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hey there what’s up guys it is Frugal Downs here and thank you for checking out my review now before we get started with the review I want to tell you about the four bonuses that I’m going to give you when you pick up this product the link to pick up this product is in the description box below and the bonuses will be delivered to you automatically inside either Warrior Plus or jvzoo or wherever you’re buying this course from so these four bonuses are going to give you everything that you need to become a full-time internet marketer bonus number one is I’m going to show you how I get 250 000 brand new subscribers every single Friday this isn’t a technique it’s not a sneaky method or anything like that I literally show you where to go how to pick them up and then I show you how to um mail those subscribers with a self-hosted autoresponder that costs you somewhere between three dollars and twelve dollars per month depending on what settings you want to use so that’s the bonus number one 250 000 brand new subscribers every single Friday bonus number two is I’m going to give you my free traffic method that is working right now it’s working really really well it’s a totally free traffic method and you’re going to be able to flood your sites your blogs your offers your funnels everything with this free traffic bonus number three is I’m going to show you how I rank all of my YouTube videos on page one of YouTube no matter what the keyword is now the benefit to doing this is you can rank for say product term keywords let’s say product term review you can rank easily first for that using this method or if you wanted to rank for something like make money online I’m going to show you how you can rise up through the ranks and then get a ton of traffic from your YouTube videos by getting that good ranking a ton of traffic over to your offers by doing this as well now that’s all the traffic methods sorted but if you don’t have a course to promote then you can’t really make money so what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you your own course to promote I’m going to give you my Empire course I’m going to give you 100 missions to promote my Empire course throughout the funnel so it’s going to be like having your exact own course but you’re not going to do any of the setting up you’re not going to do any of the hosting or anything like that I host it all for you I just give you 100 commissions throughout the funnel so that you can promote Empire as your own course so that’s it for the bonus guys that’s it for the bonuses guys uh click the link in the description at any point throughout this review if you want to join this course this product and you will get these bonuses delivered to you automatically so with that said let’s get started with the review imagine possessing the power to publish anywhere on any website on any blog or eCommerce store your content presented in an interactive and engaging way delivering a premium reader experience in any browser and on any device showcasing your content in the best way possible to truly leverage its value to acquire new leads and grow your audience we’re also talking about converting more browsers into buyers with engaging previews increasing your current cart conversions by up to 272 percent thanks to a streamlined and integrated pay gate flip Guardian brings authors Publishers entrepreneurs and small business owners together in a revolutionary new way to publish manage and deliver their content it’s your freedom machine freedom from complex and expensive shopping carts and e-commerce software freedom to grow an Engaged email subscriber base in just a few clicks of your mouse flip Guardian also gives you the flexibility to put your content where it needs to be seen embedded on your websites on blog pages and posts across social channels or hosted securely by flipped Guardian for you with your content showcased on professional looking customizable and ad-free flip player landing pages in addition to lead and payment gateways that can be triggered anywhere within your content you can also create password protected gates to securely deliver content for clients members followers and fans or for business partners you can also publish freely without any gate or restrictions speaking of restrictions you’ll be happy to know that as part of this launch rollout offer there aren’t any you can collect unlimited leads through your lead Gates there are no limits on the number of payments you can receive nor any cap on the revenue you’ll generate there are no limits on flip player views and zero restrictions on the number of sites your campaign players can be embedded on and during our launch phase we’re including five times the number of active campaigns that can be created inside your account lifting the standard limit from five active campaigns to 25 and these are included for the lifetime of your account and as a thank you for your support today your future annual subscription fee will be fixed set in stone and guaranteed to renew each subsequent year at the same low price no matter how much this increases in the future for new users you’ll always be guaranteed a super low subscription fee for the lifetime of your account but here’s the factor that makes flip guarding unique our platform has been developed by a publishing team with the experience and know-how that’s likely unique in this field flip guardian’s Creator started selling eBooks and digital content seven years before Amazon’s Kindle reader even hit the shelves they’ve independently published over a thousand titles they racked up in excess of 10 million digital downloads and generated over 20 million dollars in direct digital content sales in fact they’re probably the most experienced digital content creators Publishers and marketers that you’ll find anywhere online today and this Powerhouse team developed flip Guardian for themselves not because the world needed another publishing tool but because they wanted one that smat all the others in the side of the head and left with their Collective lunch money bottom line is you’ve never seen anything else like it and nothing else comes close flip Guardian was built from the ground up to generate more leads to smash sales records and to deliver a new and engaging experience for your readers the promote Labs team are building flip Guardian to beat a game changer it’s an exciting journey to make accessing content easier simpler faster and more convenient for your audience whilst adding in the security and flexibility you need to reach the top as a Content publisher in a nutshell if you’re creating content to be consumed then flip Guardian makes that happen better you can use flip Guardian to publish articles books brochures catalogs company information Flyers journals magazines manuals Maps market research menus newsletters reports and more if you publish it now as a PDF you can publish smarter and faster with flip Guardian and we can’t wait to welcome you to the family so if you’re ready to get started click on the create your account button just a little further down the page or keep reading and check out the demos and learn more about this new and exciting software platform and what it can do for your business

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