Roofer Rev Up Review OTO Upsells Bonuses By Mike Paul

Roofer Rev Up Review OTO Upsells Bonuses By Mike Paul

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in this roofer rev up review I’m going to be showing you how you can make money getting leads for roofers by selling them leads in a way that’s going to make them money make you money make your clients happy and pretty much make everyone happy and make sure you stay to the end of this review as I’m also going to be showing you all the different otos and upgrades and how you can get a discount on every single one of them if you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software courses if at any point during this review you want to check out roofer rev up just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page I’ve got a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of warrior plus after you purchase through my link let’s take a look at the sales page here together it says important this new program has only limited openings it will be closed in just a few days any reopenings will be at a substantially greater price with my new Niche breakthrough for Consultants marketers local advisors or anyone who wants to join this business you’ll never fear getting new clients ever again why because you will have discovered the number one rich Niche so rich it’s a no it’s known throughout this industry that they’re they’ve already budgeted for marketing meaning many of them are already prepped to allocate three thousand dollar monthly towards a better source of lead so essentially what this is saying is that these roofers are like it’s a huge business they make a lot of money from it and they want to buy leads they want to get business but they don’t have time to get the leads themselves they don’t have time to go knocking door to door and what you do is you come in using the system and you’re able to sell them these leads and it says enjoy a massive increase in your free time because it only takes 10 to 18 hours a week to run this business that generates ten to twenty thousand dollars per month in his own case so you’re you’re creating these leads for people you’re selling them these leads so that they can do their work you can make money from selling the leads here’s some proof of all the different leads coming in here I mean look at all these roofing leads from just two days people that want to get their roofs done and they just want to find someone that do it will do it for them and you’re able to provide those leads to roofers and get paid for them look at this roofing leads 49 roofing leads people are paying let’s say 90 Roofing appointment leads 50 to 75 dollars per lead per interesting person so if you’re interested person so if you could provide those leads to them people will pay you that you get 100 leads for small Roofing jobs for three thousand dollars like look at that that’s crazy what people really to pay for this because they don’t have time to go out there and do the business they’re not business people they are roofers right most of them and if they are business people then they have a huge advantage over this always interested in developing new roofing leads look at these people I’m looking for leads that aren’t complete garbage where can I get roofing leads so there really are people that are looking for this everywhere in the pretty much the world if you look at it here so I’m going to scroll down here uh if you decide to purchase this you get access to the entire system that’s going to teach you exactly how to do this uh it’s gonna be a very low on time price they don’t have the price on here right now but it’s going to be a very low one I’m sure for this I’m gonna go ahead and play you a quick video explaining this a little bit more then I’ll come back and show you a little bit inside of what you’re going to get and the otos and how you can get discounts give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll show you the quickest path to building a local marketing business while attracting handsome fees like a magnet and once you have this simple formula down it won’t matter if you’re new can only work part-time or even have the most limited of budgets here’s the thing though you have to be careful not to fall into the same trap you’re trying to break free from your chances of winning soar when you have the right pieces of the puzzle in front of you you can’t just cross your fingers and choose any random Niche or even a service hoping to succeed that won’t work look if you do it that way you’ll be back in the rat race you’ll continue to be controlled by a Time Clock bosses and even clients and customers here’s what you do want and here’s the shortest way to Consulting success you have to choose the right Niche one that’s super motivated after the that you have to find the right service to offer and this service has to go straight to their most pressing pain point but you’re still not done and this may be the most important part you have to time it right this means you have to get in there precisely at the point of critical suffering within the niche once you have those three pieces in place the right Niche the right service the right timing the scales tip in your favor so let me tell you real quick about the niche and why it’s about as close to perfect as it gets and while you’ll find paying clients easier within this space and when you hear these points you’ll agree they’re the ones to go after first their industry is overcrowded and there just isn’t enough business to go around to combat the saturation problem they’re having to work longer hours basically grind until there’s no end then they’re using