MemberOwls Review [Abhi Dwivedi] MemberOwls OTO – MemberOwls BONUSES

MemberOwls Review [Abhi Dwivedi] MemberOwls OTO – MemberOwls BONUSES

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hey everyone this is Tim Fidel and today I’ll be reviewing MemberOwls which is a membership platform that allows you well it’s not a membership platform it’s a platform that allows you to create membership websites but not only that you’re going to get the sales Pages your website your download Pages your thank you Pages upsell Pages you can create all of those on this platform uh you can sell this through different payment platforms Etc so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do full review so that you know exactly what’s included but before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can also see the extra bonuses that you’re going to get if you pick this up through my link one of the very cool bonuses is a free AI imager account that allows you to use artificial intelligence to create images very hot you simply type something like a Jeep on the moon or a bird on the moon and and then it will create the image for you very cool bones gonna give you more bonuses uh courses as well that you can sell through your new membership platform you can see all the details here when you scroll through the top you can see everything that’s included the whole funnel this is by the way what you’re seeing all that you’re seeing here is included inside of the special bundle deal that you can get simply by clicking this yellow button if you like to get the front and put some upsells you can also simply click on this white link below this yellow button but enough about that let me show you what MemberOwls is and how you can create membership sites so once you log in this is what you will see and it works really simple a big button here at the laptop create new sites when you click on this you have two options so you can generate IDs for your membership site or you can start from scratch now let me show you generate IDs because you can get some recommendations from AI it’s nothing too special but it’s it can be interesting so let’s say you want to do something about affiliate marketing you want to create a course about affiliate marketing or you want to have ideas about affiliate marketing that’s what I’m typing here you simply click on get AI recommendation and now it’s going to give you IDs what you can do uh yeah for a membership site so here how to start a successful affiliate marketing website that could be a course that you can create or maybe how to pick the right affiliate products to promote or how to get more traffic to affiliate websites and you can create courses around these topics so it’s basically helping you to come up with topics so if you don’t know about topics about certain subjects then you can simply use this AI recommendation tool and then you can copy this and you can simply click on create site and it will start creating the site for you now I already set up a site so that we don’t have to fill out all these details so let’s go to sites here through the main menu and then you will have an overview of all your sites now you can create a new site here but as you can see here this is already a site created with affiliate marketing so when I click on edit that’s exactly the same as what you will you you will be seeing when you click on this button so here you can set up different things so at the top here you see the basic settings the MemberOwls and the funnel Pages now you need those three to set up your membership site so it always goes through the main top navigation menu to work on your membership site so first you work with the basic settings here at the top where you give your site a name here you give your site a title the site keywords the description of your website so basically you’re going to create a website now when you scroll to the bottom here you can set up your site URL so in this case it will be using this is a sub domain and you can manage your sub domains inside of your settings step here at the left site so I created a subdomain f training from affiliate marketing training and then you can do start for example or you can also create your custom domain so if you would like to host all these websites and course on your own domain that’s also possible you simply enter your custom domain and then you can use your own domain to run your courses so that’s the first part you need to set up your basic settings then the next thing is the MemberOwls where most of everything happens so in here you can set the layout for your membership site so as you can see here there are multiple layouts here that you can choose from there are five layouts also a dark mode layout that you can choose and you simply click on select and then it will use that layout inside of your membership site now if you want to create content for your membership site you have a second button here so you got layouts and then you got your membership level here so that’s everything inside the MemberOwls where you manage everything about your membership so when I go to membership level I can create the different courses that I’m selling through through these websites so here for example at the left side you can see that I’ve created four different levels so this is for example a course a front-end course that people are repurchasing and then you can also say I’m also going to do an upsell which is affiliate Secrets Oto one for example affiliate Secrets Ojo 2 and affiliate Secrets Ocho three so you could manage each course each product you sell each level that you can sell you can manage through here as well so to add modules to your front end for example you click on modules in here and now you will be able to add modules to your membership sites when people go through your membership site to your training course this is