Viddeyo Review OTO Upsell Bonuses By Dr.Amit Pareek et al

Viddeyo Review OTO Upsell Bonuses By Dr.Amit Pareek et al

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how would you like it if you could store 250 gigabytes of videos for a one-time price if this sounds interesting to you then stay tuned today i’ll be reviewing video which is a video hosting platform which is offering this for you now before i dive into this review i want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about video and also some very cool upgrades that you’re going to get for free if you purchase this through my link and one of the bonuses is a free kaiser app with the front and two front end plus audio one two and three with 50 reseller license and kaiser is a marketing tool that lets you create landing pages done for you landing pages a brand new kit you could do even more with this completely free with 50 reseller rights also you’re gonna get web primo app completely free also oto one two and three included with 50 reseller rights uh where you can set up wordpress websites in minutes you’re gonna get 200 stunning done-for-you business templates you’re gonna get video funnels uh you’re gonna get video page and a lot more so yeah make sure to check out the link in the description also when you scroll down to the bottom you can find out the pricing here and if you want to have a detailed pricing there’s a link here which will open this dock for you where you can see exactly what is included with your purchase so make sure to check that out all right let’s dive into it and let me show you what video is all about well it works really simple and first let me uh reopen my mouse here so that i can show you here at the left side we see videos and that’s basically uh the most part that you will be using as you can see here i already uploaded videos to video and when you go to the top here you can also see view view video channels when i open this my video channel will be opened and you can see my videos in here so when i click on this video you can see here the video is starting playing click for audio look at this how would you like it and as you can see i also added an ad inside here which people can skip and when they click on that they can will be redirected to my website you can add this or maybe you don’t like to add this stuff but you can do that it’s a video player it’s a super fast player and as you can see here with the playlist at the right you got your own video page and of course you can also embed these videos on your own website now how it works is super simple you simply click on new video here at the right side and then you can upload it from your computer so let’s say i want to upload this file here this is 98 or 93 megabytes and now you can also see the speed of the uploading so it’s a little slower maybe than youtube but as you can see it goes pretty quickly the uploading of your videos it’s already halfway and then once it’s done you can start configuring your video player so basically it works really simple you upload your video and then here you can see here upload video and then the second step is video customization and then at the end you can activate and get your embed code so right now the video is uploaded so i’m going to click next and here i can give this video a description and a title so i’m going to keep it this is simply the title that’s being used of the file name that i’ve used for this video i can tag this video so i can say this is a review for example and i can also select a niche if i like to but this is not required now each time you upload a video you can say okay you can save this video so the right side here you have save and save and activate let’s save this i want to save my title and then i can go to the player customization in here so with the player customization you can see here the video is now processing so it’s creating multiple uh versions of your video so what i’m going to do is i’m going to the other videos now i’m going to say yes i’m going to leave this one and i’m going to show you another one when you click on manage you can manage the video that you just upload so this is another video that i’ve uploaded and i go to the second part which is player customization now by default you will have the option to choose from the five different players so this is the blue eyed when i hover over this this is a blue eye as you can see you can change this to the big macs and then this will have another play bar as you can see here and you can change this to be lime so this is more yellow and we have also the tickle pink here so this is more pink and then the last one the blue blood this is also an option now there is an upgrade where you can completely modify this player so what you’re seeing right now is just front end only and if you go here you can see that there are a lot more options like center play button the video title the play bar control button logo player bar a b loop and then bottom play button volume controls this is one of the upgrades as well as auto play loop reset first frame these are upgrades so i cannot change the player color in here but if i like to i can add another frame so here at the top we have different options so basically you have two menus so here’s the first menu and then that menu works with the player customization so for each tab here at the left side you have a specific customization here so i can also decide to add a frame so let’s say i want to frame this video inside of a computer then i can simply select this macbook and as you can see here right now uh this video is being played inside of a computer i can also say i want to play this in the phone and as you can see the video is now playing in a phone or maybe a tablet if you want to use a tablet you can do that as well and then you can integrate and embed this video on your website inside this tablet so i think that’s pretty cool you can also leave it blank if you want to have a blank player for on the sales page something like that and then once you’re done don’t forget to save your video here each time you change something you need to save this then we go to the thumbnail and inside of the thumbnail you can decide to take a screenshot from your video so let’s say i want to have a thumbnail here from this area then i can say here on get screenshot and then it’s going to create a screenshot from this specific area of the screen and i can select this one and now when i save this then this will be my new thumbnail and then a subtitle if you have subtitles you can add that in here as well now then the next part which is pretty cool here which is called advertisement is where you can add advertising to your videos like i showed you at the beginning of this video so let’s say i’m gonna call this at one here as you can see and then i can say after look what happened let’s say here let’s see after one minute for example but for for this example i’m going to say after uh let’s say after a few seconds look what happens when i press this orange but so after three seconds i want to show an ad for example then what you can do is you can add a pop-up in here where this is a premium by the way this is not included but what you can do here another thing is that you can run another video inside of this video so the same thing that you see with youtube ads with the skippable ads that you see the the in-stream videos you can do that as well so when you choose here for video app you can choose one of your other videos so let’s say i want to have this video as an ad now this one is