71 ChatGPT Prompts for Rapid Content Creation Review By Paulo Gro

71 ChatGPT Prompts for Rapid Content Creation Review By Paulo Gro

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71 ChatGPT Prompts for Rapid Content Creation
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214 ChatGPT Prompts for Rapid Content Creation

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what’s up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel today I’m going to be going over seven different chat GPT prompts that can be really beneficial for Content creators so if you’re trying to become a little bit more effective a little bit more efficient all of these prompts should be really helpful now all of these are going to be done with aiprm this is a Chrome extension aiprm for chat gbt it’s completely free to use and it has a ton of different built-in prompts and there’s more prompts added every single day you can see right now there’s almost 2 000 total prompts here all sorts of different topics that you can use their prompts for but today I’m going to specifically focus on a lot of the prompts around content creation so here are the seven different prompts that I’m going to go through you can see URLs here I will put all of these URLs in the video description so you can easily find them click on these prompts and use them yourself I’ll also show you the prompts in this video some of them are very long so I’m going to put together a file of all the different prompts so you can copy and paste them and use them for whatever it is that you’re creating content about so a lot these are kind of an order here so I went through keyword strategy this is eeat Niche Authority a Content outline fully optimized articles FAQs from content audit existing content and how to take a YouTube transcript and give you a summary for it a really detailed summary so these are seven different chat gbt prompts we’re going to go through today I’m going to go through them pretty quickly but if we come back over here when you install aiprm here is their official website so welcome to aiprm for chat GPT they have a video here so if you want to learn everything about aiprm you can and then if you click here it’ll bring you to the Chrome extension which which I’ve obviously added to Chrome already and when you add it to Chrome and you sign into chat GPT this is going to be right on your home page of chat GPT so it’s really easy to find a ton of different prompts here so I went through all these prompts well not all of them but I went through a ton of different prompts and I found some of my favorite ones based on the output that they gave me obviously if you upgrade to the plus version of chat GPT you’re going to get better outputs than if you’re using just the free version like I am in this video so what we’re going to do is we’re going to first start by going through each individual prompt here and what I want to show you is if you go to these URLs so if you’re saying okay I want to use one of these here let me click on this URL in the YouTube video description it’s going to open up a page that looks like this so you’re going to see prompt keyword strategy it doesn’t show The Prompt down here but what you can do is say try this prompt on chat GPT and as long as you have aiprm installed on your Chrome browser you’re going to be able to use any of these prompts here so it’s really easy to find them in that way so you really don’t need to copy and paste the entire prompt you can just click on these URLs it’ll bring you right to this page and you can try this prompt now it’s going to show you who made each individual prompt here so AI prompt engineering this one is just aiprm created it this one is Florian cluge this one is Mr ranker and you can click through and go to their websites this one is again aiprm another floor includes and last but not least Lori Bowen here so this will bring you to Lori Bowen’s website so you can learn more about some of the different things that she does as well so starting out here with keyword strategy so I went through and I’ve used all these prompts already and you can see this is how long this prompt is right here so you can see some of these prompts are really detailed so rather than me trying to come up with the perfect prompts myself I might as well use some of these built-in prompts from aiprm and I really like using a lot of these and these seven I I really enjoyed the output that they gave me so what I did is I asked them for a keyword strategy it’s basically going to give me a topic cluster for YouTube advertising so if we scroll down here you’re going to see the keyword cluster so this is YouTube advertising formats and it’s going to say the title for this The Ultimate Guide to YouTube video ads next is how to create YouTube display ads that convert how to use YouTube bumper ads for Maximum Impact the complete guide to YouTube overlay ads how to use YouTube remarketing to increase conversions and each individual one is a different keyword cluster related to YouTube video ads so this is really good if you are trying to come up with different topic clusters your pillar would be YouTube advertising and then each individual cluster would be all of these different articles that you would write and then link back to your main page about YouTube advertising so if we keep scrolling down here you can see it gives us 10 different content ideas so it’s a really good way to come up with content ideas just based on a single keyword so that’s number one that is going to be this keyword strategy is essentially giving you topic clusters based on a keyword that you give it now the eeat niche Authority this is going to give you 30 different content ideas and it’s going to give you a Content calendar and what it’s telling you is if you create this content over the next 30 days you’re going to start being viewed as an authority in your Niche obviously you need to create really good content so if we come back over here and we click on our eeat Niche Authority I did the same thing here I just use YouTube advertising again you could see