TubeMatic Review OTO Upsell By D-PAPA

TubeMatic Review OTO Upsell By D-PAPA

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hey what’s going on compadre jeff hayman here with a tube matic review all right so this review is going to be a little bit longer than usual because i actually like 2matic and i’m going to go ahead and purchase it and pick it up myself if you’re new to the channel this is the channel where i give unbiased reviews i try to be as unbiased and honest as possible i see two types of channels out there one type of channel uh that two types of review channels one type of channel pretty much recommends everything that launches and that’s because they’re trying to make a sell on every video that they put out every review video they put out the second type of channel bashes everything that comes out to get traffic back to their main opportunity or whatever it is there’s two main companies that kind of do that and they i guess they teach their affiliate marketers to do that i don’t think that that’s really ethical either to bash every single product but to be completely transparent i make these review videos so i can get exposure to what i do to make money online all right full transparency if you want to check that out uh you can check out the link in the description but i’m not going to do that i’m not going to promote my what i’m doing at the expense of other um companies or products that might be good and i’m sure it’s all not going to promote or i’m not going to put my stamp of approval on every product either so that puts me in a position to be kind of different out there in the reviewed channel world all right so let’s talk about 2matic now 2matic is going to be pretty much a google ads um it’s going to be an insane tool for you i’m going through it right now and i haven’t had access to the actual product myself yet i’ve gone over the demos and i really like what i see alright so this is going to be concentrating on youtube ads and what i try to do in my business is combine organic free traffic with good solid paid traffic strategies all right so if you’re first starting out you might only be um able to start out with the free traffic methods all right and free traffic is is great if you know what you’re doing alright so once you start getting revenue coming in so i’ve got thousands upon thousands of dollars coming into my business every single month into my affiliate marketing funnel once again if you want to check out that funnel click the link in the description so i’ve got thousands of dollars coming in all right and so what i want to do is i want to be smart with that money and i want to reinvest it in my business and paid ads is a very very good way to do that if you know what you’re doing now i’ve tried a ton of paid ads in the past and a lot of them are getting very very expensive a lot of them don’t really convert and so i’ve been starting to get into youtube ads lately and i am working on getting my ad cost as low as possible and all that kind of stuff so this is why i’m going to personally be purchasing to matic so keep in mind this is a course that is going to teach you how to do youtube paid ads paid ads on youtube um so if you don’t have an ad budget if you don’t have anything to promote you might not be ready for 2matic yet okay so let’s go ahead and get in not only is 2matic going to teach you how to do it but it’s actually going to give you the software that’s going to allow you to um actually make these ads work and that’s what i’m really excited i’m really excited i can’t wait for this to launch by the way i’m making this on december 16th and this goes live on december 17th i believe at 10 a.m central standard time um so yes i will be picking this up let’s go and i’ve got a demo for you in this video i’ve also got a bonus overview because i will have my affiliate link in the description because i do plan on picking this up myself usually i only put affiliate links in the description if i plan on personally purchasing it myself all right so let’s go ahead and get into the sales page here and then we’ll get into the demo and then we’ll get into the uh bonuses revolutionary spy software and traffic system makes us 257 and passive commissions daily first timers are making three figures in as little as 24 hours with this now it’s your turn so this is a software guys and it’s a training i’m going to go um over everything that’s involved including the otos including the tubematic otos as well but you’re going to be able to uncover high converting ads uncover high converting campaigns uncover high converting landing pages uncover exact ad copies zero video creation needed attract buyers generate sales it’s a hundred percent beginner friendly because they’re going to include the trading with it and it’s going to have done for you campaigns real case studies and a step-by-step blueprint all right so when i first put my foot in the door of youtube advertising i got involved with a um with a course that’s 997 dollars i’ve been through that and that’s how i got my foot in the door and that’s what i’m doing right now to uh start generating traffic using youtube ads however i’m finding that it is lacking and this is a 997 course all right it’s lacking in a lot it comes with the software the software is great but it comes it’s lacking a lot of the training which i foresee that is actually going to be in this course which is only 37 all right and the reason why i say that is because i bought a lot of uh d papa’s products in the past he’s uh the vendor behind this as long uh as well as alexander um i can’t remember alexander’s last name see if i can find it alex krulik i believe anyway i bought their products in the past and they always have really really really good training behind their software products so i’m looking forward to diving into not only the software but also the training but yeah so that’s why i’m getting really excited about this i foresee there being is much or even more value in this product than the 997 course that i bought around seven eight months ago so that’s exciting i like to always further my education and this is definitely going to be something that i look into now this um is you’re going to be able to run ads um with affiliate offers your own offers um anything that um you’re promoting guys with youtube ads and youtube ads especially on youtube they’re very very forgiving as far as ads are concerned