outdated methods to gain business you can’t tell me door knocking is Cutting Edge and efficient can you and of course their superiors know the challenges that they’re going through but they don’t have true Solutions their answer is just to hire more sales people hoping some will stick wouldn’t you agree they need help with marketing that’s what it comes down to and wouldn’t you agree that if they can get their hands on better leads that actually produce sales for them they’ll eagerly pay you every single month if you haven’t figured it out by now by looking at the page you’re on the niche I’m talking about is the roofer Niche the service I’m talking about is a consistent flow of hungry leads that turn into appointments and sales now let me fill you in on why now is the best time to approach them see they’ve gotten by with using outdated methods of marketing and they continue to use these methods today here take door knocking it’s their main method of getting sales they basically cold knock 50 to 70 doors a day hoping it will produce a six-figure income at least that’s what their superiors are telling them but listen to this direct quote from Melissa a roofing Pro in Raleigh North Carolina it’s not like it used to be she said I used to make so much money don’t get me wrong it’s still good money and it more than pays the bills but with so many sales people and companies in Raleigh what I have to do to get not even half of what I used to make has gotten really really bad I knock on these doors every day say the same stuff then go to the bar go home get some sleep and do it all over again that’s exactly what Melissa a sales Pro for a Roofing Company Raleigh North Carolina told me back then and you know what I heard when she said that I heard that she’s doing the same work more work actually for Less pay to boot she’s spending more time away from the people she loves and the things she’d rather do but do you remember what I said about timing right now is the critical point in the industry’s timeline that says they desperately need a solution the roofing industry roofers and Roofing sales Pros they’re waiting they’re waiting for a solution and they’ve waited too long hoping things would change and if they don’t make a change now their business could shut down forever so there you have it the right Niche the right service and the right timing when these three converge it’s much easier to attract 300 500 even 997 and 1200 a month fees over and over again all right I’m so excited to tell you about this but the information below is far more detailed and that way you’ll be able to make a good decision so check it all out now remember that I’m here to support you and I’ll see you on the inside okay so we’re back so if you purchase you get access to this report here so it’s going to give you all the things here all the different recommendations uh it’s going to go through exactly everything that you need in order to run this service what to charge for your ultimate Direct Mail Service what to charge for yourself qualifying online ad service leverage leads to steal PPC clients preparing your mail piece all these different things in order to get these leads for people looks like it’s around 77 Pages for this entire document here so they do have multiple upgrades the first one here it says students report 54 higher closing rates after getting their hands on this instant Authority pack so this is an authority pack to make you look even better to your clients uh however if you want to get a discount on that you just click on the no thanks button and it’s going to give you a discounted price I don’t know what the price is look it’s 20 bucks off it’s not gonna be super expensive for this but you get a 20 discount if you click that no thanks but again I make less as an affiliate by showing you that so please hit that like button the next one here it says you’re new you hate selling you don’t want to meet face to face yet you sign two times more clients and half the time so this is is if you don’t want to meet face to face again if you click on that no thanks button for this one see if this one gives us a discount there we go you get a discount so you get 20 bucks off that next one here is you get a hot client but next students use this to sign multiple clients within their first month with no face-to-face meetings so again hit the no thanks button on this one and that’s that one now as far as the price let me see if I can find you guys the pricing for this uh upsell number one is 57 but you get that discount upsell number two is 47 but you can get it for a discount with that down south that I showed you then it’s 17 for Oto number three uh Etc so all these otos are optional pick and choose the ones that you want you forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about roofer rev up and what don’t I like about it if I say something that I don’t like about this I mean you are going to get like bad leads it’s just going to happen it happens with anything so just be aware of that and you’re gonna have to follow the system you’re gonna have to learn it apply it there is some work involved with this sorry to be the bearer of bad news what do I like about this even though there’s work involved I mean this business just makes sense roofers need leads if you can get those leads to them they’ll pay you for them like I said before they’re gonna be happy you’re gonna be happy everyone’s gonna be happy it’s a win-win thank you so much for checking out my roofer rev up review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching I’ll see you again in my next video thanks

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