how long this prompt is as well and it’s giving a 30-day Authority blog post schedule for our keyword so if we scroll down on here it’s for YouTube advertising so you can see Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday we have articles every single day so if you’re trying to rank higher for a specific keyword specifically something that’s a really popular keyword where there’s a lot of different things to write about it probably something that’s competitive in search engines then this is one way to come up with a ton of different content ideas obviously you don’t have to write each individual article to me the way that I would use this is actually take out specific things and say okay this is going to be a really good article that I can write there is going to be some things that are going to kind of be duplicates or kind of redundant content so I definitely wouldn’t go through and create each individual article here but what you can do is say okay the top YouTube advertising tools you need to try let me come up with a list of some different YouTube advertising tools and then what we can do is write a blog post about that and in my case maybe I can create a video about here are some of the best YouTube advertising tools that are going to help any YouTube Advertiser so it’s just another way to come up with some more content ideas that’s e-e-a-t Niche Authority now as you’re creating all this content you need outlines this is probably my favorite way to use chat GPT is just to create content outlines so if we come back over here again and we click on our content outline here what I asked is create made content outline for YouTube advertising so if I want to rewrite my page for YouTube advertising which I do need to update you’re going to see YouTube advertising The Ultimate Guide to getting your brand scene and you have an entire article that is going to be all geared around YouTube ads and it’s actually what I like about this one is types of YouTube ads targeting options for YouTube ads how to create successful YouTube ad campaigns how to measure the success of your YouTube ad campaigns some best practices if you want to include some case studies as well conclusion and then some FAQs if I update my article with this blog post outline I guarantee you I’ll rank higher than I’m currently ranking for the keyword YouTube advertising so this is a really good and it’s much better than just coming up with oh here is my content outline or create me a Content outline for YouTube advertising so that’s why I like using some of these built-in prompts because they’re really detailed prompts if we come up to the top here you can see create a long form content outline in English outline should include a minimum of 20 headings and subheadings so it’s going to give you a really extensive content outline and this is really good for keywords that are difficult to rank for such as YouTube advertising so next is going to be a fully optimized article there are a ton of aiprm prompts that are fully optimized articles so I’ve used some of the different ones just to see what the article looks like that they’re giving out this one I actually really liked the one problem is there are limitations when you’re using the free version of chat GPT that it’s going to cut off your article part of the way through but I’ll show you one way to kind of get around that so if we come up to the top here this one I said can you write me a Blog article about search engine marketing advantages and disadvantages so they give me a title they give me pros and cons of sem they give you a meta description and then it starts with the article here in today’s digital age and advantages of search engine marketing disadvantages of search engine marketing and then some FAQs and it ends up getting cut off right here at the third question but what I will say is the articles that it’s giving out here is I actually think it gives a lot of really good information in these articles so if we come up to the top here you’re going to see the prompts so it helps kind of come up with a little bit of a better prompt than just saying can you give me a Blog article about the advantages and disadvantages of search engine marketing because you kind of have a little bit more of an outline to it now you could also say can you use this content outline to write me a Blog article which is probably the best way to use it but again if you’re not upgraded to plus your content is going to get cut off so one workaround is to say can you write me a blog post using this and just start with the first two and then go on to the next two and just keep asking for blog articles based on just a portion of each individual outline so that’s the first four here coming up with a keyword strategy to come up with topic clusters how to be an authority in really any Niche by coming up with a 30-day content plan obviously you don’t have to create 30 posts in 30 days it’s pretty difficult thing to do if you’re writing really good content coming up with content outlines will help with the first two if you are creating content having an outline really helps you understand how do I cover this topic comprehensively fully optimized articles I generally still rewrite a lot of the articles I don’t just take them copy and paste them in post I know a lot of people do that and I’m sure that it’s going to end up ranking high for a lot of these different topics I just think you’re still better off having a human write an article and then you still want to put visual elements throughout your article to make sure that it’s actually something that’s complete and not just a bunch of words strung together having some of those examples like images and like videos is going to be really helpful for people who are trying to learn about a specific topic now next is along with the fully optimized article you could just say FAQ from content so this what I really like about this prompt is you can take any existing article you have and if you don’t have FAQs on that article just come here and you can use the prompt that’s this already built