Rank Vault Review OTO Upsell & Bonuses

Rank Vault Review OTO Upsell & Bonuses

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foreign hi there guys Johnny Rose here and welcome to my rank Vault review my rank Vault review with a full rank Vault demo you’re going to see exactly how this new SEO software that promises to rank any site on the first page of Google any website on the first page of Google without backlinks works and what’s really awesome is as I’m sure you would appreciate if you’re watching this if you are someone who has a website that ranks on the first page of Google you get lots of what’s called free buyer traffic something like 94 of web searches and traffic comes from people clicking the first result whenever they search for something on Google everyone always clicks the first top result that they can find so you can get that you can get all these people clicking and visiting your website and buying whatever you’re right promoting on your website of you know it doesn’t matter what the website is we’re using rank Vault rank Vault will get you right to the top and you won’t have to pay for backlinks you don’t have to do pay for ads or anything like that this is giving you free buyer traffic from Google by getting your website and pages in the pages on your website to the first page of Google without any backlinks which is awesome so hopefully that excites you if you want to check this out for yourself click the link below down in the description box click the link below will take you through to this site now if you do get rank Vault through my link below again click the link below again there’ll be a demo in a moment you can see exactly how it works you’re gonna get a bonus which will save you money and you will also get a bonus which will make you even more money so my first bonus view is a discount if you pick up rankvault through my link below you are going to make a massive saving you’ll be paying the cheapest possible price when you buy this SEO software through the link Down Below in the description box through my link down below that’s bonus number one the second bonus I have for you is actually one of my own paid products which I’m going to give you for free it’s called fomo traffic fomo traffic now the whole point about having rank vault is to get boost your website so that they get to the top of Google whenever people are searching on Google for particular keywords particular Search terms and the whole point is to get you to number one on Google easily without backlinks fine so far so good however ultimately anyone watching this you don’t just want your site to go to the first page you what you want is traffic right you want people to visit your site that’s what you’re trying to get here with rank Vault it doesn’t matter whether you’re first second or third what you want ultimately is large amounts of people visiting your site I’m going to get that for you in another way so you’re actually going to get masses of traffic from rank Vault and also from my extra bonus which is called fomo traffic now fomo traffic is going to allow you to get massive laser targeted free buyer traffic from quora Instagram Snapchat and Pinterest quora Instagram Snapchat and Pinterest you will get bias hitting whatever site website it is you’re trying to promote from those for massive but under leveraged websites and it’s completely free buyer traffic system has nothing to do with buying ads or paid softwares or anything weird or odd like that if you want to get masses of visitors customers prospects leads leads visiting your website from quora Instagram Snapchat or Pinterest you’re going to be getting it with my fomo traffic bonus which goes to you for free when you buy it through by rank Vault through my link below so you’re getting rank vault which will get your site to number one and you’re getting foma traffic which is going to get send you buyers and customers from these four other social networks which I’ve just told you about now fomo traffic has been around for nearly two years and I’ve got lots of people using loads of customers example Phil Johansson you might know him from YouTube massive YouTube guy he’s got about 14 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel his YouTube channel is bigger now but his first 14 000 were using from fomo traffic so fomo traffic my traffic bonus that you are getting for free sent him his first 14 000 subscribers which is cool Dan Khan used fomo traffic to grow his YouTube channel about seven thousand so not as much as Phil but 7 000 people so imagine just seven thousand visitors hitting your site on day one very possible very possible with foam and traffic you could have seven thousand visitors to your website on day one imagine them buying things all these people visiting your website even if half of them even if 3 000 people buy something from your website how much money would you make it would be incredible wouldn’t it then you have bilang bilang here’s what’s called an affiliate marketer so he used my fomo traffic and promotes affiliate products to the traffic and I asked him to send me some income statements of the money he’s making with my bonus which you’re getting for free fomo traffic you receive free when you buy rank Vault through my link below and he’s making like 250 a day 100 a day 531 a day 300 a day so he’s making good money with the free laser targeted buyer traffic from Cora Instagram Snapchat and Pinterest that you get when you use my fomo traffic bonus so I hope that excites you now go and click my link below come through to the sales page check out um rank Vault and learn more about what it does you’re gonna see a full rank Vault demo right now when you are ready click my link below come through to your sales page make a purchase you’ll get a massive discount so keep that in your head you’ll be paying the cheapest possible price through my link below and you’re gonna get my fomo traffic bonus which is going to add extra traffic and which will go to any website you’re trying to promote even if it’s not at number one you’ll still get lots of traffic wherever your website is ranked with my extra bonus pickup rankful now be exact weekly demo video of rank World okay so ranking vault is a powerful Cloud app that allows you to rank any website on the first page of Google okay so it will get you page one rankings in a very very easy way and I’m gonna show you right here but before I do that I am I want to let you know that you get a free commercial license with this app this means you can use those features and sell those features as a service on sites like Fiverr freelancer upwork and many more and you can start making money with this app okay so you have keyword research that you can sell as a service you have the website analysis that you can sell service back in Croatia wounded keyword all that features that you can use you should make money online as well okay the only rank in your site you can use to make money online so here on the front end you have the keyword research module golden keyword module website analysis and backlink Creator so the keyword research will find you thousands of keywords that you can rank for in all those languages okay so you can find the keywords in English in French in Spanish in Portuguese all that stuff so what we need to do is that direct keyword here weight loss for example search any software will give me hundreds or even thousands of keywords that they can rank for then I can copy the all the keywords I can is export to a CSV file to deliver to my client whatever okay so as you can see in less than 30 seconds it found about 200 keywords here so I can stop there and then I can find out those those amazing keywords that they can use to rank for or I can check if those keywords are easy to rank for using the golden keyword module okay so I have all those keywords here and then I will go to the golden keywords module and what this will do is it will see if the keyword is easy or hard to rank for so all you introduce is edit any keyword that you want here so for example weight loss weight loss tips and tricks weight loss airfryer receipes weight loss or fryer for example weight loss calculator I recommend that you use one keyword per search first okay I recommend but you can edit multiple keywords if you want I recommend you do one search pair one keyword per search okay but just to show you this I’m gonna check out those keywords here okay so all I need to do I want to check if those keywords are easy to rank for remember that you can add any keyword here then you click check and once this software will do it will find the easy keywords to rank okay so as you can see here we did that search here and we have this this red and orange or Gwen okay so as you can see weight loss is very hard to rank for weight loss tips and tricks harder to rank for weight loss air fryer red sides okay it’s medium to rank so it’s not hard and not easy it’s medium uh then you have the weight loss air fry that is very easy so you have a green light here and it will when you have a green light keyword uh this means this keyword will be able to rank even without the backlinks Okay so this here is poor gold okay because you add your keywords here you click check and the software you’ll find for you which keywords that are easy to rank and which keywords you can rank for even without backlinks okay so you just add your keywords there you get the green ones and you start creating posts about those keywords okay so this is gold guys this will give you everything that you need to rank okay if if you give us a green light here on your keyword you will be able to rank for that okay uh so this is the golden keyword finder then you have the website analysis all you need to do is add your website address here so I will add my website address big reveal.com check and it will do a review of my website and will show me what I need to fix in order to rank better on Google okay and then I can download the report for that website analysis here and then I have the backlink equator tool all I need to do is add my site link here click submit and it will start to create the backlinks for me so it will help your rankings as well okay so that’s all the features you have in the front end of rank about I hope you enjoyed it’s a very great product commercial license is free for you so you have everything you need to rank on the first page of Google this is the best SEO software ever released until now and you can get your hands on it today okay so thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you in the other side thanks

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