ProfitDrive Review: Brand New “Dropbox Killer” Software

ProfitDrive Review

Better than DropBox and GDrive COMBINED?!

As Internet Marketers, we need to take care of our computer files and make sure that our most important business documents (videos, products, software, etc.) as well as cherished memories (family photographs) are safe and protected from a hard drive failure or hacker attack.

Equally important is the speed with which we can share these work and life files with our business or life partners.

That’s why Dropbox is a $10B business and everyone from Apple to Google and Amazon is fighting for a piece of the pie.

The problem? It’s ridiculously expensive, it’s a monthly fee and it’s NOT targeted to Internet Marketers.

Imagine if minutes from now you could have your very own cloud storage that enabled you to back up, store and share unlimited files… all for a one-time low fee!

It would effectively enable you to store, access and share your files easily…from anywhere in the World!


You’d never have to fear losing your data ever again if your website, personal computer or mobile phone breaks down.

It would all be securely hosted in the cloud, waiting for you whenever you need it.

Just how good does that sound? Well lucky for you, today is the day this all becomes reality…


Interested in? Let’s find out all the details about it in my ProfitDrive Review below!

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with ProfitDrive.


ProfitDrive Review Overview


Vendor Mike Mckay et al
Product ProfitDrive
Launch Date 2020-Jul-20
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

What Is ProfitDrive?

ProfitDrive Is Brand New “Dropbox Killer” Software Lets You Store, Backup, Share & Host Unlimited Files In The Cloud For A One-Time Record Low Fee!

ProfitDrive lets you securely store unlimited files on your very own cloud storage.

You can back up important documents or photos. AND you can share unlimited files with your friends, customers or business contacts.

And it’s all with ZERO monthly fees.

Plus, they’ll never ever read or access your files in order to target you with ads. ProfitDrive has a rock-solid encryption system that ensures your files remain yours.

Get started right now

  • You get the ability to upload, store and share unlimited files no matter what size
  • Your data is 100% secure with us and so well encrypted even we cannot read it
  • Sharing your files with friends, family or business partners has never been easier – just one click and you’re done!
  • You can HOST all your website’s data including images and graphics in order to get the best possible page loading speed with zero downtime
  • You can BACK UP all of your files so you’ll never lose them ever again

The bottom line is THIS:

ProfitDrive saves you HUNDREDS of dollars a year in cloud storage fees while providing a better, faster and more marketer-friendly service than Google Drive or DropBox.

All inside one newbie friendly interface even an 8 year old can master.

About The Vendors


This product is brought to you by Mike McKay who is a renowned expert in the field of online marketing. During his career path, he has released tons of digital products which are considered realistic and outstanding among the normal products launched every day.

In this latest launch, he has teamed up with Calin Loan and Radu Hahaianu, the two other big names in this field as well. Some of their remarkable products are ContentPress, Webbyo, ProfitMail, VidSell, ProfitPage, TrafficMate, VidSite Pro, Rush, Profit Enigma, SEO Liberator, MailClout, etc.

Considering the success of these three people, ProfitDrive is 100% certain to do wonder for you.

ProfitDrive Review – Features & Benefits


  • ProfitDrive Software & Training With Instant Access -VALUE $497


  • Cloud Storage For Unlimited Files (Documents, Photos, Videos, ANYTHING) – VALUE $997
  • BACKUP Your Data And Host Your Website’s Files – VALUE $997
  • Share Any File With Anyone With Just 1-Click – VALUE $997
  • File Preview Module Allows You To Access Your Data From Anywhere – VALUE $197
  • Built-In Drag & Drop File Manager – VALUE $197
  • End-To-End Encryption Keeps ALL Your Data SAFE – VALUE $997
  • World’s First Compression Algorithm Makes Everything Load FASTER – VALUE $197
  • 1-on-1 Support From Leaders In The Online Storage Industry – VALUE $197


  • Have Virtually UNLIMITED STORAGE!
  • Share Documents with ANYONE, ANYWHERE!
  • Brand-New Encryption For Maximum Security and Privacy!
  • Operate With Complete Privacy, Giving YOU Control Over How Your Documents are Seen!
  • Safely Store ALL Of Your Files!
  • Share Your Files On Multiple Social Media Platforms!
  • Generates Flawless Sharing Pages!
  • ProfitDrive Has Been Fully Tested By Us Personally And Is Proven To Be The BEST Online Storage Solution!
  • Trust in Our Cutting-Edge Tech Which Provides The HIGHEST Level of Security & Privacy! ProfitDrive Will Give YOU The Best Storage Experience Possible!