in prompt you’re going to see we have please ignore all and previous instructions only in English give me five frequently asked questions to their answers specifically based on and I copied and pasted the fully optimized article that it gave me all the way up until the FAQs so you have to actually take an entire blog post and what you do is you copy and paste that blog post and then it’s going to give you five different questions and answers based on that blog post so if you have existing blog posts on your website you’re trying to enhance them a little bit this is a very quick way to do it you can easily answer some quick questions and then hopefully what you can try to do is get rank much higher in Google and hopefully get some featured Snippets as well which is going to help you drive a lot more traffic back to your website so FAQ from content another really good one audit existing content so for this one I actually took one of the articles that I was just updating on my website it’s not a completed article yet but it’s an article about Google Trends so it’s Surfside ppc.com Google Trends and what you do is come up to the top here and you’re going to say please ignore all previous instructions I want you to act as an English Google quality Raider and what it’s going to say is enter in the blog post title so I have my blog post Title Here the blog post content so I’ve copied and pasted all of the content and then you can see it actually has some of the different videos so it’s able to use the URL so as we come to the bottom here I have my URL directly to this article and then I have author profile and I just put quick little author profile for myself as founder and owner of Surfside PPC is over 10 years of marketing experience so you can write a longer profile here but what it’s going to do is going to give you a page quality rating and then it’s going to give you some different suggestions for improving the content I already know I need to do a lot of these but it’s saying include more specific examples and case studies include more visuals add more context title tag and H1 recommendation so it actually gives you a ton of recommendations for your existing content so if you’re going back and you’re saying I need to improve these 10 articles on my website this could be a quick way to make sure that you’re improving some of your existing content now last but not least for YouTube creators this YouTube transcript summary now what you can do is you can use a Chrome extension like YouTube summary with chat GPT and what you do is you go to a specific YouTube video in this case I’m on my own YouTube video chatgpt for Content ideas and over on the right hand side you’re going to see transcript and summary so when you click here and view AI summary it’s actually going to pull this up in chat GPT and give us the full transcript so when we click that it’s going to open that and do that I’ve already done that already so let me just open up my YouTube transcript if we scroll up to the top here what you’re going to see is it’s going to say enter in your entire YouTube transcript so this is the entire YouTube transcript for that video and now it’s going to say is give me basically a summary of what this video is about so so it’s really helpful for me whether I’m trying to come up with YouTube video descriptions or if I’m trying to write blog articles about the content that I’ve created on my YouTube channel already this is something I’ve struggled with a lot because after you write after you create a video you write your video descriptions you’re trying to share your content it’s like okay let’s go back and write a blog article about all this now come up with visuals so it makes the process much easier you’re going to see some key takeaways a step-by-step process and then there’s actually some resources in here as well and then as we come down here there’s some FAQs that we can also use some blog title ideas and then we get cut off at The Meta description so obviously upgrading to plus you’re going to get all this information I’ve said upgrade to plus a few different times here but obviously chat GPT wants people to use the full version still using the free version just to show you can still get a ton of different ideas just using the free version here but these are seven different chat GPT prompts for Content creators coming up with a keyword strategy coming up with a way to actually just dominate your Niche with a 30-day content plan creating content outlines coming up with fully optimized articles FAQs from content auditing your existing content and then if you do create YouTube videos come on coming up with a summary for your YouTube videos based on the transcript so if you have any questions about this please leave them in the comment section I would highly recommend getting started with aiprm these chat GPT prompts if you haven’t already they’re ranked by the most popular ones so you can see human human written 100 unique SEO optimized article I’ve used this one before keyword strategy this is one of the one I showed you this is one of the ones I showed you so I’ve used some really so some of the ones that are ranked really high out ranking your competitor articles by entering their URL so there’s a lot of different things that you can do using this tool and what I would say is don’t copy and paste the content that they’re giving you all the time you still want to read through it make your own changes making sure that you’re kind of using it just to enhance your existing content copying and pasting and trying to create as many pieces of content as possible isn’t really the best practice I’d recommend I would try to make sure you’re using a lot of different visual elements throughout your blog post and making sure that you’re still creating helpful and useful content for people so if you have any questions about this please leave them in the comment section thanks for watching my video today and make sure you subscribe to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel

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