WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Make Your Sites Up To 500% Faster + up to 70% Lighter in a Few Clicks

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review

Make Your Sites Up To 500% Faster + up to 70% Lighter in a Few Clicks

Hi Folks…

It’s common knowledge that WordPress sites by their nature are slow…

But, what’s less well known is that current optimisation plugins do HALF A JOB…

It’s essential to optimise sites for speed to achieve higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & for lowering your ad spend…

In WordPress every page requested has to be compiled by your server and it also has to load all the extra code from your themes, plugins, database and of course your images… that takes loads of time time…

To make matters worse your WordPress database naturally bloats over time & most of us don’t optimize our images… making our pages up to 10x slower

So… 99% of sites of sites are weighed down by heavy graphics, slow databases, themes, plugins & even hosting issues.

At 3+ seconds load speed you lose 50%+ of traffic & at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic according to Kissmetrics… that’s a serious problem.

But Current WordPress optimisation products on the market either use cache, optimise your database or mess around with your Java & CSS often breaking your site in the process

95% of products don’t optimise your site graphics (one of the most important jobs) & the ones that do charge $100’s…

Today I’ll show you how to fix it. Let’s read my WP Optimiser Review below for more details!


WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – What is it?

WP Optimiser is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that help you fix your site speed issues – more importantly it covers the 6 biggest site speed issues – at best the competitors cover just 2 factors & charge more.

Here’s the site speed issues WP optimiser helps you solve …

Problem #1 – Hosting – Poor Global Connectivity Slows Down Your Site

FIXED – WP Optimiser diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time

Problem #2 – Server – Poor Config & Inadequate Hosting Plans Cause Issues

FIXED – WP Optimiser diagnoses server config issues in real time

Problem #3 – Plugins & Themes – Cause Load Speed Issues

FIXED – WP Optimiser tests theme & plugin load speed in real time

Problem #4 – Un-Optimized GFX – kill load speed & eat bandwidth

F|XED – WP Optimiser does lossless auto optimisation of site graphics

Problem #5 – Bloated Databases – Thrash Your Server’s Processor

FIXED – WP Optimiser does an advanced junk clean-up

Problem #6 – Long Pages – kill load speed and eat more server resources

FIXED – WP Optimiser allows users to enable lazy load on any page they wish


WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Overview


Creator IM Wealth Builders
Product WP Toolkit Optimiser
Launch Date 2020-Apr-23
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website http://wpoptimiser.com/
Front-End Price $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee
Niche WP Plugin
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – About Creator

IM Wealth Builders

IM Wealth Builders (The Internet Marketing Wealth Builders) is a well-known company in the field of digital marketing.

Up to now, the company has been developing various innovative software and information products to support small to medium online businesses and independent internet marketers in boosting online marketing campaigns. Let me list down some of their excellent products WP Toolkit Video Magic, WP Smart Links, Viper Cache, Easy Pro Webinars, Easy Pro Reviews, Blog Defender Local etc.

By the look at this, I believe that sooner or later, WP Toolkit Optimiser is going to be on the top of the best-selling products.

What Are the Features of WP Toolkit Optimiser?

It Covers The 6 Biggest Speed Factors With 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes

Web Connectivity Tests

Our plugin does real time connection quality tests to USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up. This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware & bad server locations & poor peering arrangements at data centers.


Live Hosting Tests

Your site operates best in a good environment. To test this environment WP Optimiser runs a series of checks on you RAM memory, PHP Memory, PHP settings. host settings & drive capacity. Where problems are found you’ll get recommendations about setting changes you can ask your host to implement


Live Theme/Plugin Tests

WP Optimiser runs load speed tests on your theme & compares this against the WordPress default theme. You’ll find that some themes you run will be slower by nature – thats OK. If the difference in speed is extreme you may consider using an alternative theme to improve your site performance

Auto GFX Optimising

Our Graphics Optimiser works using Tinypng – one of the most respected graphics crunching services. It allows you to batch optimise all your existing graphics in one go & it auto optimises any new graphics you upload to your media library. The API allows you to crunch up to 500 images per month free…you can upgrade & pay for more or apply for more APIs as you need.

WP-Toolkit-Optimiser-Review-Feature-Auto-GFX-Optimising-1 WP-Toolkit-Optimiser-Review-Feature-Auto-GFX-Optimising-2

Database Scrubbing

Our advanced database scrubber wipes post/page revisions, clears orphaned & meta data & clears your site’s trash making your database thinner. The advantage of running a thinner database is faster access times & less processor load. This has a secondary benefit of keeping your hosting cost low when your site traffic increases – a win-win for webmasters

Lazy Load Images

This is not a new concept, it allows you to load your page images on demand instead of loading all the images for every visitor whether they scroll down your page or not.- this is especially useful for long landing pages or sales pages. The benefit of this is faster loading pages and better site performance when the site is under load.



For more information about this product, click the button below:


How does it work?

Let’s check out the demo video below to see it in action

WP Optimiser Review: Is it worth buying?

It’s No Secret That Running Slow Sites Will Cost You…

Modern websites need to be fast as…

  • Slow Pages = Lost Ranking
  • Slow Pages = Less Opt-ins
  • Slow Pages = High Bounce Rates
  • Slow Pages = Lower Conversions
  • Slow Pages = Higher Ad Costs

Here’s What Google Says You Should Be Doing…


These are a few of the essential things you should be doing to speed up your WordPress site, yet most products on the market help you with 1 or 2 of the items which means most products do half a job.

Speed is a Killer… More Than 50% of Visitors Leave If a Site Takes 3+ Seconds To Load You Lose Traffic + 79% of Visitors Who Have Trouble loading a Page Won’t Return

Don’t take our word for it… poor page speed is the #1 reason why most marketers get poor results.

