Quiz Prompts Empire OTO 1 To 6 Links– Full OTO Info + Big Coupon

Quiz Prompts Empire OTO 1 To 6 Links– Full OTO Info + Big Coupon

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Quiz Prompts Empire Review

hey guys Sylvia here and welcome to my quiz prompt Empire review okay as you can see I’m right on the sales page of quiz prompts Empire this is the newest launch by Alessandro Zamboni and this product is going live on the 10th of May 10 a.m New York time now Chris prom’s Empire to put it shortly is a set of 329 powerful chat GPT prompts to create infinite quiz books and a lot of quiz related ideas okay now basically well question number one what are prompts if you still don’t know I assume you do especially in the world of um you know uh Ai and chat GPT right those are like commands you’d give to chat GPT for instance and specifically with this product what you got in here is chat GPT proms here okay this is the review access to the front end and I also show you the uh the product I mean the upsell number one and here we have upsell number two as well so going back to the front end here to the left you will see the prompts and then the category to the right okay so kind of the the niches like as you as you can see relationship quizzes lifestyle food career language health and fitness and all kinds of quizzes that people enjoy doing okay so you can sell them on Amazon Kindle you can sell them on Etsy you can even put them on your on your own website you can even use them as lead magnets generation with like a Gateway sort of um so this the re the results of the quiz would be gated right so you only give the results if someone signs in so if someone obscene and gives you the email address so this is a a great way to grow your email list as well I mean uh trust me just you met it’s only your imagination that would be the limit here so much you can do with it so that’s in short what this product is all about and let me just quickly scroll through the sales Page by the way you will find the link to the sales page below my review go check it out okay before I do that actually let me show you the bonuses I have for those who decide to pick up who is prompts Empire via the link below my review so here are the bonuses now on top of all of the training courses like free profit actually free professional courses on affiliate marketing traffic Generation anime marketing I also guys give you some super cool bonuses I have recently patches the giveaway rides to some of Mark hess’s products that I have personally bought and used and you know like benefited from them big time the amazing training courses so I decided to purchase because he had this on offer for his sort of like VIP subscribers okay and just because I promoted his products you know very happily and sold quite a few of them he offered to sell me a giveaway access to his training courses so I did that and guys if you just pick up the front end of quiz prompts Empire I’m gonna give you access to the ultimate Facebook traffic trick by Mark Hess okay so you will get instant access to it just by just by going to your Warrior Plus account let me show you by the way this is Alessandro zambani okay the the vendor behind quiz prompts Empire but going back to where you access my bonuses you go to purchase history and then you’ll need to go to affiliate bonuses and from there you’re gonna get instant access to my bonuses now this one the ultimate Facebook traffic trick I’m gonna give you if you pick up quiz prompts Empire front and only okay now if you want an atom and and by the way let me just show you maybe the what the ultimate Facebook trick training course looks like so you’re getting the full training by Mark Hess and you know also I thought this training was so nicely complement this product because it’s gonna give you an additional way of selling these quizzes so you can create an entire Facebook group and this is a different way of creating a Facebook group not your standard Facebook group that you know the way you create group following this training is making it more of a like a search engine okay so only people who are interested in these quizzes will join that group and then work that’s where you can advertise and where you can sell those quizzes so I felt like that should complement this product nicely so I’m gonna give you access to this training course guys but also additionally if you decide to pick up upsell number two which I’ll show you all of the upstairs in a sec I’m also Gonna Give You desks of vertical video by Mark has also and this is this is that uh hold on let me see let me see where I have it I think I’ve shut it down um never mind but it’s also like a full-blown training course by Mark has about creating about how to create a desk vertical videos from your laptop okay amazing training course as well and I absolutely put all of the knowledge and you know that I gained from this training course into my own video making uh process okay so I’m loving this these two training courses that’s why you know I’m happy I am happily sharing them with you if you decide to pick it up via the link if you decide to pick up quiz proms Empire via the link below my review right okay so without further Ado let let me just um let’s check out what else they say on the sales page so just through the headlines let’s just go through the headlines they say harness the power of Chad Chad to create easy quiz books create infinite quiz books in nine seconds each the set of 329 expertly crafted chat GPT prompts so yeah that’s what the that’s like a screenshot of the members area here right okay and I would encourage you to check out the rest of the sales page in your own time so this is like an example of the the quiz you will create with the help of chat GPT so obviously if you don’t know by now you just go to open Ai and from there you can access chat GPS from here uh you click on try chat GPD and then register your account and that is gonna take you to your account okay I have been using it it quite a lot and even creating you know these quizzes using the prompts from this product and it’s so super quick I’m gonna show you how to do it you know later but now check this out here somebody put an example of a quiz that has been literally created in seconds if you input you know if you just select this right click copy and that you will just need to put into chat GPT press enter and look it’s creating this quiz for you uh you know with a speed of light right yeah that’s that’s how it does it and then once that’s done um Zamboni instructs you here that you know to um you can what what does he say here then you can click continue or for example if this apps are here I think it was upsell number two that you can click more and it’s going to create more uh sort of you know quizzes or ebooks right but um I’ll show you uh the funnel in a second and here