price goes up for example you see here Buy Low sell High Buy Low sell High Buy Low sell High Buy Low sell High keep doing that but you will need expertise to do this right we are not asking you to do anything manually here instead of what we will do is we will be using a software and that software will be doing all these trades after we give the settings okay so what you need to do is click on the first link here then come on this page enter your email address enter your name then click on allow your Syndicate go back to your email verify the email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to the main page of The Syndicate to watch couple of videos there to understand what are you going to get into The Syndicate is is on profit sharing basis meaning that it is completely on autopilot you don’t have to do anything you don’t need to have any knowledge what I will be doing is I will be managing your account I will be installing this graph I will be uh you know getting the virtual machine up and running I will install the software so I will do everything and you will be keeping 70 profits for doing nothing and I will be keeping 30 profits weekly this is how it’s going to be profit sharing basis okay and if you want more details then get into this and watch those videos and then you can contact you know Skype as well if you have any questions right second link says you’re gonna make money with traffic Jarvis this traffic Jarvis will help you to do exactly what I am doing right now it will help you to get your YouTube channel more ties so that you can make money on YouTube by creating these videos without even selling anything for example in this YouTube video whether you buy something from me or not I or this video has made some money for me already because my YouTube channel is monetized okay you can do the same you can get 1 000 subscribers and fourth you can get four thousand watch hours and 1 000 subscribers for your YouTube channel and you can get your channel more advice and this traffic service will help you to do all that uh you know within two weeks okay so check out this traffic drivers if you want to work on YouTube like me manually make YouTube videos reviews or credit marketing email marketing amortization check out all this okay now let’s get back to hook GPS it’s a thing which you have to forget these things will come and go come on man don’t make me let me breathe actually let me get some let me get some positiveness okay let me become positive right so these people will come and they will launch something again and again and again and I will come and try to save your money again and again and again I have been doing this for 1100 times already I don’t know for how long I will survive okay around it takes physical exertion as well it takes the Air’s line or airs out from your lungs too but I guess I have been making reviews and that’s what has been um working in my favor because my lengths uh had been getting you know stronger you know we had covered in last three years and during these two during the last two years almost now I had been talking and talking and talking that means my lungs had been getting enough exercise so that my breathing power is I guess enough extra I don’t know okay I never got covered and I think I’m fine so if you’re gonna make money online stop this nonsense of buying something in 17 from Warrior plus that will get you that will get you to nowhere and these people will come back they will ask you to pay this this God knows what they are what they’re asking you to pay for if something was supposed to work then sell that in 17 bucks and walk away no they will not walk they will not walk away once they get 17 out of here they want more more more more more until your credit card runs on the balance or out of a limit okay so don’t buy this hoop GPT it you know the software might work but you will never make money with this that’s what I’m trying to say okay if you want to make money online check out these two links the first link will help you to make money on automation 70 profits yours doing nothing and 30 mind weekly basis okay if you want to work manually Like Me on YouTube then go and get traffic Jarvis in there and subscribe to the channel hit the like button and now now I will show you how to make money with traffic Jarvis in detail so once you click on the first link below my YouTube video it says make money with traffic drivers and then you will be taken to this website which says finally proven methods for making real money online from home even if you’re a brand newbie option number one is email marketing option number two is YouTube traffic service so this traffic drivers will help you to monetize your YouTube channel within 30 days as soon as possible and it will help you to get those 1000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours which are required to get if you want to make money on YouTube without selling anything okay so before I talk about traffic Jarvis in detail first of all first of all let’s talk about this email marketing method here so you can also make money with email marketing just by sending one email per day but you need a lot of numbers okay you need to have thousands and thousands of email addresses into your list and then only you can go ahead and make some money with email marketing so if you want to grow your email list without buying some paid ads then you can try the system which you see right now on the screen this will give you 100 email leads from US Canada Australia from those countries and you will also be allowed to send emails to these once per day so by the end of the month you know in 30 days you will have three thousand leads minimum and you will be able to send them emails 30 times you know in a month right so here here are the proofs you can see they have made fifteen thousand plus Services you know they have made 15 000 plus with the system I have made 377 so far and when I am recording this video uh you might be watching this video in my uh you know on my YouTube channel but these data will change because this is a reoccurring commission okay so these numbers keeps adding every month and this number will change I don’t know when you’re watching this video so whatever numbers you will see those will be the updated numbers okay and then if you want to learn how to use the system then go and click on this play button go on the next page enter your name and email address click on this watch free video then go back to your email verify your email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to this video watch the video and take action because if you take action I’ll send you some bonus email swipes okay now let’s talk about YouTube Traffic Service figures on YouTube again you can make money for the rest of your life without selling anything click on the play button here go on the next page enter your name and email address click on this red button go back to your email verify the email once you have verified your email then you will be taken to the Traffic Service video what’s the video take action because you can see the proofs here this is the money I have made just by uploading videos without selling anything because my YouTube channel is monetized and you must have seen some ads in my YouTube videos so the more you people see these ads in my YouTube videos the more money this video is going to make for me okay the same can be done for you too you can go and get your YouTube channel monetized with the help of traffic Jarvis within maximum 30 days and after that your job is simply to upload videos every day on your channel and make this kind of money okay and you can see here this is the money I have made by doing some reviews on my YouTube channel my primary source of income is YouTube ad Revenue just upload videos make money no selling required okay and again these numbers will change these numbers will change these numbers will grow because again I’m telling you this is a reoccurring commission system so right now if it shows 560 in the future it might be well about 600 or 700 so the the data will be changing when you’re watching the video in the future okay all right great so we have these two methods email marketing and YouTube now if you can Master these two methods you will never need to learn any third way to make money online so go and check this out and then we have this link says get kiss tracking keyboard case tracking is all about doing what I’m doing right now so in case if you are interested in learning how to do these reviews on your YouTube channel if you want to know how to find these products how to get your affiliate things approved and how to upload these videos on your YouTube channel then you can go through this hacking training and this case tracking will also be available inside traffic Jarvis okay and then we have the third link it says make 120 again commission let’s click on this one this is for people who know how to sell or maybe you have some kind of experience online so just go and enter your name and email first and then click on email me my free ebook then go back to your email address click on click on the verification email and then you will be given your ebook go and read the ebook if you want to join the system and take action because you have to go and sell this system to others because this system can make you up 220 dollars from one person from one sale okay so if you can bring in let’s say a 10 people into the system those 10 people can make you up to 12 100 every single month okay so this is a reoccurring system and they will give you the proper training inside how to go and try free traffic or paid traffic so you will have you know all the training inside too but it is good if you have some experience already and experience means if you already have a YouTube channel or maybe you have you have an email list or you have some kind of audience uh and you can go and promote this product so that will give you quick you know quick boost okay so this is it uh these were the links and I would say go and check them out if you want to make money without selling anything for rest of your life then you can go for Traffic Service YouTube method your YouTube is absolutely free and uh you know you it’s entirely on you the more you work the more money you will make here’s the heroes you know here’s the example as you can see and email marketing you have to go and start doing it because you have to wait for the numbers to grow because in one month you will be getting 3 000 and that means you have to spend two three four five months before you can get up to those 10 or 15 000 email addresses okay so all these methods are working for me they will work for you too if you know how to make them work okay so again in the end go and check everything and thank you so much for watching the video so far and subscribe I have told you YouTube does not allow me to subscribe to my own channel so you gotta do it subscribe like leave your uh colorful super you know comments here and thank you for watching the video again I guess I’ll see you in my next video shortly till then Baba Thai Thai

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