Prosperity Lifestyle Review OTO Bonuses By Lee Cole

Prosperity Lifestyle Review OTO Bonuses By Lee Cole

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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hey there i’m andrew larder from lee cole has a new product called beach money and um really it’s a misnomer because it’s a great catchy title it sounds like you’re making free money and really what this product’s all about is fiverr and doing gigs for e-commerce companies uh and then you can sit on the beach and count the money because somebody else does the work and it’s you don’t even have to see anybody it’s kind of like beach money i guess um i like to start at the finish so the finish of this is it is 37 bucks for this product and yes and what you’re going to really like about this is it is brilliant so he starts off by going can you copy and paste so here’s how it works uh and i’m going to come back to the fiber part so they list the gigs on fiber they go hey e-commerce companies are looking to um very competitive so if you got a i don’t know a nike sneaker there’s 20 guys selling nike sneakers and the way that you can beat the other guys is have higher conversions and higher conversion starts with the ads you run the listings you have the click-throughs you get the people buying at the end of it all and as you increase the conversion you make more money for every listing that’s what works for the companies so they’re split testing a bunch of descriptions of the same product and here’s where they come in with the beach money is they charge five bucks a description ten descriptions of the same package the same products the same nike whatever swoop shoe um you know they’ve got names and brand names and model numbers and all that but whatever the product is 10 descriptions and they’re charging five bucks the description so 50 bucks for 10 descriptions and it’s done through artificial intelligence in a heartbeat in a couple minutes so you can make some really good money and here’s the extra kicker they show you how to i’m going to use the word hack and i don’t mean hack like in a bad way i mean hack like gaming the system in a good way um like making fiverr work for you so you can list a gig and have nobody visit it nobody buy it waste the time i got two guys bugging me and i didn’t make any money that kind of thing or you can count the same thing with videos you can shoot to the top because you have traffic initially and they rank you higher and then you keep going at that higher level or you come out with nothing and it sits there and nobody ever looks at your video it really is the same kind of thing on fiverr similar kind of a concept so they show you how to get instant traffic to your your uh your gig which ranks it high for that same kind of competitive gig and again you’re making 50 bucks in a heartbeat for one product do you know any e-commerce company with one product nope they got lots of products so uh for every one product you’re having the artificial intelligence thing crank out 10 listings you’re charging 50 bucks do you think you’re doing 20 to 50 you’re doing a bunch of different products so that’s where this starts to become real money where you can make 500 a thousand dollars and you’re just having the the computer crank out the descriptions you’re cutting paste and sending it to them all done send me the money so uh that’s in a nutshell what beach money is all about i’m gonna put the link for you in the uh sorry i haven’t scooted around and showed you a lot of stuff because i want to show you the pretty beach money cover that’s not on the the actual page so i’m just going to cut it short here you click the link in the video description it’ll take you to my site at you click this beach money guy and it’ll take you to the to the website that actually sells it for thirty seven dollars lee call’s site you’ll see um uh gloria crank through um it’s like a minute and 52 second video so you get the idea that uh watch how fast she makes unique product descriptions using artificial intelligence you get the idea the whole video is a minute in 52 seconds so in two minutes she cranks out what is it 10 descriptions cut and paste send them in 50 bucks do you think that’s worth 37 bucks to do once to do twice to do 50 times to do forever it’s a great uh great concept fresh out this very morning from lee cole one of the top sellers right now uh click the link go check it out uh my site there’s a bit of information there and then definitely click the product box and go grab a copy of beach money from lee cole you’re going to love it check it out i’m andrew larder from

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