Solar Rev Up Review By Mike Paul

Solar Rev Up Review By Mike Paul

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hey there guys Sylvia here and welcome to my solar rev up review right so solar rev up review this is okay and it is the solar rev up is the newest launch by Mike Paul uh a vendor I got to like very much okay I have reviewed quite a few of his products and trust me it’s always such a pleasure to go through his programs his training courses because he delivers quality okay so the rev up has just gone live okay so yeah it launched today today is the 4th of April and it is five days launch guys now let me just give you a summary of what this training course is all about and you have it in both video version video version and pdf version but it like I was I wouldn’t say that the pdf version is just a transcript of the videos no I would say like both uh they have some like similar similarities so to speak but go through both of them okay because they sort of like complement each other and now in short solar rev up is a in-depth like mic really over delivered training course for well local marketers who are interested in working in the Solar Niche okay so you would be uh it would teach you how to become um an outstanding lead generator for solar for local solar installations businesses okay we know solar panels and all of that you know the very popular the the other thing that the trendy and people love them because you don’t you know they save them money so a lot of people install them in the houses on the rooftops right I mean in my family that that has been the case as well okay so you know I don’t have to reach far okay or I don’t have to make up stories okay I have an example in my own family yeah so it saves people money on electricity and all of that so you know it is wanted and then you know you would become an amazing like lead generator okay so to speak for solar companies and those companies are looking for hot leads all the time and you would be delivering you know those leads to those companies in a very smart way okay and Mike shows you how to do the whole process of lead generation in a very uh like I would say fresh new way not the old way okay and and he makes suggestions how much you should be charging and all of that I mean I’ll show you everything as we go through the training course I have to watch all of the training course the training the total duration of the training course is about an hour okay so it’s not super long but it’s like explained beautifully Mike has a gorgeous voice I love his voice it’s just so clear so professional it’s just a pleasure okay and he’s got a very nice personality to him as well okay I love his mindset I love how he says that you know like learn to focus on the process um and enjoy the process in instead of just you know concentrating on the goals alone and yeah because that has worked for him and I can so relate to it obviously you know the money will follow but the money the money will be just a byproduct of delivering value to people and that’s how it should be okay but now I know I’m getting a little bit philosophical here now let’s dive in and let me show you everything I’ll try and be you know quite concise I know I tend to get carried carried away every now and again or maybe often I don’t know I’ll try and be short now that’s the members area Okay of solar ref uh rev up okay I’ll show you the training the videos you will have and down below you’ll have some uh content to download okay so you have it like in PDF version this training course but again as I said it is not to replace the video training okay so go through both of them because the PDF I have it right here is about how many pages let me see 52 okay now there are some links in there like that’s this like that’s the what you call it the not the summary the not the chapters the content of this PDF okay so that’s the content here as you can see pause it read through the content you have here and and the links you know down below it’s all of the extras you’re getting um I have them like opened up here so I’ll show you everything that you will get on top of the training course okay and here we have the sales page now he says that this is new solar approach okay it is really like a new I would even say revolutionary because the method he shows you is super cool and effective and a very very very cost effective as well so he says it’s for marketing consultants who wants simplify the cheaper leads okay and hot targeted leads okay laser targeted leads I’m trust me I’m telling you Mike shows you their way to generate those leads for solar installation businesses okay or companies who are constantly looking for those leads um okay so he said he says here discover the newest way to get leads for this red hot Niche it is a very very uh hot Niche indeed indeed okay so um right also guys you will you will have this sales page below my review so go check it out for yourselves I’m not gonna be spending ages on the sales page you can read it yourself you have access to it the link will be right below my review and if you decide to purchase it via the link below my review I’m gonna give you some cool bonuses as well is that in a warrior plus launch you will have them uh here if you go to purchase history and then you will go to affiliate bonuses that’s where you’re gonna access the bonuses from okay and this is Mike Paul that’s his that’s his profile well I’ll show you the profile in a sec but um just to mention that this product comes with a few upsells I’m going to show you the upsells I’ve got them hold on wherever right here okay just three upsells and there will be some down cells as sort of like light versions of the upsells so it’s not like a marketing uh trick so to speak that you know it if you don’t buy the upsell straight away Mike is gonna come back with the same but for for Less no it’s gonna be a light version so you’ll get less value that that’s what these down cells are all about okay and let me just show you his profile so Mike is a very experienced vendor I mean quality vendor again I’m yeah I mean he’s got strong four stars okay decent score right okay he he has he knows a finger two about creating programs training courses and he delivers them beautifully okay he delivers quality I really like his style I like how he how he does it basically um okay guys and then we’ll check out the upsells now for the bonuses I reach out I was like emailing with Mike back and forth okay here’s the like you know email from Mike and I asked him to give me because I’m not a and like a local business Expert so to speak so I I didn’t know how to create a bonus on my own so to speak okay I was like I’m not gonna pretend I’m an expert when it comes to local business marketing so I just uh for like okay let me just reach out to Mike and he he’s so approachable he’s so responsive amazing guy so that just tells you guys that the support will be there okay it’s not that you’ll buy the product and should you have any questions or needs needed support and you reach out um there is nobody on the other side so yeah you know what I mean that it’s not gonna be the case so hey I reached out to him and he gave me the super cool bonus um it’s called local job border killer it’s like a PDF a very long one so uh it’s a bonus so from me and because I reach out I reached out reached out I reached out to Mike and he very kindly gave me access to this bonus so it’s for my buyers