you can promote affiliate offers with youtube ads as long as you have your own domain and all that kind of cool stuff so once again if you’re just brand new getting started you don’t have a domain yet you don’t have any of that yet you don’t have any money for ads then this might not be for you yet but if you um do have money to spend on ads and you want to get fast results because that’s what paid advertising is right you can spend money and you can get leads and you can get sales fast and then once you start getting sales then you can go ahead and that’s how people scale in this industry really really fast it’s hard to scale with organic traffic unless you’re just like one of the mega producers out there that gets like a million views every time you put out a video or a blog or whatever when you’re just getting started it takes a long time to get the the ball rolling with organic traffic but with paid ads if you know what you’re doing and you have a good funnel like i do that converts really really well and it makes me money every single month well then you can reinvest into paid ads and that’s when you really scale things up really fast all right so let’s go ahead and get into the otos of this and get into what exactly this is first then we’ll get into the otos and then i’ll go straight into the demo so this is what you’re going to get with the front end all right so you’re going to discover winning ads now this is software so you’re going to be able to type in any keyword into the software and you’re going to be able to discover the winning ads that are um running for that keyword inclusion number two discover top channels running ads all right so then you’re going to be able to discover these channels that are running ads being successful with them you can simply copy that all right so it’s like funnel hacking it’s youtube ads hacking is what this is deep insights gain valuable insights into your competition with the ability to view a list of video ads that are seen running on monetized videos and search results very cool and inclusion number six which is you know the most important with anything is actually knowing what the hell to do and that is going to be the step-by-step video training and blueprint so um when i say that you’re going to need to have an ad budget you can actually start out really really small with google ads here’s some results and after seeing these results i was shocked because they’re getting 0.04 cents they’re paying four cents per view that is very very very good and you can get results with as little as nine dollars in ad spend so this nine dollars an ad spend turned around and made them 250 dollars and if you can do that i mean that’s when you can scale because you’re gonna do that all day long if you can spend nine dollars and make even thirty forty dollars back you’re gonna do that over and over and over and over and over again your ad budget is gonna keep increasing because your profit and your income is going to keep increasing and that is the goal obviously with paid advertising and so there’s some fantastic results there so let’s look at the funnel the front end funnel 37 all right so we you just saw that oto one is google ad spy so we’re talking about youtube ads here now the google ad spy is actually going to spy on google ads google search uh search ads as you know youtube is owned by google and so you can run ads over on google when people type in google you can run search ads there as well and that’s what this software is going to do so that’s going to be oto1 oto2 and it should be oto2 here is i spy so that is an automated system to find ads on autopilot 24 7. and so new ads that come up you’ll get an alert so it’s just like real time information feeding coming into your feed rather than you having to do do the actual search 2matic oto 3 is the done for you suite espionage pro and in that package you will get um 40 done for you clickbank uh pages instant list building training how to build a list using google ads and guys how to build a list using google ads uh well you can send to a you’re gonna have to have a certain type of capture page you’re not going to be able to just send to a capture page that has a couple you know your traditional capture page that just has a couple lines and then an opt-in form that’s not going to work with some google ads because they want to see more substance more information on your page and so this is going to teach you the type of page that you need in order to get approved for google ads now with youtube ads by the way i don’t have that problem at all i can send people directly to a capture page link and build my list that way using youtube ads with google ads it’s a little bit different 2matic oto 3 is it done for you sweet light so instead of 40 done for you click pages you get 20 done for you click bank pages and then the oto 4 is actually being able to use this as an agency where you can go out and potentially run ads for other people if you don’t want to do that no need to pick that up at all so let’s go ahead and get into the demo then let’s uh you’ll see my entire bonus package and then we’ll just end it guys once again i think that this is going to be a fantastic product i can’t wait to get in and test the software myself i will be purchasing this because youtube ads is um one of my focuses for sure going forward in um in 2022 i’ve got a lot of free traffic methods that i use on a daily basis i’ve got some paid ads including youtube ads that i’m doing right now but from what i’ve found youtube ads have the most promise they’re they have the most promise and they have the most leeway and they actually attract the best quality leads youtube is awesome for leads because guys video converts video really does convert better than any other medium and if you’re thinking to yourself you’re afraid to get on camera or whatever there are ways to actually just get these ads done for you where you don’t have to have your face on the video anything like that all right um so yeah all in all i think it’s gonna be pretty cool and i highly recommend picking it up if youtube ads is something that you want to get serious about in 2022. all right let’s get to the demo hi and welcome to tubematic now tubematic is a software that uncovers winning ads on youtube first of all you’ll be able to search for youtube ads this is huge because you can actually put in uh some kind of keyword