processing i can say i want to have this video then what will happen is that this video after three seconds this video will play as an ad inside of my video player so you can run ads for businesses inside of your video player so that’s this is one of the options another option is to simply put an html link inside of your video you could do an image so you can upload an image which is clickable so that will appear after 3 seconds or 30 or a minute just whatever you prefer and then the last one here you can also do text and that’s what you saw at the beginning of this video you can simply add text you can change the colors you can give this a title a description and then you can link to your page wherever you would like to link to so if you’re doing a review for example you can say click here to check out this product and you can save that in here and then you can also allow to skip so they can skip the ad and if you don’t like them to skip the edge you can disable this as well i would say set this to five seconds similar as youtube because that’s what people are used to now then the next thing that you can do is you can replace your videos if you say i want to replace this video so let’s say this video is already embedded on your website but you would like to replace it by another video you can upload a new video in here then you can also go to the seo parts to give your video a meta title and a description in here also made of keywords and focus keywords so that you can rank your videos on youtube not sure if those videos will rank but you have the option and also you can add scripts so you could do google analytic analytics trackings code third-party analytics tracking codes or facebook remarketing pixel scripts you can run that inside of your video and then also security you’re able to run this as private videos and then you can embed them still on your website but you cannot show a single page or you could do a password protected so you can send these videos to someone else with a password on it in this case i’m going to click on public and i’m going to click on save and activate and then what happens is you’re going to get your embed code that you can use to embed this video on your website so this takes a little while for the video to activate and once it’s done i will show you two things i’m going to show you the link here so here’s the embed code and this is a responsive code so you can copy this code and let’s say online html editor you have your website and your code editor you paste that code in here and as you can see here is the video and you can start playing it and as you can see this is responsive it’s full screen and it is playing right now it’s super fast and it plays the second thing that you can do here instead of the embed code you have the option to do a video url so when you click on video url you can copy this link this will be a link in here and you can paste this inside of your browser and then you will get this video on the hosted pages for you as you can see here so people can watch this video when i press this they can see the rest of your channel as you can see in here they can leave comments on your video page and then they can scroll to your homepage to see all of your videos and all of this can be managed inside of your account so this is the video part then when you go to um the settings part in here you can change the settings so here you have your business profile where you can upload your logo maybe this thing will also be added to your video player if you have this small logo in here here you can add your business name industry address etc so here you have all the other options so you have the branding so you can enable or disable the branding of this video player cookie consent business seo your channel banners that you saw here so this is a channel banner in here third-party analytics your basic memberships payments everything can be managed inside this area in here and then also you also have the analytics in here so from your videos when you click on videos you can see the total plays of your videos the conversions of your videos the total views here you can see which video has been played most you can go to the technology that’s being used by the people that are watching your videos you can see the locations where people are coming from so in this cage case this is unspecified this country because i’m only looking at this video right now conversion graph so if you have conversions enabled i think this is one of the upgrades the the conversion part but you can see those statistics in here and you can even compare so you could do some videos from at least not sure what this is overview i think you should be able to select something in here now i’m not sure what this is because it does not give any options in here uh personally i don’t think this is super important i think the overview of your videos that’s most important for your videos and of course when you go to the video part here at the top uh you also can view the analytics of a video here yourself so when i click here on video analytics i can see the analytics for this specific video and exactly the same technology etc like i showed you before and also from this home screen you can preview your video and you can also get the video page and the embed code in here so if you’d like to get the embed code you simply click on this and you can copy this code and you can add this to any website now video comes with a storage of 250 gigabytes and this is something unique uh i will be totally honest with you i’ve talked with the vendor and at first they will be adding 50 gigabytes of storage and i talk to them and i say you need to upgrade this and now they they have decided to upgrade this to 250 gigabyte as a unique offer for a limited time so for a limited time they set this 250 to 250 gigabytes which was not the original plan so uh i think this is an amazing deal for 250 gigabytes for a one-time price um there are some coupons by the way when you go to my website here to my review you can see here um if you want to purchase this when you click on get video here you’ll see a pop-up here you can see the coupons as well so coupon tim vip will give you 10 off the front and commercial version and then if you like to get the bundle deal where you get the oto one two and three plus the front end uh use tim special to get fifty dollars off and this is in my opinion the best deal where you get the front end here you get the oto one here which is 197 you get here the oto 2 which is 67 and you get the oto 3 which is 97 you’re gonna get that all for 297 if you apply my coupon and again you can check out every detail here on this page when you’re on my review page simply scroll down to the bottom here uh there’s a link here click here for all for a detailed overview of the funnel you can check out everything in here also the bonuses that are included and yeah that is what a video is all about now if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below i’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and of course if it’s interesting to you check out the link in the description of this video you’ll be redirected to my website where you can get video plus my bonuses and yeah that’s it for today don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to see more of my reviews please hit the thumb up if this video was useful for you and thank you so much for watching this video and hope to see you in my next review video hey talk soon cheers

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