TextMonster Review OTO Bonuses By Rudy Rudra

TextMonster Review OTO Bonuses By Rudy Rudra

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foreign get instant access to the world’s first speech to text cloud-based software that’s right you can finally join thousands of content creators in their roaring Success Through unique articles just like Joe Rogan Logan Paul and so many others content generation is on the rise with the rise of smartphones people read things on their phone more and more many people prefer reading an article in piece instead of listening to intelligible and fast-paced videos text monster lets you take advantage of this gold mine now in terms of money you can expect to make between 75 and 125 dollars an hour in the beginning for creating content with text monster once you make an aim for yourself you can easily get to make over two hundred dollars for just a couple of minutes of transcribing with text monster text monster is your key to creating unique content and making sure you have a mind of endless articles without paying expensive ghost riders or having to write anything yourself so you don’t need to be a professional to use text monster you don’t need a high-end PC camera or even microphone all you need is your laptop or even just your phone and that’s it we usually offer text monster at 297 dollars but when you act today you get all the features of a text monster with its commercial license plus including 10 high quality exclusive bonuses for you just Seventeen dollars so get this no-brainer Biz before the price starts shooting up see you inside hello dear welcome back to my channel this is Mike of the michael.com we are a review and promote I.T product training courses and basically anything that is going to help you make money online uh of course if making money is your invention as long as it’s taking money online um here to review some of the products that are going to help you do exactly that anyone that I know that is going to help you I will definitely find a way to review it and of course today I have another amazing one called fixed monster which is an AI based audio to text cloud-based software that helps you create audio to Next in just 60 seconds okay and this one is being launched by the super affiliate Audi Roger on the 4th of December 2022 at exactly 11 A.M Eastern Standard Time and this one I believe is going to help all those people who are into blogging you can speak and of course convert them to text and load up on your blog and of course this is going to help you make money online and this you can sell to others if this is a product you’re going to require I will encourage you to use the first link below in my description area at the link we definitely bring you to this very page bonus page of mine and here you can grab a copy using this very button here or any of the other yellow buttons scattered all over this bonus page and this is what uh really is saying about the product text monster and he says that it’s a professional food cloud-based platform that converts audio to text in 60 seconds and this text monster removes all hassles and enables you to succeed without spending remotely on money sucking Freelancers and it helps you also set valuable time and money by kicking out expensive freelance as forever and of course you avoid wasting time trying to do it manually and it is accidentally fast according to this gentleman now if you stick with me I’m going to show you also the very dashboard area where you are able to make this conversion depending on the language you can choose on this very area and of course that’s a basically something that is very good because personally I use it in my blogs and in my podcasts where I convert text to speech and now you can convert speech to text and of course you can take things from people good speakers and convert the into test and of course put them on your blog and that will definitely attract the traffic that you need to get the clicks that will get yet you’re making money online so I like this one actually because I am into blogging and I am into podcasting and of course I know the value of this one and this could become valuable for you as well now let us take a look at the pricing for this one the front end goes for 17 dollars and here you will have access to this very software and of course you’ll be able to use it to convert your audio to text and of course launch on your blog or anywhere else you desire now the audio number one will be the unlimited version which goes for the answer of 27 dollars and here you have the ultra number three which is the pro version of the text monster it goes for 27 as well and the Oto number four which is the exclusive goes from 67 and here you have the ultra number five the reseller which goes for 27. this one will give you access to resell this product and keep all the profits as if it’s your own so and here you have more of the benefits it’s high converting sales funnel ethical software and training affiliate updates and fantastic customer support perfect for all types of email list and traffic traffic send a good blast and a c for yourself High converting sales copy and BSL constructed by industrial response and you have over 2000 Plus in affiliate cash prices of course so these are all the other benefits you have with that one now let me show you the amazing bonuses that I have for you my first bonus for this one will be how to create free professional website you know what that means you can do this for other people as a freelancer now bonus number two will be 17 products comprising of softwares and training courses which you will find here you have CPA offers you have basically everything that will help you begin to make money online today by getting the necessary skills and information you need to actually do so bonus number three will be the great and mega commission toolbox which has over a thousand links that will give you one capability to another and you have also problems Chrome extensions and blocks and you have a link sharpness you have a background remover you have basically everything over a thousand links that will give you access to certain tools that you need to make money her mind depending on your Niche and of course you know what that means bonus number four from you will be phenomenonization strategies if you have a website or you create a website for someone you can always monetize it if you could be your blog it could be your channel on YouTube it could be anything you can monetize it and if you don’t know the strategies to do so this will definitely teach you how to do so because mine is already monetized and I know how much I make and more leaders is because of that so it is equally a good one that you should be able to have course number five will be how to rank any site that you create using the hack on my bonus number one on Google page number one you know what’s that means that means you have the feasibility that you need to actually strike making money online so it’s it’s a good one for me as long as I’m concerned now if you use any of these links they will take you to the cell stage where you will get a copy from this very product after your purchase under your purchase history you are going to find a page like this on my waterpross account where you have this green one giving you access to text Monitor and you have this video on giving you access to this amazing bonuses that I have just shown you and of course if there is anything you can write me using this email and of course you have access to my website here so this is basically what the product in a nutshell is all about if you are a blogger and you want to convert your own to text or vice versa you can always use this software the good thing is that if you have the your reseller license you can always sell this to other clients and even Rebrand it in a way that it will suit you it will become yours and you will be able to manage anything you want and I mean launch your products okay so that’s a great opportunity for anyone who is interested just using few one hour so to get the the how this thing works on the dashboard through the training and then you are going to love so that’s that’s what this one is about I am going to put the demo video right after this and then of course uh we’ll wrap up with this review okay what if there was a way for you to pull the text out of any YouTube video instantly to guarantee you unique content foreign that’s right so we can get this exact video from here upload it into text monster and get the text instantly converted for us so we can use this unique content for ourselves let’s just see how that works I’ve went ahead and uploaded this video that I downloaded from YouTube and I’m just going to make this final check so we have all of these languages that we can transcribe from and then if we want speaker identification text Master also works for podcasts any type of videos with more people and I’m just going to click transcribe right now and I’ve just uploaded this video and you can already see text monster getting to work and putting this whole transcript down for us which is just amazing it only took a couple of seconds and we already have the whole transcript here as you can see so we can see how long the video is and how many words text Mastery transcribed for us that’s all we need to make sure that we have unique content it’s as easy as clicking download here it will download in a text file and that’s it but that’s not all [Music] text Master allows you to do live transcribes which go like this welcome to text monster I am super excited to show you this app it’s this simple to do live transcribing check it out right now [Music] and we have this text here that I just did live so it’s this simple to put your words into text so you don’t have to waste time typing anymore text monster gives you instant access to a gold mine of unique content that you can get access to right now so check it out and I can’t wait to see you inside oh yes welcome back to my channel where I review and promote cloud-based product IIT products and everything that will help you make money online uh this is a very short review for X monster and this is basically where we are going to call it a day on this one if you are new to my Channel or you are a returning customer I would encourage you to like comment subscribe to the channel and use the Bell icon for notifications and I’ll be back to you in my next review till then I remain in your mind of the my community.com coming to you as always from here and from me from here goodbye guys

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