Kissmetrics are experts in the field of SEO, analytics & optimisation. According to their studies if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load you are losing more than half your traffic & 79% of visitors won’t return if they have trouble loading a page.

That’s a really expensive mistake to make, specially if you are paying for traffic

52% of Visitors Use Mobile Devices Nowadays So You Waste Half Your Traffic If Your Page is Slow

Bad Assumption: It Loads OK For Me It Will Work For Others

Most webmasters forget that more than half of our traffic nowadays is mobile. This means half your traffic is on slower connections.

Not optimising our sites for peak performance on mobile devices means alienating that audience & giving them a bad user experience.

If your mobile visitors are having trouble loading your page, they are much less likely to take action

So it’s a bad assumption that just because your site works well on your fast connection doesn’t mean it will load fast on mobile.


You Can Easily Reduce Most Images By Up To 70% Yet Optimising Graphics 1 By 1 Sucks

Bad Assumption: Photoshop Web Export Does a Good Job


Virtually none of us optimize our graphics for the web – optimising graphics one by one is a time killer.

Even our team of highly experienced developers made the assumption that just because we cut our graphics to the right size & use professional tools like Photoshop to export the image… our work is done… wrong!

When we run our graphics through services like Tinypng & Optimzilla to our surprise we found that the average reduction was 50%+

All WordPress Sites Accumulate Useless Database Junk Which Makes Your Site Slower

Another common assumption about WordPress is efficient at keeping it’s database tidy…

The reality is… as you create content & make changes to your pages, each version of every change you make is stored. So over time this ends up being 100’s & even 1000’s of revisions bloating your site database.

The posts & comments you delete aren’t really deleted they just sit in trash.

And every time you add & remove a plugin, that extra data just sits in your database too adding to your site’s workload.


Some Hosts & Servers Cause Speed Issues – But How Would You Even Know?


So you pay for your hosting package but how do you really know if your host has good global connectivity?

How would you know if your site is correctly configured, running the right amount of memory, if the processor is not overloaded?

These things have a major impact on site speed & could be the underlying root cause of your site speed issues

Many Themes & Plugins Slow Down Your Site But, How Do You Know Which Ones?

Unless you are a coding expert & are prepared to go through every theme & plugin you use line by line you’ll never know what’s causing the problem
The hard reality is… for most programmers speed is an after thought which doesn’t really help webmasters that want to tune their sites.

The bigger problem however, is that there is no speed rating on any product so you don’t know what’s slowing your site down.

As most of us use multiple plugins there’s a good chance one of these is having a major impact on your site performance


Long Landing Pages Eat Your Bandwidth & Load The Full Page Even If Your Visitors Don’t Scroll


The longer the page & more graphics you use the slower your page will take to load…

Long pages are often used for landing pages & sales pages so it’s especially important for these pages to load fast

However regular optimisation still may not give a fast load speed.

The industry answer to this is to lazy load your images as the user scrolls which has the added benefit of reducing your bandwidth and processor load which means more visitors can view the same page simultaneously without you needing to upgrade your hosting plan.

OK Here’s What WP Optimiser Will Do For You…

  • Run Your Sites Up to 378% Faster & With 70% Less Bloat
  • Help Your Site Rank Higher in Google
  • Improve Your User Experience & Time on Site
  • Help Reduce Bandwidth & Hosting Costs
  • Help Reduce Your Ad Spend
  • Increase number of simultaneous visitors
  • Increase your opt-ins, sales & conversions

Here’s the results before and after using this WP Optimiser:


And here is the comparison between WP Optimiser and other famous similar plugins:



WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Who Should Use It?

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review works for anyone. Including, but not limited to:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliates
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaches
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channels
  • Local Consultants
  • Bloggers

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Pros and Cons


Help Your Site Rank Higher in Google

Improve Your User Experience & Time on Site

Help Reduce Bandwidth & Hosting Costs

Help Reduce Your Ad Spend

Increase number of simultaneous visitors

Increase your opt-ins, sales & conversions


So far, there is none


WP Toolkit Optimiser has 1 Front-end & 4 OTOs:


  • OTO1: Viper Cache ($37)

Read my Viper Cache Review Here

  • OTO2: WP Toolkit: SmartLinks ($37)

Read my WP Toolkit: Smartlink Review Here

  • OTO3: WP Toolkit: SmartLinks Add On 1 ($17)
  • OTO4: WP Toolkit GPL ($67)


Q. Why Do I Need To Optimize?
A. Your site becomes cluttered with autosaved post revisions & plugin debris as you use it & 99% of users don’t optimize their graphics – this bloats your site & makes it slow .

Q. Why Can’t I Just Use Cache?
A. You can however, you should be using cache after optimisation. If you are just using cache, you are still loading your heavy site graphics & bloated site code.

Q. Do I Need to Pay to Optimise?
A. If you are an average user the answer is no – the allowance is 30 images per batch (500 images per month) – if you use more than this we recommend the paid upgrade service which also does the compression faster,

Q. What is the best practice for GFX?
A. You have to size your images to the maximum size required, ensure your theme is fully responsive. Never upload images directly from your camera.

Q. Why Are We Site Monitoring?
A. Nothing is ever static on a web server so you never know when you are running close to your servers physical & software limits this affects your site performance which is why we monitor this for you.

Q. Why not Include Cache?
A. On combo products many users enable the cache first & don’t carry out the essential maintenance so we recommend using separate cache products. Which is why we built Viper Cache as a separate product.

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Conclusion

In this in-depth WP Toolkit Optimiser Review I’ve written down almost everything

I know about the software. I think it’s an honest review highlighting the features, usecase examples and dissecting the purchase process (so you know the final price upfront).

You should now have the information to make your own decision.

Thank you for reading from the beginning to its end. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision.

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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