LeadValet Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

LeadValet Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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LeadValet FE: LeadValet Agency The Pricing and Coupon Schedule:
6-hour Early-Bird at $34.95 then FAST rising dimesale kicks in for The next 30 hours
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Price goes up by $10
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Final day of August 29th at 00:00:00 to August 30th at 03:00 AM PST
ALL Bonuses expire
Coupon code “finalcall” expires
Price goes to $97 at midnight

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hey what’s going on everyone it’s jono here from jonah hyphenamson.com welcome to my lead valet review now i’m here inside the members area of lead valet during this video i’m going to give you a full demo of exactly what this does exactly how it works basically in a nutshell leeds valley is a kind of like a scraping tool but without the scraping so it’s completely legit it’s completely legal and it allows you to basically go and search for different industries and go and collect all of this information so email addresses which is the most important thing phone numbers addresses twitter facebook account everything all of this data that you can then go and use to either send email marketing campaigns to or if you are in a specific niche in a specific local business area you can generate leads for your local business so it’s really cool it allows you to basically if you are an internet marketer or you’re an email marketer it allows you to generate leads without having to spend any money on traffic and without having to go out there and create content to get leads so it enables you to basically build your email list without having to really do anything and that’s what i would be using this for so um i’m gonna go go into more detail in this uh video so stay tuned i’ve also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those who’d like to pick this up find my link which is down below in the description of this youtube video when you click on that link it’s going to bring you through to my bonus page it’s going to look like this now leeds valley is going to be going live today which is the 25th of august at 11 a.m eastern standard time so as of that time 11 a.m eastern standard time which is new york time today you’ll be able to scroll down and click on any of these orange buttons that will bring you through to the sales page that will look like this we can go ahead and pick this up now you’ll need to pick it up before the countdown timer on my bonus page here hits zero if you want to get all of my bonuses now i’ve put these bonuses together to help you out with leeds valet and they are all completely free of charge and they will also be automatically and instantly delivered to you as soon as you pick this up via my link now bear in mind all these bonuses are exclusive to me so you’re not going to find them anywhere else apart from via my link so i’m just going to go through my bonuses now bonus number one i’ve put together some custom videos for you showing you branding hacks now if you don’t know what branding is it’s probably the most important thing in an online business because a lot of people think that they’re not making sales because they don’t have enough traffic that’s wrong there’s an abundance of traffic out there the reason why you’re not getting sales is you don’t know how to convert that traffic into sales and the key that you’re missing is branding so this bonus here is going to show you all about branding it’s going to show you how you can do your branding how you can convert those leads that you get from lead valet into sales this is probably the most important thing that you will learn about internet marketing and i’ve included it in this two-part video training course that i made not so long ago so you can go and get access to this completely free of charge as my bonus number one bonus number two and this is a way that you can make money from the leads that you collect from lead valet if you don’t have a local business if you don’t have an offline business you can actually make money from what’s called cpa this is cost per action basically there are cpa they’re called cpa networks there are networks out there that will pay you for information so you will get paid when somebody submits their email address you’ll get paid when somebody submits their zip code you get paid when somebody submits their phone number okay they pay you for this information so this is a great way that you can make money directly from leeds valet so this is a this is a full course showing you a to z how to set up and profit from cpa marketing this is probably the easiest way that you can make money from lead valet because lead valet in itself it doesn’t actually come with any training showing you how to make money so i’ve done that inside of this bonus to help you out so that’s bonus number two excuse me bonus number three is exclusive access to equinox now this is a software that me and joshua zamora created a couple of years ago but it’s still valid right now and basically what it does is it will search for dead links in people’s youtube videos so there’s a lot of people making videos on youtube or they may have been making a lot of videos on youtube maybe a couple of years ago and they forgot to update the link in their description in the meantime there’s a ton of traffic going to these guys videos and people are trying to click on that link but it’s not taking them anywhere so with this bonus this is the software is going to find those videos that have those dead links and you can go and revive those links and send those links wherever you want so it could be to a cpa offer it could be to an affiliate offer it could be to your local business either way this software solves that problem it’s effectively a traffic software so you get this completely free but be warned this is only going to be available for the first 24 hours so if you want this then make sure that you get in early and you pick up lead valet via the link down below in the description of this youtube video and via my bonus page here bonus number four i’m going to give you exclusive access to my done for you high ticket funnel this is basically a funnel that i created that goes to a fifteen hundred dollar offer of which you get a sixty percent commission from which is almost a thousand dollars per sale which is pretty good considering all you need to do is take those leads that you’re going to get from leeds valet and feed them into this funnel which i’ve made for you i’ve done all the marketing i’ve done everything i’ve done all the pages all you need to do is just go and claim your copy of this high ticket done for you sales funnel so that’s bonus number four that you’ll get completely free as well bonus number five you’re going to get any um bonuses that vendor has given to me to give to you as well so to claim every single one of these exclusive bonuses completely free of charge and instantly delivered to you all you need to do first of all is click on that link down below in the description of this youtube video come through to my bonus page here scroll down and click on any of these orange buttons as of 11 a.m eastern standard time new york time today which is the 25th of august that’ll bring you through to the sales page that looks like this where you can scroll down and grab your copy and get all of my bonuses thrown in once you’ve bought this all you need to do is go into your jvzoo account and then where it says up here looking for your purchases you simply click on there and it will bring you through to your receipt page for this product which is going to look something like this one right here now on that page on this receipt page you’ll find a blue button that says bonuses from jono when you click on that blue button you’ll get instant free access immediate access to every single one of these bonuses i just talked to you about just now okay now let’s go and have a quick look at the sales page for this and you can do that yourself