uh how you set this up so I have a welcome message mindset why affiliate marketing where to pick the right offers and if you want to add a new you simply click on add new and you can create a new one now let me open one to show you how this works so here you say for example where to pick the right offers if you’re giving a course about affiliate marketing where to pick the right offers and then you can add a video in here where you will be able to upload a video and you can upload videos up to 300 megabytes for your courses or you could do an external video like YouTube Vimeo you could do that in here and then you will be able to also add audio if you like to add audio then you simply select this and now look what happens here at the bottom it’s all also adding audio where you can upload your audio or when you can do an external audio as well and if you don’t want to have audio you simply deselect this if you want to add the zip files that your students can download you can add that in here or worksheets now let me select the worksheets here when you go down you can see that I have added works it’s not worksheets are basically questions that you add to your course so in this case I already added two questions for example how do you like this training so far and then you can select the answer type and in this case I did a star rating but you can also do a single Choice a multiple choice star rating descriptive or fill in the blank so in this case how do you like the string so far I want to have a star rating right then the second question is would you like to add specific contest would you like us to add specific content to this training and this is descriptive so if you’d like to add another question you simply go to this plus button and then you can add a new question uh for example um how many modules has this training and then in here you could do for example a single Choice and then you could set up the single Choice here one per line so you could say five modules modules six modules seven modules like this and then they can choose from one of these three so you’ll be able to add videos audios downloadable zip or worksheets and if you unselect this it will be gone as you can see and here you give your description uh what they will be seeing on this specific module now when you click on back you will have the overview and you can create a new uh a new part in here let’s go back so in here you can see the different levels so if you want to add new modules to the Oto you simply click on this module and then you can add modules inside here so that’s the second part so now we covered the basic settings of your membership site we added the MemberOwls and then also you have your funnel pages so by default when you set up a website here you can reset your theme so let’s do that let’s see what it comes up with normally it will ask you what kind of theme you want to use for your website as you can see here it comes with all different kind of themes that you can use and this comes with a front end with a website with a sales page Etc so let’s say we want to do something with music we want to sell music for example so this is not affiliate marketing but say we want to sell music then we can use one of these themes let me select this one and here you get these six pages so you get a home page you get a pre-sell page you get a sales page a thank you page a downsell page and an upsell page so let’s preview the sales page in here this is what the sales page will look like uh when you select this in here when you select this theme so you can check out the sales Pages here about us you can see this here this will be your sales page and people can purchase it through these buttons in here so let’s say we like this theme then you can simply select this team and you can continue so we have selected this one okay and now we go back and this theme will be used and here you can see all the pages so you have all the links if you want to see the home page you click on preview and now this will be the home page now probably I didn’t save it because this is still the affiliate marketing theme uh but this is basically how it works once you save everything so you have your pre-sell page you can open that and this will be your pre-sale page of your affiliate marketing training here and all of these Pages you can edit these pages so there’s an edit button on here if you want to edit this home page you simply click on edit and now you can start editing this home page so if you want to have something different in here then you can simply type different something different in here if you want to change different colors you can select this in here now it doesn’t work now right now normally when I click on this it will open a gear icon and I think this because of my mouse let’s see if it is being fixed now I cannot fix this right now but normally you can select this here it will give a gear icon and then you can change these Pages you can change the text you can change the colors Etc like you’re seeing right here so probably this has been messed up because of my zoom mouse that I’m using in here uh but you can change everything you also have these blocks here that you can drag or that you can click on plus and then these blocks will be added to your website here so that you can manage these pages and simply click on Save and publish if you want to save this so each page can be managed from here and then you can preview your site now this will display your home page so this is the F training remember the subdomain that we set up here with our MemberOwls domain name so you can also put this on your own domain and then s slash start and that’s your website your home page here you can check out the members that have subscribed to your courses you can manage them from here as well you can see here the traffic that comes to your pages so you can see