Vlueo Review – How to earn tons of money through video ads

Vlueo Review – How to earn tons of money through video ads


Video is an effective method to capture customers’ attention, and creating a high-quality video is a hard process. This can be a major issue as the traffic generated by video ads is one of the most significant element determining how much money you can earn.

So, how can you simplify the process video ads for traffic generation? Well, one of the best solutions is to use some beneficial tools.

However, almost everything related to video is very difficult to use, and they require you to be an expert in the software field or have specific technical skills.

But don’t worry! Recently, Bobby Walker has created a new tool that helps you to solve these issues. It is called Vlueo, and it lets you make perfect videos without the need for any special skills.

For further information, please keep reading the rest of my Vlueo Review.

Vlueo Review – Overview


Author Bobby Walker
Product Vlueo
Launch Date 29th, November 2019
Launch Time 7:00 EST
Front-End Price $29-$197
Sale Page Click here
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Software, Video
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

What is Vlueo?

Vlueo is a new tool that helps you to find perfect YouTube videos you may advertise on. Also, it comes in handy in terms of tracking your results for your YouTube ads so you can maintain your good result and ditch other competitors.

Specially, what makes Vlueo different from the others others is that it is much more accurate because it uses first party tracking cookies instead of the third party.

Regarding the quality, Vlueo has been tested for several times. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will bring about a great experience for its users. Moreover, it is 100% newbie-friendly, so you can use it easily and effectively without the need for any special technical skills.


About the author

Bobby Walker

I believe that you are not unfamiliar with the name Bobby Walker, so let’s just keep this part brief.

Bobby Walker has been well-known as a professional software creator for many years. With respect to his achievement, he is famous for creating many useful tools such as KD Suite, ShopySpy, Stakk, KD Suite and so on. Almost all of his products are considered suitable for people who like to create stunning videos to do business online.

Hence, by the look at his success, I am sure that Vlueo will bring about huge benefits for your business.

Vlueo Review – Benefits and features

Let me show you some amazing benefits and features that come with Vlueo:

  • Help to quickly find monetized videos by a dozen filters.
  • Allow you to preview the ads as well as export it to CSV/ Xls
  • Provide the ability to save and export unlimited lists and more.
  • Allow to keep track of important statistics and get exact data with first-party tracking cookies solution
  • Help to find YouTubers by other filters and keywords.
  • Provide a wide list of YouTube advertisement  with significant analytics.
  • Prefill the ad with image and text placeholders and tracking data to get your ads up fast.
  • Find targeted keywords from more than 20 different sources.

Who should use it?

Vlueo is a perfect tool for:

  • YouTuber: Generating traffic for video is the lifeblood of YouTubers, so of course, a powerful video tool is going to do them good!
  • Entrepreneurs: A website with stunning videos will certainly have an edge over one that does not, so this can be a chance for entrepreneurs to generate more traffic and get more sales.
  • Facebook advertisers: An attractive video will allow you to reach out to more facebook users and bring back more profits.
  • Online marketers: Vlueo is such a great solution for online marketers to simplify the process of video traffic generation.
  • Online trainers: It is wonderful if online trainers can manage as well as set up a video campaign for their teaching videos without any special software skills. In this case, Vlueo is a good choice.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% newbie-friendly
  • No need neither doodle video experience nor technical skills
  • Saving your money, time or efforts
  • Download available for all computers


  • Up to now, there are none.

Price and evaluation

Once you decide to purchase the product, you will have some options as below

  • Option 1: One-time payment option ($197): You can get permanent access to Vlueo including all updates and upgrades to the platform.
  • Option 2: Vlueo yearly payment option ($99/year): You will get yearly access to Vlueo including all updates and upgrades to the platform as long as they stay subscribed.
  • Option 3: Vlueo monthly payment option ($29/month): You will get monthly access to Vlueo including all updates and upgrades to the platform as long as they stay subscribed.

In my experience, you should choose option 1. I know, the price is quite expensive, but, it is a reasonable price.

By going with this, you can use the tool as well as get updates and upgrades lifetime without extra cost, so of course, it will be more beneficial than others. 



Finally, you have reached the end of my Vlueo review. Thank you for sticking with me from the beginning to the end.

After finding out the huge benefits of Vlueo, I believe that you don’t have any reasons to say no to the tool.

So, please go and grab it, right now!

Last but not least, if you have any questions, please leave me a comment. I will do my best to solve your issue.

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