by clicking on any of these orange buttons it will bring you through to this sales page it says revealed new done for you web app provides instant access to millions of targeted buyers in any niche that are ready to pay 500 to 1000 or more for your services now granted this software is aimed at local businesses who are trying to get more leads for their businesses which is completely fine but i know a lot of you guys don’t have a local business um so what you can do with this software is either generate leads for a local business and get paid for it or you can generate these leads for yourself to build up your email list and make money directly from your sofa basically so this is the um sales page here basically step one log in set uh tell our ni tell our app the niche and location that you want your leads from instantly download and direct the contact location for all of these leads now i’ll show you how to do this live in just a second um right i don’t know what this is about but anyway check out the sales page in your own time i’m not going to go through the whole thing with you because it is pretty lengthy and i know you don’t have time for me to read through this step-by-step so what i’m going to do right now is just jump into the app and show you around so the dashboard actually looks like this and it takes you straight through to this um vast search criteria area so what you can do here is just for each one of these columns so for example the email status if you want to collect their email you want to uh well i just put include all but you can choose whether it’s empty or it does exist and the same for all these other ones so the phone number the address the twitter status the facebook linkedin gender age group um so i’m just gonna for the sake of this demo i’m just gonna include all of this information now the one that you want to pay attention to down here is the industry and this is a drop-down menu of all of these different industries that you have okay pretty much covering every single industry under the sun but what i’m gonna do is just go down to health and wellness and in the city i’m just gonna go with uh miami all right state you can just leave all of that as is now i’m gonna click on preview the results and you can see some of these ones it doesn’t have a last name it doesn’t have an email it does have an email actually but it’s not revealing it right here for whatever reason and it’s giving me all of this other data as well now this is probably bringing up a ton of information for me you can see your search would return 8 859 rows okay so what you can do now is just create your export so okay so this works on a credit system you can see that i have 1 278 credits available if i wanted to download this whole list of 8 800 people i would need 8 859 credits so i don’t have enough credits at the moment and you can always top up your credits and that’s actually one of the upsells which i’ll talk to you about later on what you would do is just click on create an export and it would export all of these 8 500 entries right here and then you would be able to access that inside of your exports which is going to be over here so you can see you’ve got all of these different exports that have been done before and you simply click on download and you can choose whether you want to download it as csv json or an excel spreadsheet and it will have all of this information in here okay basically that’s as simple as it is now once you’ve exported this you can upload it into your autoresponder or you can uh go and get in touch with other local businesses who are looking for these leads and you can go and help them to well basically sell the leads to them um you can also check out your history your search history inside of here as well and there’s also training available down here too so there’s training showing you how to do every single part of this system um there’s also additional training on the instant outreach system which i believe is one of the upsells but there’s further training on here so you’re not going to get stuck you’re not going to get left in the woods alone to figure everything out everything’s included inside of here and then you get access to your account details down here so it’s a really simple software that doesn’t really take that much to figure out so what i’m going to do now is just quickly go through the prices and the upsells so you know what to expect so everything that i just showed you on the front end that i just gave you that that preview demo of is going to be 34.95 now this is the early bird price so if you don’t get in early then the price could go up i don’t know how much that’s going to be but i can only guarantee this low price if you get in right at the start of this launch and then we have upsell number one which actually comes with a one dollar trial so you should probably get involved in this and this is the agency plus so for the agency plus um it’s a credit based system so you’ll be able to lock in your monthly credits at the launch price discount so basically you remember when i told you you have these um different credits up here well with this upsell which i strongly recommend that you pick up you’ll be able to buy you’ll be able to get a bunch of credits every single month included for 47 a month you’ll be able to get probably enough credits to to do this on a daily basis okay otherwise you’ll have to buy the credits manually at a more expensive price if that makes sense upsell number two is the expansion pack an international package it’s gonna be 197 so basically this is going to allow you to not only search within the us but beyond the us so globally you can search in europe you can search in asia australia south america so if you want to do that then you’re going to need this expansion pack and that’s going to be 197 okay upsell number three is the instant out outreach system for which the additional training is for inside of here uh instant outreach system so basically what this is is going to be additional training to enable these leads to land right in your inbox walking you through the exact software that we use okay so basically this is going to be additional training right and this is 47 dollars and then finally ups on number four is lead valet plus studeo and you can get both of these for 67 now this is going to allow you to tap into the power of video marketing and video services that’ll allow you to have ai quickly create videos for your clients and be able to charge them premium price for them so basically what this means is you’re getting all these leads with leeds valet now if you want to offer them services then you need some way of creating this marketing material unless of course you want to make these videos yourself which is completely fine but this software studio will actually they have ai technology in there that will create these marketing videos for you without you having to go on camera or have any kind of editing experience and it will create these videos for you that you can then go and send out to these leads that you’ve generated using leads valet which i think is pretty good if you’re not already good at doing videos or you don’t want to do videos then probably this is a good idea but it’s completely up to you now those are all of the upsells that are in the funnel right there um which basically brings me to the end of this video but there is a demo video on my bonus page you can go and watch by scrolling down which will give you some more information now also don’t oops don’t forget to check out all of the bonuses that i’m including for this because these are all exclusive to me they’re all high value bonuses and they’re worth a lot of money and you’re not gonna get these bonuses anywhere else so um i think you should definitely consider picking this up by my link i know that’s a little plug right there but i guarantee you’re not gonna find better bonuses anywhere else so i’m just gonna wrap this up thank you so much for watching my lead valet review and i will speak to you in the next one all the best take care bye

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