I have the whole funnel just free upsell upsells laid out to you nicely so you know we’re gonna cover everything but let’s just go back to chat gptr you see there you go it has created the whole quiz and with the results as well and you can you know you can type more it’s going to create more quizzes okay it says you have five additional questions for the iconic iconic Landmark personality quiz it was quite interesting I did take that quiz um it’s on the sales page okay and and I’m like totally convinced that people will enjoy doing that and will happily buy quizzes in a form of ebooks like that okay and it’s so easily done you know you just copy and paste from chat repeated or that it has produced for you into um you can paste it into a Google Docs or Microsoft Word and voila okay you sell it on on the platform of your choice Amazon Kindle can be Facebook group you know the one the one that you would create by following you know this bonus I’m giving you the ultimate Facebook trick traffic trick okay um or you can even sell them on Fiverr you can I guess sell them on where else yeah Etsy Etsy is another amazing platform for that so I did take that quiz from the sales page and that was about um this quiz personality quiz will help you determine which iconic Landmark Landmark sorry best matches your personality and according to this quiz um my result was the gra the grand Canyon in the United States ha how cool is that so I didn’t like it like that a lot I like it a lot yeah and he says on the sales page there you can immediately copy that in like the the results the whatever chat GPT has created for you okay again you grab it from chat GPT and paste it into copy that into Google Docs or Microsoft Word to finalize the ebook and how hey ho not only are you getting all of these prompts this is the front end again this is the Oto number one okay which is more prompts and this is the audio number two which is um even more prompts but in a different niche as well to create those um true or false books and another kind of Niche that was but again we’ll go and check out the funnel very soon but my point was that I actually forgot my point never mind let’s go back to the sales page and yeah so here we have Alessandra Zamboni and he tells you here you know that with with these prompts you’ll be able to do research on a lot of topics so he he listed all of the topics all of the niches you know in which you can create these quizzes and ebooks and how you can go about well about these ebooks and you can create all sorts of like quiz books sponsored quizzes advertising Revenue paid subscription free free leads so use them to again as I did mention before to grow your email list uh and then oh yes I do remember now I was gonna say that as a bonus guys so not only are getting all of the prompts like hundreds of them but also high priority email support uh trust me I always say that because it’s true Alessandra Zamboni is spot on I mean on fire when it comes to being being responsive and getting back to you me um as his affiliate can testify to that because I did promote quite a few of his products and whenever I ask him for the review access he’s like he’s on fire and he’s very very he’s you know yeah whenever you reach out to him the the reply is guaranteed and fast reply at that okay but also you are getting the six page ebooks Empire his previous product as a bonus on top of just the front end so that that is his winning cause on how to create those quiz books the old way okay by writing them word by word so you’re getting the like in-depth knowledge on how to do it right so you can see the steps it’s very important to understand the process okay not just having the chat GPT do it for you by you don’t really know how it is being created um and also you will learn with this training course how to publish your book on Amazon how to create account how to become an um you know how to do set up this like Amazon Kindle account and all of that so that’s amazing and it really complements this product beautifully so you get sort of like the full package here so you can put this product truly into action you know right okay so that’s his um partner Paulo um grow I think he’s really like an expert when it comes to create creating the best chat GPT prom so they teamed up and you know they’re releasing this Beast on the 10th of May right now uh last but not least guys let’s check out the the whole funnel so here we have the quiz prompts Empire funnel so the front end 17 guys and here is what you’re getting with the front end you know we did cover that already but okay let me just like quickly go through it run through it one more time so all those like 395 expertly expertly crafted chat GPD prompt specifically designed to spark creativity and simplify quiz books creation process and it’s covering the a whole range of topic topics including personality preferences would you rather relationships lifestyle travel Hobbies food career Health Fitness and blah blah blah is the limit or maybe your imagination right and it does it in seconds now audio number one for 27 bucks is a set of 1300 fifteen eight additional quiz book prompts exploring a lot more niches okay so thousands of prompts now audio number two and remember with this audio number two which is 70 sorry 67 bucks you’re also getting my additional additional training course by Marquez from me called vertical desktop vertical video training course all right and this audio number two is a set of 1 832 prompts for chat GPT featuring two different and huge quiz sub niches like Trivium okay and and fun facts um people are always curious to to learn about those fun facts right and true or false books one of the fun facts was like it was something to do with people like like who had longest nails so I’ve got what it was all about it was quite interesting actually so yeah that so those fun facts or true or false books now audio number three which is 87 is a collection of prompts from the previous Launch Way Way users so you buyers can save on the final price which will be 87 instead of 111. okay so I guess that that brings me till the end of my review on quiz prompts Empire by Alessandro Zamboni and also guys just a reminder again you’re getting some amazing bonuses from me that I know I personally know that Top Notch okay because I have like bought them myself first I’ve reviewed them I promoted them they sold well for me and then I decided to get the give get the giveaway rides okay because I’m I’m gonna treat you guys to them if you decide to buy quiz proms Empire via the link below my review okay and you’ll find this sales page in the description box go check it out I’m sure you’re gonna love this uh product it is really truly value packed all right love you and leave you and I shall see you in my next video bye bye

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