PageDyno Review OTO Bonuses By Monkey Web Apps

PageDyno Review OTO Bonuses By Monkey Web Apps

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

♦ Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.

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♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

[Music] hey there this is lori from how to howdy and in this video i’m going to be taking you into my PageDyno dashboard and for you who don’t know a whole lot about PageDyno what it is it allows you to create eye-catching highly converting landing pages quickly and easily and a lot cheaper than a lot of the other best-selling landing page builders so if you are using uh some of the top landing page builders like unbounce instant page hot spot lead page get response you know that those usually come with a pretty high monthly fee that you have to go ongoing well i just wanted to show you here in PageDyno i’m going into their uh their website they’re actually in beta right now so this is the website forward slash beta and if you can get in at these beta prices you’re going to get a phenomenal deal so we’re going to go down here they’re coming they’re available in the fall and as you can see if you’re going to be buying it in the fall it’s going to be 199 a year 20 a month or if you get it right now you can get it for 79 a year and if you use my coupon which i will have in the in the description below you’ll get 10 off every time you use it forever a year so get it for 69 a year which is more than or less than you can pay for unbounds a month so this is really really a good deal so while i hate going into the sales pages i just wanted to show you a couple of these demos before i took you into my dashboard one of the ones that i really really like here is this because i think this is clever you can add video behind uh your call to action here and your opt-in page which i really like and everything here you can edit they used a transparency you can have this full on black or you can use transparency i think that looks really cool and you can control what’s said here but i love this click on get your amazon code now click right into amazon buy it boom if you’re an affiliate you get a commission i really like that idea i think that’s very very clever you can also do let’s look at this one this one is just a photo so you can choose video you can choose photo you can choose a clear background but everything you see here you can edit and if you’re hooked to your autoresponder click click here get it instantly downloaded to your visitor which i think is really really cool i love this so you can go on this site and take a look at more of these examples but i just wanted to show you what was going on with uh with the beta right now and if you’re lucky enough to get it in time this is a great deal so let’s go right into my dashboard there we are okay so one of the first things over here you want to go into your options and your integration so as you can see these are the autoresponders that they have integrated that you can integrate with and don’t worry if yours isn’t there they are you can add code and get yours added you just have to go into here and this is where you do all your uh all your tutorials and you learn about everything and in the tutorials it shows you how to do that if your autoresponder is not here i’m not going to get into that you can do that here so very simply you just set it up you just click on each one it tells you exactly how to do it it shows you exactly how to do it so if your active campaign you click here they’ll tell you exactly how to get set up i use mailchimp it was super easy i just had to put my api key in there so let’s just go to campaigns now um you simply just go in and create a new campaign okay so here is your dashboard and you want to start and give your campaign a name whatever you want to call it um so i’m going to give this here you can add categories and i’m going to do bonus and we’re going to do oops can i spell and this is first seo and your meta page description so that’s what i’m going to be doing now you can choose your page background color you just click in here and select it i’m going to stick with the white you have the option of doing a background image like we saw in those examples you can either take it from a url or you can upload an image so you would go and just upload it on here or you have the option to add a video here but the format has to be an mp4 from a youtube uh video link or a vimeo link so those are your options i’m going to grab this youtube link that i’ve already um that i’ve already created so um here you have the option to add uh how your um your opt-in box um acts on is when it when it comes on the screen so you can have it swinging ta-da wobbly pulse there’s a lot of options so you could play with that and see what you think it might work best for you so i’m just going to pick tada you control border size border curve and border style you can have double dash dotted so you have these different options now if you uh if you don’t if there’s a pause or for some reason this is inactivated you want to tell this is where you would put where you want if it’s not activated you still want it to go to your page so this is where you redirect it and if you have the dyno jack you would use that but i don’t this is how you can add your custom code in order to add your autoresponder so that’s where you would be able to do that so you have to set your autoresponder here and i am mailchimp and i choose my um i choose my list out of mailchimp so let’s go to the next phase we’re going to go to now this one i’m going to skip over but this one you this is like setting up if you want to set up multiple say before you get an opt-in or download you want to ask questions you want to do like a a quiz you can do this it’ll have multiple steps i’m going to go with a simple simple opt-in form so with the opt-in form there’s several things you can do so you can choose your box box type you can do text image a url or video you can actually embed a video here you just choose i’m just going to do an image and we’re going to do i don’t have the dyno timer and i don’t have the dyno bar those are extra upgrades and you can get those with the add-ons i believe with the beta they were 50 apiece but you can see in the uh the demos you can see what they do the date of time it’s a countdown timer and the dyno bar is like a you’ll see you’ll see but i don’t have it so i can’t do it so everything in here you can edit so you click in here you can choose your color your transparency the position if you want to be over to the right we’re going to try that so we’re going to go over to the right with that we’re going to keep the 100 transparency and then everything in here you can edit you can upload whatever picture you want um so we’re just gonna do this one here we’re gonna upload that and here you can say what you want in these boxes you can say show but not wrinkle required in order to move on uh so this is how you know if you if you want to get they can only move on if they enter your this information this is how you would choose that but if you just want to be able to move on without that that’s how you choose that too so this is all about just putting in whatever you want