How Does ProfitDrive Work ?

  • STEP 1: Upload Your Files

just drag & drop them into their cloud app: fully compatible with Mac, PC, mobile


  • STEP 2: Watch As ProfitDrive Securely Stores All Your Files On Their Rock-Solid Cloud Servers

100% Safe and Fully Encrypted: they’ll never ever read or access your files in order to target you with ads, unlike our competition


  • STEP 3: Access & Share From Anywhere In The World

send files to friends or access them yourself: you’ll never have to fear to lose your data again if your website, personal computer, or mobile phone breaks down


ProfitDrive Software Demo:

ProfitDrive Review – Is it worth your money?

User Experience

As a Beta tester of ProfitDrive, I was struck at how most developers either over complicate or deliver too little to their customers. I’ve seen this first hand so many times, having bought tons of software and usually ending up either underwhelmed or overloaded with functionality that isn’t needed.

Enter ProfitDrive and my expectations weren’t very high to be fair. But what a surprise as we went through the process of ironing our bugs, adding functionality that enhanced our experiences of using ProfitDrive, plus we had the developer Calin actually going to great lengths to ensure our experiences were exceeding expectations.

We tested everything from Mac and PC to ipads and apple phones and android. We hit issues of course, but these were all overcome.

This is no exaggeration, I wholeheartedly recommend ProfitDrive for all your cloud and online storage needs. Some apps deliver really well, some under-deliver, ProfitDrive overdelivers because you get the app that works perfectly along with the customer service that we all love but rarely find.

Buy the app, use the service and know that your files are in safe hands, everything is stored safely and securely. And remember if you ever delete something you shouldn’t, or didn’t mean to. Don’t worry, just look in the trash file and grab it.

Functionality is familiar to any regular app user, just done better than you might expect. Buy with confidence. It’s the only online storage I need.

So you can finally say “GOODBYE” to

  • Paying ridiculous monthly fees to cloud storage systems like Google
  • Drive or DropBox in exchange for sub-par services and questionable privacy policies
  • Being restricted to the number of files you can upload and share or the size of the uploads you make
  • Not to mention living with the constant fear of losing your data stored locally on your computer, or mobile phone – think family photos which may never be recovered…

ProfitDrive makes all of this a thing of the past

  • unlimited cloud storage & backup solution
  • designed for Internet Marketers
  • 100% newbie friendly with no restrictions

From my using instruction, you can obviously see that ProfitDrive is extremely easy to use. You can find it easy to get started with ProfitDrive right away. In addition, there is a step-by-step training so that you can be up and running with ProfitDrive without any hassle.

Plus, when you have any question, just reach out to the support team and they will try the best to get your problems solved. Hence, there is no worry when using this software whether you are a seasoned or a complete newbie marketer.


One more thing might be important to your mind is that you can receive just NUMEROUS valuable bonuses from both product creator and me. This section features the creator’s bonuses which will go on well with today product.

Mine, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product through today ProfitDrive Review, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business


Who Is ProfitDrive For?

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this one time low priced deal as ProfitDrive is poweered by amazing compression algorithm, that makes your files secure and make them take as little as possible physical space on the cloud based servers.

Unlike other competitors, they don’t care what your files are, they don’t read them and invade your privacy.

Everything, you upload something to ProfitDrive, it gets encrypted and compressed and it is stored 100% securely without anyone to be able to access, but only you.

This one time low price is limited.

When, you compare this with other like DropBox and other competitors, this is a one time low priced and you get higher quality.

So anyone, who wants to keep his files secure, fast and stored without any problems and want to share his files and have them private and enceypted and you will also save money at the same time.

What People Say About ProfitDrive

I’ll let you judge ProfitDrive, below are some opinions you can refer:

ProfitDrive-feedback ProfitDrive-feedback-2



Pros and Cons


  • Store unlimited files on our cloud storage for a low one time fee
  • Share them with friends & family, customers or business contacts
  • End to end encryption protects you and your files
  • Backup ALL your files, photos, videos & documents
  • Host all of your website’s data including images and graphics
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Never lose your precious data
  • No technical skills or experience needed
  • Zero monthly fees


  • No Cons Found.

