The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge By Luther Landro Review

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge By Luther Landro Review

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge FE
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hey guys this is mark from the wolf of online marketing and recording this video quite late so that’s why I’m talking a bit quieter than usual now I’m going back to make a video about the three clients in 30 days challenged by a little mandrel the reason for that is that I’ve been getting a lot of emails over ten today a lot of people are interested in this but they haven’t been able to find a good review or somebody who they can see has actually tested the system out or had a good look over the system now I did review the product before writing it I never ever review a product without looking over at first I’m seeing if it was good or bad now oh go forth before I show you the product I i if you want to you can click the link below this video it’s the wolf of online marketing calm you’ll be taken to my written review where I have an overview of the pros and cons what I think of this product a written review as I said scroll to the bottom and now because I have seen this product and also because myself and my seven months pregnant shouldn t be wife wife and 12 days we are going to be working this together now it was my idea I think that we need more income streams and I’m Scottish by I live in Croatia so I can’t get a job because I don’t speak the language so everything I did every income stream must be from something online so anyway if because I work to the product I knew what would be the best bonuses to give to you to help you with this course so if you scroll down the list you’ll see bonuses that will help you in this with this course so when I say course is actually more of a business in the box so click the link below read my review if you want and check out my policies and well hopefully buy through my site be great you get all my bonuses and also if you decide to do this because I’m doing it myself as well it’s a business that I’ve tried I’ve done before I did it in the past I even have the domain still it’s the name of my dog and resources I have an American Stafford called echo so it’s eco resources calm so I’m going to reuse that to me now the last time I did this reselling business I was using fiber and yeah I was selling everything from logos to SEO to Facebook pages whatever I could try and I had no real plan for getting clients so I was lucky to get you know five to ten low paying clients a month so I can I gave up on well I gave up on it and then arbitrage underdog maybe you’ve heard of it it’s a software that finds find you hot leads basically you can search for it here this software if you like arbitrage underdog it’s still one of my favorite software’s by anyway I wasn’t the reseller business before so I know that it works now when I reviewed this course I realized how fantastic it was it has everything so I’m sure that if you have taken an interest in this you have already looked to the sales page so we’ll just have a quick look you can see here that Luther has been testing it out the students have been testing out they’re making money they’re getting you know this is a testimonial this is testimony as well but there are people who are yeah they’re making a lot of money and the proof is all here so you know you can read the you can read the sales page yourself you don’t need me to go through every single part of it I don’t think anyway if there’s something that confuses you just send me an email or you know make a comment under this video or go to my site which you can get by clicking below this video and leave a comment or question and I will answer you I’ve answered I don’t know over 10 emails a day maybe closer to 15 and the same again yesterday so it’s actually four in the morning year so it was quite late I tend to work through the night right so now what I did was I you will get to see the members area but why did was I downloaded everything because I wanted to have on this computer which is at my desk and I also wanted my fiance to have on our other computer which is in the the living room connected to our plasma TV with a wireless keyboard so you can sit in the couch and watch movies are you know surf the web or work now this product has everything now when I went through this the first time I kept thinking to myself why didn’t I think of that or if I had done that when I had echo resources in Stockholm which was my reseller business you know I could have made so much more money now the email templates I’m actually sorry but I’m not going to open them up to you because they are like written gold you know usually I get a lot of emails more comments usually emails sometimes comments on my site you know it’s like hello I see your site has very bad SEO and your headers are incorrect and this is wrong and this is wrong and I know that’s not true and we offer a great SEO service so please you know saying does this much money and give us some keywords and you’ll get to work like that’s kind of what I was doing but with these emails I was reading through them today and some of them just made me laugh because if I had if I got them if I got one of them even today they’re not pushy at all they are the kind of emails you read and you think oh really okay because they usually end with something along the lines of you know very politely if you’d like more information or if you’d like me to help or if you’d like me to advise you on how to solve this problem then simply reply to this email so they’re not pushy but there there are fantastic emails so I’m not going to share them because I spoke to with her as well it’s just unfair because you could pause this video you know and if I was going down you could easily steal these emails the these emails and these have taken years to perfect and I understand why so this is me downloaded everything from the mangos area now there is a video here success with with Luther we’re three minutes long and he goes through the members area so it’s actually so talking and him telling me about the members area but um I got a few nasty emails as well as always from a dozen saying that I had reviewed the product again I hadn’t even that I didn’t even have or hadn’t seen so I’m just showing you I have the product and I have the OTO now the OTO is more about video sales letters and it’s everything from you know spreadsheets the sales and strategies to landing pages better like this is about building your business scaling it up Yelp consulting website social media my reputation management consulting that’s in the upgrade but you don’t need the upgrade don’t get me wrong that grade is great but here you have about Web Design frequently asked questions that people are going to ask SEO pitch and also one of the big things I thought was fantastic and I never knew about them was the resale that with her talks about in his webinar video sales letter basically it was like a webinar I won’t give you the name cuz that would just be unfair but they have some fantastic video training and training on the actual site and I was looking at one package and it’s one of the top selling packages it’s an SEO packet it’s one of the basic ones and you or I would buy one seller we would buy it for $399 and the value that you recommended or that they say that you should sell to the customer for is I believe one thousand one hundred and ninety dollars and of course you could sell it for more or sell it for less but even with selling that basic package it’s like over $700 and that is monthly payments so the potential I think for this is fantastic and I can see this becoming my new reseller business because everything is here that I need to know if you get the upsell so if you get the OTO or the upsell there this is the PDF here the landing page setup instructions well it’s a lot more than that actually it’s customizing your