to say here you can edit it edit the color just by clicking here and this is where you want to have your website privacy policy you can just do a link and add that here so that’s important to have that so we’re going to go into the success page so the next thing that’s going to happen is if you want to see this thanks for subscribing and maybe do a download here you would leave this the way it is but if you want to have them if you’re in the opt-in form and you want them to click into say an affiliate link or you want to go a direct url or wherever you want to send them then in the success page this is where you would put that url wherever you want to direct them affiliate link that’s where you put it now you can do the same thing you can do the image box video box or the text box whatever you want and this is once again you can edit everything that’s in here we’re going to stick with this image here i’m not going to edit this but you can you can edit all this and so we’re going to move on now i don’t have this upgrade the dyno proof and you can go on further to do targeting and targeting is very specific um targeting for your your pop-ups and this is where you go in and customize that i’m not going to do that i’m going to go with just simple so i’m going to save this so we’re going to take a look at what i’ve created so there we go so as you can see it just kind of did this now it’s going to take a minute this will the picture will show up here look at this beautiful video that i pulled in from from youtube very very nice so there’s our preview and we’re going to save and exit and then we’re going to go to our campaign management so campaign management what you can do is now PageDyno will host this page for you you don’t have to have it anywhere else but this page so if you copy this and share it it’ll go directly to that that opt-in that you just created and you can share it on twitter facebook email and linkedin okay or you can embed it on your web page and this is where you control how it acts on your web page you can trigger it the trigger you can do instant you can set a second you can do after a percentage of scrolling on exit on PageDyno classic click and you can decide how many times you want to use it you can lock it so they have to interact with it you can dim the background if you want so as soon as you make those choices um so let’s just say i want to scroll i want to do it ever after maybe 20 seconds on the site so we’re just going to enter 20 seconds and we’re going to copy this code and then i would download that on an html embed on the page i want it to be on my website my word site um okay so i am just gonna go down and edit and embed this code right here the bottom custom html paste it there it is i’m going to update it i am going to preview it and let’s see there it is yeah i waited too long okay so here is my pop-up okay so that’s how that works you just easily embed it into your as an html on the page that you want it to pop up so that way on your website you can set them up each page could have a different pop-up relating to what you’re trying to promote on that page now the great thing is is if there’s anything about this that you don’t like you can go and change it okay so we’ve done that landing page opt-in page on your website embedded on your website but what if you just want to have a landing page for like an affiliate product because we all know that landing pages are important if you’re trying to uh sell an affiliate product well as you’re creating opt-in pages that you can embed into your website at the same time it’s creating a landing page for you with an independent um link and we’ve already looked at that so this is a landing page you can publish you don’t have to embed it it’s independent and people can go directly there for an affiliate sale but you can also download the html to your desktop and put that anywhere you want you’ve got a complete html page that you can utilize for specifically affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways people are going to be using this so that is another option that you can do with PageDyno we like i said we can go back and we can edit anything about this so what we didn’t do is on the success page i did not add i did not add the link button to my uh to my download which was um actually the the page if you go into your autoresponder and you have your content studio um and here is this content and if i open it it should it should open view details there we go i can copy this url and i go back into the button link and i paste that there and i close it and i actually didn’t like it over to the right so i’m going to change that so we’re going to go back here and where did i put that positioning is that an opt-in form i think it was in here ah yep middle copy and all so we’re going to put that back to middle close it we’re going to save it we’re going to take a look at it again and we’re going to embed this back on our website so same thing we’re just going to go after where i’m going to make that just after 10 seconds because i thought that 20 seconds is was a little bit much so i’m going to copy it i’m going to go back to my website we’re gonna go all the way down here and we’re gonna replace this paste it we’re gonna update it we’re gonna preview it we’re gonna wait for 10 seconds hopefully there it is right there in the middle just like i wanted it um and if we enter just a fake name and we’re gonna give it a fake email address we’re gonna send it to me now we’re gonna download it and because i just hooked this up to my uh chipmunky there it is and they can download it immediately so that’s how easy this program is it is super intuitive um i’ve never done anything like this i’ve never had autoresponders before and i was able in a few hours to get my autoresponder set up and to start building these um pages so there’s still a lot that i have to learn like the split tests you can create split tests um and you have other options with category management and like i said there are some other add-ons that you can buy but it’s as simple as that it’s very intuitive and i’m really having a great time with this i’m going to do this on all of my pages and just get better and better at this and make it really really professional looking and have a lot of fun with it so hopefully this was helpful i’m going to have a description and the link in the description below so you can get it hopefully and get in in that beta pricing and then use that code that i’m going to add on there and get 10 off before it goes into the annual fee of 200 but with the beta one great thing is i’m going to show you again if you can get in on this you get unlimited page hosting unlimited options unlimited pages all the integrations and extra beta bonuses that come with it and if you scroll down on the page here you’ll see these beta bonuses so get in there as soon as you can um and uh and just really have fun with it um i sure am and i’ve just got um a few more pages i need to add onto my website so like i said hopefully this was helpful please use my link in the description below if you decide you want to get it helps me out i appreciate it um so thanks for watching and you have yourself a fine one [Music]

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