maybe something that you’re promoting and you’ll be able to see who’s promoting that on to matic so for example let’s say we are trying to find an offer that is promoting diabetes okay so if i put diabetes in my keywords and click on find this is going to go out and it’s going to find the ads that are working right now what’s beautiful about this is that we’re getting a lot of information about these videos and the publish date when it was first published okay and then you can get more details on these videos by clicking on the details uh part where you can see the trend what’s going on here with the views is going up fixed blood sugar you can see find more ads from this channel so this will bring out any other ads that this channel might be running right now again huge information to see what else this channel is actually promoting so from all these options that you’re getting you can see a display name the landing pages that they’re sending you to and the video description and you can also see tags keywords if the offer has you can see that this is a diabetes solution something that he’s selling and you can just basically replicate and and do the same so this is one part of the whole process okay now you can export the information about the ads and everything that’s in this uh detail by exporting it into an excel and then in this excel sheet you have all the information about what you just got from here the links the the instructions the channel url the video everything that you need in terms of getting the information that you want what’s great is that you can choose your favorite ones and then you can also you know maybe add these to a specific list that you want to create for your diabetes folder and you can create your little ads the second part is youtube channels youtube channels is basically all the channels that are on youtube right now that are running ads we’re giving you a database of all the ads like this channel right here is running specific ads okay and you can find what these are from our specific option right there where i just clicked on so this is going to give you the ads that that channel is running and you can get more out of this which is great another great feature that we’ve added is the ad placement now ad placement is basically you going out finding something that okay let’s see diabetes we’ll go in with the new with the thing now i want to find all the channels that have diabetes uh in their videos okay so all these channels that you’re seeing right here are giving me that information now this is great and i’ll tell you why you can actually get this information when you’re about to go create your ads on youtube however what we’ve done is because on on google ads or youtube ads when you’re creating your ads you need to manually select each and every single one when you’re searching okay but there is an option where you can copy and paste the links if you have them and put them in the uh in the box so you can just easily you know minimize the time required to manually do it so you can actually export the ones that you choose into an excel sheet with it gives you the links of the youtube channels where you can throw into your ads instantly easily and these are all the channels that contain diabetes inside so you’ll be in front of your buyers uh when you’re doing ads on youtube which will explain later on same thing can be done with videos now if i want to be in front of people that are watching a specific diabetes video and i come with my offer with another diabetes offer then what do you think is going to happen you’re going to get eyes away from what they were watching over to your content which is great okay so you can get the same information for videos and not just channels and again you can export and put them into your ads as we’re going to be teaching you inside the training area we do have an option which is an upsell which has to do with google ads where you’re going to be able to search the same type of method but this time you’re searching for google search ads which is great and this is part of the upsell where you gonna learn and have this tool so you can go out and create ads on google that are running right now and these are based on search ads on google you can save these ads uh on your ads list uh etc okay so and you can have all these details as well with the safe channels that you might find that have contained ads and the saved youtube ads that we have we have another upsell called the custom searches and what does this do well you’re going to come here and you’re going to create a custom search so for this we’ll do diabetes again and diabetes and you put in the keywords that you want to focus on and this is going to go out and actually find ads 24 7 when there’s something new you’re going to be able to find these ads in this section right here so every time there’s a new ad on a specific keyword it’s just going to push it over here so you don’t really even need to do all the searching and stuff later on you just leave it on autopilot come in tomorrow check out your results and then move on to your ad campaigns so this is basically what 2matic does and this is what you’re going to be using for your campaigns game changing software that’s going to help you actually generate results with affiliate marketing or even ecom or basically anything can go out and see what your competition is doing replicate and follow suit other than that thank you for being here and on the next videos i’m going to show you how we’re going to be setting up campaigns how we’re going to be finding offers how we’re going to be building around these offers how we’re going to be creating ads on youtube so you can start generating leads and affiliate commissions through the same exact systems and blueprints that we’ve been using for our business and doing things online thank you and i’ll talk to you in the next video all right so let’s check out these bonuses in my bonus package all right let’s start off with the fact that these are bonuses that you’re actually going to use and like and love and it is actually they’re actually going to teach you something all right so first and foremost you’re going to get training on my favorite affiliate offers being an affiliate marketer you have a plethora of different offers that you can choose to promote and i’m going to go over my top rated affiliate offers now these are affiliate offers most of