Webinarloop Review: Webinarloop Oto and Huge bonuses

Webinarloop Review

Run Live, Automated & Scheduled Webinars With No Training & No Running Expenses

Welcome to my Webinarloop review!

Webinars are one of the most powerful techniques to sell things online.

You can talk to 100s of people and convince them to buy whatever you are offering.

But despite people knowing how effective webinars are, they still don’t use them because of some misconceptions they have.

For example, many people think for you to run a webinar, you need to go live. But the reality is that you don’t always have to go live when running a webinar.

You can run webinars using your pre-recorded video presentations.

In fact, your webinar may not need to even feature you.

You can make a 100% PowerPoint presentation and still make a kill.

Another misconception people have is that webinars are very expensive.

People think that webinar software are very expensive and call for hefty monthly subscription fees.

But now software such as Webinarloop are not only affordable but also feature-rich…

The third misconception people have about webinars is that you need to have a huge list to make money with webinars. But this is not true.

With a software such as Webinarloop, you can even make profits from webinars that have 10 attendees.

You can have automated webinars that run everything on autopilot.

Webinarloop is a software that was created to solve the many problems people experience when running webinars.

If you are interested in learning more about it, here is our detailed Webinarloop review.


Webinarloop Review – Product Overview


Creator Cyril Jeet
Product Webinarloop
Launch Date 2020-Aug-19
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $24 – $67
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What Is Webinarloop?

Webinarloop is a software that was created to help marketers run automated and live webinars.

With Webinarloop you don’t need to be live to run webinars, which means that you have no reason not to use webinars.

You can, therefore, sell coaching and high-value trainings.

Go live with confidence that your webinar will run smoothly without any drops or lags thanks to the YouTube-live technology Webinarloop utilizes.

Another thing Webinarloop enable is to run live-like replay with simulated events and chat.

With this type of webinars, everything will be taken care of by Webinarloop and all you need to do is to get your attendees to sign up.

What’s more, Webinarloop lets you run webinars on either a subdomain or your own domain, which means you can stamp your authority.

About Creator


The developer of Webinarloop is Cyril Jeet, by Teknik Force. There is not much to say about this man because his name is already familiar in JVZoo and other affiliate marketing platforms. Since the first days joining IM, he has been known with smart strategies.

Apart from the LiveCaster products made by him, you may like to check out others one like Ads2List, CloudFunnels, Traffic Jeet, Tubetarget, etc. Keep following the next section of my Webinarloop Review to learn more about it.

Webinarloop Review – Features and Benefits

Now, let’s come to the most significant part of my Webinarloop review – The benefits and features.

Email And SMS Features Integrated

The tool is integrated with the features of Email and SMS. This means that you can use your Email and SMS directly on Webinarloop.

To be more specific, you may quickly send email reminders to your visitors who have not decided to buy them yet. Then, this can increase your conversion from viewers into customers.

Also, it enables you to use SMS or email to connect to your customers right on this tool. 

Moreover, the Email autoresponders feature allows the viewers to opt-in pages from any domain or pages.

Supporting In Facebook And Google Remarketing

It is excellent if you can remarket the viewers to webinar opt-in pages right on the affiliate website, right?

Well, the Webinarloop will provide you with this stunning feature! Then, your conversion will rapidly grow up.

Once you use this tool, your brand will be actively promoted through replaying the personally branded webinar page.

No Need Hosting

Many online businesses and marketers find it hard to build and manage their webinars that request hosting.

Webinarloop comes as the right solution for this problem because it doesn’t offer to host. Instead, you can run the webinars on your branded domains or subdomains.

Connecting With Many Affiliates

With the help of this software, sharing webinars with other members and some of your branches becomes more straightforward than ever. So, your brand promotion campaign can reach more achievements and effects.

Live Chat Or Simulated Chat Supported

To ensure that your customers completely understand your products, Webinarloop offers you the feature of supporting team access. So, you can connect your multiple users through live chat or simulated chat.

As a result, you may plan for your conversation quickly.

Providing Detailed Stats

The detailed stats on webinar sales, conversions, or success plays a vital role in your campaigns’ success.

But collecting the data has never been simple.

So, you should use the Webinarloop because of the stats in detail it provides. Well, the tool automatically finds and builds the complete data relating to webinars for you.

Thus, you can save tons of time and cost for other projects.


How Does It Work?

In this section of Webinarloop Review, we’re going to discuss how to create a basic webinar setup in webinarloop. When you first sign into webinarloop, it’s a good idea to do a bit of setup administration first.

So you can start by going to your profile and customizing your profile information. Here you can customize your profile name, email address, telephone number and profile description. You can also change your password, upgrade your package level and set your time zone by scrolling down.

You can also see which webinars you are listed as a presenter on as webinar loops supports multiple presenters per webinar.

Next you might want to go up to the settings tab and select smtp setup or twilio settings. Under the smtp settings, you can add your smtp for your email follow-up and you can update your twilio settings to support your sms follow-up.

You can also integrate your autoresponder and webinarloop supports a wide variety of autoresponders.

To jump right into your webinar setup, go to the webinars tab in the admin bar. Once you’ve created several webinars, you’ll see a table listing all of them here. To create your first one, click on the button create webinar.

Here you can give your webinar a title. Then we can give our webinar a subdomain that will end with .webinarloop.in.

If you have a specific custom subdomain that you definitely want to have, it’s good to create it early and then check for availability to see if that name is available. If that subdomain is available, it’ll be marked with a green check mark.