my me me okay so um yeah it’s about business recruiting Services the new way so if you click here it’s going to open up this PDF and it’s about how many 61 pages long okay and it was done by Mike okay this whole bonus on this new way of creating uh like best-selling campaigns and all of that for again local businesses right okay so again on the sales page here is Mike Paul you will have a lot of info about what this product is all about it’s to the point no BS he says it’s like you know it’s it’s it’s done uh with this new revolutionary way I would say so without cold calling without mask called emailing without long waiting for lead without uh direct mailing without face-to-face selling or knocking on the doors okay knock knock on the oh I was gonna oh Guns and Roses right knocking on the Heaven’s Door and without previous skills required because it he breaks it down so plainly as stupid simple is seriously guys you just you don’t you just need to have the will to do it and enjoy doing like in generating leads uh I guess like you know reaching out to the companies and yeah he will also recommend the best solar companies and I I think I forgot to mention it is mainly based on US and Canada this method at least the vendor Mike has tried it in I’m not sure whether he’s from the states or Canada I’m not too sure I think from the states okay but my my my understanding of it is that this is really like a universal method that would work worthwhile because solar installation installation businesses are everywhere okay and the lead generation system that you know Mike shows you here will apply to wherever you are in the world you know because it I mean to me it’s just uh yeah you quite Universal to be honest um right okay there’ll be some testimony testimonials here obviously and money back guarantee and as you can see the price for the front end is at at present 2562 okay and what else do we have yeah that’s it okay I’ll show you the rest of the funnel in a second again guys go check out the um the sales page when you’re ready when you’re ready yeah you’ve got to be ready uh it’s in the description box below my review now let’s go and check out the members area so as you can see from here you download the pdf version and that that is the pdf version I’m Not Gonna there are some links important links so I can not expose it so yeah I would would not be fair on the vendor but I’ll show you the videos you have so first you have like in total the training video is going to be around an hour I have watched all of it I have loved it trust me first you have the introduction then the challenge so he will yeah he’ll just discuss the the challenges the uh company’s face the in particular solar companies solar installation businesses to find hot leads okay because the door knocking the code calling or working with age leads does not work anymore okay we have to find a new Fresh way to generate hot targeted leads for those companies so you as the lead generator will Master the skill of generating hot leads if you follow this training and here he comes with the answer so he he he shows you how okay to get those leads and then you would be getting those leads um uh well without paying for them so you are I’ll reveal the secret a little bit okay so it’s to do with Facebook ads and using the LinkedIn LinkedIn is an amazing platform for business like people okay but Mike will show you how to get to those uh hot hot leads okay people who want to do business with you in a very effective way and as to Facebook ads you’d not be paying for the ads your clients the companies would be paying for the ads okay and you would be doing the the home management okay that the ad management for them too and you would be charging them monthly for this service and you are shown how to do it here okay and you have all of the assets that you would need like you know even even like the like what was it um what was it called the another like a resume like um oh I forgot excuse me uh I’ll show you the all of the links down below I don’t want to give you the wrong information it’s kind of like on the tip of my tongue but it doesn’t come so the cover letter the covering letter something like that right I mean it’s so funny how you forget the simple thing sometimes uh thanks yeah thanks all right and then um yeah here there will be a video on how how you would get paid a traditional way but then he will also show you how to create this Facebook Okay campaign in 15 minutes and it is as fast as uh as 15 minutes or even shorter when you obviously get better okay and then how to get clients the new way okay using LinkedIn as well and other Pro and other platforms other platforms that you know I’m not gonna reveal because it would not be fair but trust me you know those uh companies will want you to generate leads for them and it will happily pay you for that and his final thoughts as always he shares his mindset you know like just just focus on the daily being the now enjoy the process you know this is the most important thing and this is the primary thing um and money will just follow you as long as you do it the right way you enjoy it you come with the right energy and yeah it’s at the end of the day money is just a byproduct of doing the the good thing delivering value to others and I totally agree with him I mean like I could not agree more all right and then yes and you will have all of the assets here so the solar solar rev up accessing your clients ad account solar rev up Facebook ad copy so you have all of the copy all of the solar rev up add images solar rev up prospecting cover letter yes I was right cover letter and solar Reva prospecting resume like a CV right sort of but it’s not the same really so you will have them all here I’m just gonna show you quickly all of that okay so okay now quickly let’s check out the the funnel there will be so the front end around 27 bucks now upsell number one um this for 57 okay or 37 down sell so this Oto includes instant for it assets like a professional marketing website for the consultant free professionally professionally designed digital flyers and postcards okay and the light version will be just less of value okay so the light version the same but less than OT number two the secondary the Oto includes all the assets your subs need to subscribe subscribers you need to like you the buyers right you’d need to accelerate Authority even as a newbie so a solar leads gen uh for like that’s what you get in here a solar leads landing page a collection of professional digital Flyers uh promoting their services and more and then we have a downsell uh right of 27 and then we’ll have another upsell for 17 bucks it seems okay the Oto number three but I’m not quite clear on what this Oto number three is all about what I can say and that’s the launch date okay oops sorry so that’s the launch date it’s five days it’s finishing on the 8th of April at midnight New York time okay guys so you’re also getting my bonuses if you pick it up via the link below my review and again I’m just gonna repeat myself one more time the link to the sales page will be right uh below my review in the description box and that’s all okay so if that’s for you go pick it up and put put the knowledge that you would gain from this training into action smash it alright guys love you and leave you kisses from London and I shall see you in my next video bye bye

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