them that are evergreen and these evergreen offers bring in thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars for me every single month on autopilot all right so um these are recurring offers evergreen offers and they make me a ton of money each and every month i’m going to go over those additional custom bonuses you can get all this this is what your page is going to look like all right so you’re going to get access to my ad group marketing miracle course i bring in leads from facebook it’s actually a facebook loophole to where i actually get facebook to send me free leads all right and it’s by using a group but you never have to post content to this group you never have to do anything like that your members actually create the content for you and um yeah it’s just a super cool way to get free leads every single day you know advertising is going up and so a lot of these methods that i’m going to show you um are free methods methods that you can use every single day to generate leads make sales without having to spend that money on advertising costs all right you’re also going to get 20 uh 20 custom written email follow-ups from me you’re going to get and you can use these email follow-ups for anything that you’re promoting any affiliate offer you’re also going to get my profits with youtube automation course and this is going to show you a software that i use that actually goes out and creates videos and distributes them amongst many channels it’s very very cool and you’re going to be able to generate free traffic with this course going to get access to my profit evolution training it’s going to show you how to grow a massive list with giveaways you’re going to get access to my push profits training it’s a way to use put uh push notifications you’ve probably seen them well i know a company that allows you to actually build a push notification list for free up into the thousands of subscribers and um it’s it’s awesome it’s a great way to get additional traffic and build yet another asset you’re building your email list if you build your push um notification list the way i teach you here um you’re going to be able to build that at the exact same time you’re building your email list and you’re just going to increase the traffic that you get by sending push notifications i’m going to show you how to get 10 to 20 hot leads per day using safe list now i’ve been using safe lists since way back when i got started and the funny thing is i was able to quit my job back in 2018 using pretty much this one traffic source all right using the only safe lists i was able to quit my job a lot of times people um they give safe lists um i don’t know it’s usually people that that haven’t used them before they don’t know how to use them and so they bash them and that simply because they just don’t know how to get results with them but the leads that you do generate with safe lists are some of the hottest some of the best leads out there because they’re extremely targeted all right you’re also going to get access to my instagram lead pump course which is going to show you how to get traffic from influencers on instagram you don’t even need an instagram account for this um you can simply uh like i say you don’t need a an account i’m not a big instagram guy i don’t i haven’t posted on instagram and pop probably years but i use this method in order to get influencers to send my link out to their audience and i’m able to get a ton of leads that way you’re also going to get access to my solo ads cheat sheet now i recently joined a 500 mastermind and um i was able to learn a lot about solo ads solo ads are some of the easiest traffic that you’ll ever get you simply buy clicks and then you send your link to the list owner and a solo ad is simply when somebody who owns an email list send sends out your ad to their subscribers they click and then of course goes to your capture page where you’re building your list but there’s a lot of fraud out there there’s a lot of bad solo ad vendors and i’m going to show you um people that i actually get sales with with my solo ads cheat sheet um i’m also gonna show you how to easily rank youtube videos on the first page all right so free organic youtube traffic is also a way that i am able to get free leads and free traffic to build my email list and make sales on a daily basis all right you’re watching this video right now you’re watching this video because you clicked on a link in youtube you clicked on my video on youtube and you’re watching it right so i’m going to show you how to easily rank youtube videos on the first page all right so then we have additional premium courses and content and i have no idea why the images aren’t showing let me get off my vpn real quick and try it again all right so here we are we’ve got free access to the awakening by shaheen de histani free access to fuego breakout fuego multiplier the lost code the secret weapon um el bandito incognito raiken these are a lot of um courses from jono armstrong and brendan banks free access to profit ascension from edwin meek and samuel cheema um james skull’s full blog seo course and james cole’s youtube views course guys these two right here just an insane amount of volume uh value here let me just show you the blog course and this is um 10 parts of some of the better eight parts of some of the best blog training that you’re ever going to get all right james scholes is an underground uh underground marketing genius all right um and the same goes for his youtube views course guys between my youtube training and james’s training right here oh man oh man you’re in for a treat this is a nine part training series and so the the value here is just immense all right you’re going to get free access to a being ads mastery training which is now microsoft ads and you get access to 33 additional emails that you can put in your email follow-up sequence all right to promote anything that you’re promoting these are conversation relationship building emails from cam jennings he’s an email marketer that i’ve been following for some time now you get free access to lindgren’s lazy method and free access to a software that’s going to allow you to put countdown timers and urgency bars in your emails and that’s it guys those are the bonuses that will be automatically delivered to you inside of warrior plus if you decide to buy from me

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