Price And Evaluation

Front End: ProfitDrive – $17 / $15 DS

First, let’s talk about the plan everyone wants to hear about – the front-end price. The front-end price cost of ProfitDrive is the cheapest – at only $15.

With this amount of money, You can store unlimited files for one time low price, amazing encryption, that ensures your data is secure and your file remain save with zero limitations for you.


However, this price is only available for the early comers. After the special launch ends, this price will go up significantly every 30 minutes. Therefore, make sure that you take action right at the golden time to close the best deal.


As if you are interested in adding more features to this product, you can take into account these upsells once you check out:

Upsell 1: ProfitDrive – PRO (Unlimited) Edition – $37 / $27 DS

  • Commercial license (host files for others)
  • Unlimited everything: file, views, bandwidth, leads
  • Premium video player to embed, publish, watch videos and share straight in ProfitDrive
  • Auto-backup for files and 30 days restore from trash
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO-optimized
  • Priority support
  • Developers license (use ProfitDrive in your business, to deliver products, etc.

Upsell 2: ProfitDrive – Enterprise Edition – $47 / $37 DS

  • Cloud autoresponder built-in
  • Automated social media sharing
  • Full Analytics
  • Your own private sharing page = your own product store hosted by us
  • Encrypt files with a password so you can share download links, products, or lead generation (i.e. sign up to receive your password)
  • Set a time/expiration date for files (share time-sensitive files like bonuses, products, webinars, photos) aka ‘Snapchat for storage solutions!’
  • Collaboration between ProfitDrive users / your team
  • Outsourcers license

Upsell 3: ProfitDrive – DFY Edition – $39 / $29 DS

  • DFY upgrade with 5x DOTD products
  • 100% Commissions across the funnel
  • Seo-optimized reviews
  • Upload & sell these products straight from your ProfitDrive account

Upsell 4: ProfitDrive – Reseller Edition – $197 / $97 DS

  • Commissions bumped across the ProfitDrive funnel and they sell as their own.
  • Seller supplies all sales materials and tech support

Upsell 5: ProfitDrive – IMX / Software Bundle- $97 / $67 DS

  • This IMX edition gives your customers all of our products, current & future, completely free of charge. 
  • They also then get full training PLUS case studies that will give them the know-how to become IM success stories. 
  • Includes software bundle of our best selling apps to use in their business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are ProfitDrive Cloud-Based?

Yes, ProfitDrive is a cloud-based app easy to access from anywhere. Works with Mac, PC, and mobile.

  • Does ProfitDrive Cost A Monthly Fee?

When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to ProfitDrive without EVER having to pay a monthly fee 🙂

  • Are Others Using ProfitDrive Already?

Yes – we have tons of early access customers and beta testers already. Some of their feedback is being represented on this very page above.

  • Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work?

NO – ProfitDrive is seamless and 100% newbie-friendly.

  • Are There Any Restrictions?

You are able to upload, store, backup, share, and host an unlimited number of files. There is a 250GB total storage limit across all your files, but no limit on any individual files. If you need more storage you can easily upgrade – all upgrades for early adopters are also a one-time fee. Pay once only.

  • Is Support & Training Included?

Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

ProfitDrive Conclusion

The biggest advantage of ProfitDrive is that you will save a lot of dollars in cloud storage, while having better, faster than DropBox and other cloud solutions.

Everything inside a simple, beginner friendly dashboard, which everyone can use.

Everything inside, along with the software, training, unlimited storage for documents, photos, videos, backup of your data and host your website files, sharing with anyone for one click, preview of files module, you can access your files from anywhere with internet connection, encryption, that keeps all of your data safe, first algorithm, that makes more secure and to load faster your files plus 24/7 support.

You can take advantage of all that, for just one time price.

Thank you for your time on my website !

This is the end of my ProfitDrive review. I hope my review has given you useful information to make your decision. Please remember that the price will increase dramatically, so let buy it right now before you have to pay more money to own this fantastic product.

Furthermore, you’re protected by 30 Day Back Policy, so your investment is absolutely risk-free.

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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