total page views 21 unique views 11 total page views Etc everything can be seen from here for each course so all the courses will be listed or your website your course will be listed in here so in this case we only have one and if you want to um share this you can click on share so you have all these shared channels where you can share your membership site and if you like to edit simply click on edit again and then you get the same three tabs that we discussed basic settings member area here with our layouts and our membership levels that we can manage where we can add the content to our courses in here or we can add new levels as well and then the funnel Pages as well then it also comes with Integrations here at the left side when I click on Integrations you can see that these platforms are all integrated with MemberOwls so this aweber get response MailChimp active campaign sendio milvio send Lane sandfox blast Abel and groovemail and also the payment gateways you can connect member alls with these payment gateways so you can connect PayPal you can connect stride but you can also do this through jvzoo that you set up a funnel in jvzoo and then you can connect the ipn it’s what it’s called so when I click on this you’ll get a specific IPM a web hook here that you can connect to jvzoo and then the accounts will be created automatically inside of MemberOwls and the same thing for warrior plus as well and pay Kickstart you can connect these affiliate platforms to MemberOwls as well so that you can also invite other people to promote your product to promote your membership sites and reward them for promoting your membership site so these are all integrated now when you start creating a site they recommend you to go first to the settings tab in here to set everything up so for example the primary color the secondary color of your website the logo that you will be using the favicom the contact details that will be available on your membership sites the sub domain so I had affiliate training in here you can set this as a default for example if you want to use this by default or and right now I don’t have multiple but you can create multiple sip domains in here so when I click on add new I can add a new subdomain uh I can add coupons as well so if I want to use coupons to give away for my membership site I can create them in here and when you click on plus you have different options in here so you could give a value and you can say I want to give a percentage or I want to give a flat uh discount maximum use of coupons and expiration date you can set that all in here and you can also work with badges inside of your account so when I click on plus here I am able to reward with batches when somebody goes through my course I can reward them with batches as well and then uh in rice here so if you have the upgrades you also have the white label option there’s done for you reseller option there’s a reseller panel there’s a client manager and there’s a team member uh option as well to manage team members inside of member alls and that’s basically everything that you’re going to get there’s also training on the inside in here where you can learn everything about MemberOwls how to do everything but when you go through this review You’ve basically seen almost everything that’s available inside MemberOwls and again if you’re interested make sure to check out the link where is it here I forgot it here the link in the description to check out all the details here what’s included for example a lot of people want to know is the custom domain included in in the front end for example yes that’s included and we go over these details in here I think it should be somewhere in here I’ve seen it uh here publish let me see where it is uh I’m looking here at the left side if you’re wondering but I’ve seen that custom domains here it’s custom sub domain feature um add custom domain that’s included uh in the front end here because this is the front-end commercial we have the limited version we have the professional version and we have the white label version so the white label means that you can wide label this application with your own branding with your own logo with your own domain so that you can sell this as your own product as well very cool I know a lot of people are asking this always is it possible to White Label this yes there’s a done for you upgrades there’s an agency version upgrades and there’s apples which is also a sister application of membrs that allows you to create mobile apps uh and very cool product I’ve also reviewed this product you can see that on YouTube if you search for my review on apples this is included this is I think this is not an upsell but this is included inside of the bundle deal so you get member Al as well or app all as well when you purchase here this exclusive bundle deal now if you’re not interested in the bundle deal you can also get the front end and some upsells however if you purchase multiple upsells I always recommend you to get the bundle deal because that will give you the most discount and that’s basically what MemberOwls is all about now if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below I’ll be more than happy to answer them as far as I can hit that like button if you this video was useful and also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done yet I do a lot of these product reviews uh on a daily basis and uh yeah I review a lot of software products so if that sounds interesting to you hit that uh subscribe button hit that notification button so that you get notified each time I upload a new review and if you like you can also go to my website subscribe to my mailing list if you like to get updated there as well and that’s it for today thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next review talk soon cheers

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