If you choose a subdomain that’s already taken and then you go to check on it, you’ll see that you get an error and that this subdomain already exists. So go ahead and choose a subdomain that’s unique and then give your webinar a description.

When you’re ready, click create webinar. Now that we’ve created the webinar, our subdomain has been reserved. But we still have the opportunity to edit the subdomain, the title or the description.

We can also set the webinar language and choose the webinar type either live which will be broadcast live directly over youtube live, scheduled which will broadcast our webinar at a specific date and time… or on demand which creates an evergreen webinar which can be viewed on demand anytime by the viewers.

We can also adjust the status of the webinar to either enable or disable it. And we can upload a custom logo as well. Once we’re done, we can save our changes now.

If we scroll to the top, we’ll see that we have a red pending light here. If we click on this, webinar loop shows us the steps that are pending before our webinar setup is complete. As you can see we’ve now completed the webinar details, the next step is to complete the videos.

Here we are in the videos tab where we can provide the url for the video that we want to use as the main video for the webinar. Webinarloop supports youtube, vimeo, wistia, dailymotion and direct mp4 links.

To start, choose the source platform. Next we can input the video url and then specify the video length. When we’re done, click save now our main video for the webinar has been attached.

Next we can go back to the pending button and see what the next steps are. We can see that details and videos are now complete. Or next step is to fill out the schedule and that covers the basic webinar setup in webinarloop.

They’ll cover the various other aspects of webinar setup in the member area.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!


Pros and Cons


  • Support webinars-on-demand
  • Powerful automated schedule webinars
  • Fully customizable sign-up pages
  • Fully customizable thank you page
  • Dozens of ready made templates
  • Insightful analytics
  • Powerful call in to action features
  • Integrates with autoresponders
  • Support SNS platforms
  • Automatic webinar recording


  • Haven’t found so far

Who should buy it?

Webinarloop is on of the most powerful and credible alternatives that make use of the best of the internet technologies to bring Webinars to every single business without a huge overhead or fee. It is the best choice for any:

  • Corporates
  • Trainers
  • Information Business
  • Marketers
  • They are all getting on the Webinar bandwagon.

Price and Evaluation

Webinarloop has 1 Front-end & 4 OTOs:

Front-end: Webinarloop ($24/mo or $67 one time)

Launch will go live at $24 with a $4 coupon valid till 5PM. After that the price will increase to $31 and the coupon code will go to $3. The coupon code will be on the sales page

The coupon code is ‘webinarsuccess

The price will constantly increase throughout the launch. The coupon code will be valid throughout the launch at $3 or similar.

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($97)

  • Create 100 Webinars (85 more than Elite)
  • SMS Integration. Send SMS reminders to your.
  • Share your webinars with anyone in one click. Sell your webinars!
  • Unlimited moderators to moderate your chat.
  • Readymade sales page for your webinar service.
  • Remove Webinarloop branding from the webinar-room.
  • Unlimited attendees per webinar.
  • Have multiple presenters on the webinar.
  • Two Years of Free Upgrade.
  • Powerful PPC Training to Get You Signups From YouTube.

OTO 2: Agency Edition ($127)

Become a Webinarloop Agency buyer and you can sell Webinarloop accounts with Elite or Pro level access. Yes, the customers you bring will get all the features according to the Reseller plan you buy.

We charge $100s of dollars before our customers get that access when they buy directly. How much can you charge?

Sell at a yearly fee, or charge every month. It’s totally up to you. You make the sale yourself. Nothing is routed through us. Get your customers to pay you using Paypal, bank, Bitcoin or anything you want.

Create their account using our Reseller administrator console and they are ready to go.

OTO 3: Webinar template pack ($27)

Yes for less than $2 per template you can explode your webinar registration & show-up rate, potentially even doubling your profits.

For less than the price of a pack of cookies, you can pick up a big boost in your webinar performance so don’t miss this offer for anything.

You see, people pay more attention and take action when they everything is in total sync with your offer.

For example, if you’re going to promote a webinar on pet training your sign-up rate is going to explode massively if your registration page is dog-themed.

You not only get the rights to use these templates for yourself but also for your clients. You can offer them more options, more signups and more sales with perfectly targeted registration templates.

Get more and higher paying customers by giving them exactly what they need. Something they will never find in any other webinar software.

Save your time and money and claim your profits without spending money and time on creating any template or design.

  • 15 Powerful, sign-up and sale boosting registration templates.
  • Commercial rights. Use them for your clients.
  • No monthly fee. Never pay again for these templates.
  • 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like them, get your money back without any hassle.
  • $300 in value. This is what it costs if you were to buy all of these templates individually @ only $20 per template.
  • Visual Editor. Edit the template and customize it with the built-in Webinarloop visual editor to put in your own or your client’s branding.

OTO 4: Ads2list Pro + Leads2list Pro ($67)

So you’ve invested in Webinarloop and ready to build a webinar but worried about where you are going to get attendees?

How will you find the leads to view your webinar and sign up?

Are you worried about ad-costs, conversions, scaling and how to get people to sign up to your webinars from your ads in bigger numbers?

We’ve got you covered today with this powerful bundle of two of our best lead-gen software that unlock Leadgen ads for you on Google & Facebook.

Webinarloop Review Conclusion

It just went live for a super low one-time price. Please do NOT miss the special earlybird pricing, and grab a copy of Webinarloop now with my bonuses.

I hope that in my Webinarloop review can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!

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