pitch page customizing years by scenario page how to sell your paypal email by link yeah it’s it’s got everything in there and you know you don’t need the upsell at all but it definitely would be worth having if you’re serious about this this business I know makes money because I did it with absolutely no idea what I was doing beside the fact that I had a website and I had went on to Google Images and stolen some logo designs and put them there as my own samples you know it was completely unprofessional and I still managed to make money this was you know four or five years and five years ago more now even and I was that was the first money I started to make sometimes I’d have a good month sometimes not so good months because it was all about how many hours you put in but the thing is with this you really everything is set up once you have everything set up which if I do it tomorrow will take me probably less than two hours probably an hour because I have a domain I have my hosting obviously so I just have to sort out the contracts I will go through the reseller again the reseller site account however you want to call it they’re kind of like your partner you know because you’re this is being a resale it was like arbitrage where you’re selling one thing for a higher price than you’re buying it now just before I say goodbye I’m gonna let you listen to this video it’s far it’s three minutes long you want we don’t told me to listen to all but it’s basically just Luther explaining the members area because I downloaded everything and I thought it’d be better that Luther actually explained what the members area is and dislike and this is what you get when or if it should be when you buy this product so here goes hey it’s rubber thanks for taking up the three clients in 30 days challenge in this video series I’m gonna cover everything you need to know to get started getting your three clients in just 30 days the first thing I want to do with you today is just go through the members area real quick to show you what I have what I set up for you this way you can find everything you need the Welcome post here that’s this video obviously if you clicked it that’s what you’re watching the second one is the course downloads here I put in the Quick Start Guide which is meant to augment the video training which we’ll get to in a second and then also on the right-hand column here you can download the guide our there’s some consulting themes that I gave you to help you set up a consult website there’s an email template you’ll use to reach out to clients and then of course another work agreement for making the work you’ll do for clients official to access these just right click on the words right if QuickStart guide right click and Save Link pass if you’re using a Mac that should be the command click function sorry to know that’s why I did that’s why you’re seeing all of these and a zip file but anyway continue here’s the video training series just start lesson one and go through to lesson 6 and watch all those videos and make sure you again beat the guy the QuickStart guide over here in the course download section lastly I put together some resources for you if you click through here there are all the resources on the right-hand side these are just the various services you’ll be using there’s pitch kits there’s a client question what up I’m sorry a web design client questionnaire there’s so many cues in there and there’s some proposals and Design kits I just like just like before I right click and say blink as and that save them to your computer these are zip files so you’ll need something to open them using Windows Windows has a buildin feature it allows you to decompress a zip files if you having problems with that you can download winzip WinZip comm and that’s free or you can use 7-zip and that’s 7-zip Goerge and you can use both those free software’s to open up zip files a lot of these documents are presented in PDF they use the Adobe PDF reader or they use Microsoft Office in particular the Microsoft Office documents like any word files or Excel spreadsheets or the powerpoints will need Microsoft Office now Microsoft has free beaters you can use to read these documents but you really should have Microsoft Office in order to get the most out of all the documentation also you know Microsoft Office Excel Word PowerPoint those are all industry standard they used by your customers so it would do you well to have the same capabilities and it’s cheap it’s only like 8 bucks ok guys it’s mark again and so many sickly that is the members area simple as that I just found all did everything as I explained already and now the third was talking about having Microsoft Office now obviously you’re going to need this business doesn’t use Word or Excel or PowerPoint I can’t think of one I couldn’t do without word you know or Excel or even PowerPoint for that matter so another question when an answer is a lot of people are asking me what do I need to get started and the three clients and 30 days challenge and I’ll tell you this what you need is a domain name and you need a hosting and you need Microsoft Office and you need the you need to take action and you need to be willing to learn it’s not difficult once you get things set up these are themes so I’ll load one of these themes on to my website and then basically that’s it I’ll have the website up and running and it’s as simple as that so if you’re serious this is a working business model it will make you money and it will grow the better you get so to make this business run another question answered once you get set up all you’re doing is sending out your you’re finding through the littles prospecting for clients technique you’re sending out the pre-made email templates and you know you’re waiting for a response and you will get responses and you will make a deal and yeah it’s a it’s a fantastic course I’ve been in this game for almost six years now and I’ve had success in a lot of areas made a lot of money and done some projects it didn’t make very much money or made no money but I know that this one the arbitrage should be self a model it is evergreen and will always work and that’s why I decided that this would be perfect for my wife and myself to do because it does work it just takes a bit of time so fifth time hosting and a domain name you can do you don’t need money for traffic or anything like that all you need is hosting and a domain name and of course like Microsoft Office now oh no no that I’m trying to upsell you or anything but if you click here you will see that I just gave a sorry I just gave a review of a hosting company that’s dedicated word press hosting provider I’ve been using them from nine ten months now so if you’re looking for a new hosting company or you don’t have one these are these guys are fantastic so have a read over I’ve written about it’s quite a long with you because I had a lot to say about them and how good they are what they offer so if you’re looking for hosting if you’re looking to start this business and meet hosting give these guys a show they’re way better than Hostgator and if you are a beginner the customer service with these guys is exceptional and if you read my review you’ll see what I mean I basically get into everything from me it’s make me lazy so I hope I’ve answered the questions to the people that emailed me and yeah this this product I’m going to use it I’m gonna try it out take it for a test but I know a work so I see no reason at all why you guys can’t do the same thing all you need to do it is take massive action so it’s getting very late here it’s 4:50 in the morning and I go to the gym at 7:00 so I’ll try and get now asleep after uploading this so thanks for watching tell the people that said I didn’t have this product and I was writing behind the views no you know I did so there you go alright thanks for watching again guys good night good morning whatever you are Cheers bye bye

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