Koincart Review OTO Bonuses By Abhi Dwivedi

Koincart Review OTO Bonuses By Abhi Dwivedi

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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hey guys it’s tim here and today i’ll be reviewing a brand new product that allows you to sell any product with cryptocurrency checkout you can do this for yourself or for your clients uh yeah and providing a cryptocurrency payment system let people pay with crypto now this is a first to market app i’m gonna do a full review i’m gonna show you everything but before i do so i wanna mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about Koincart that’s the application and also if you decide to purchase this through my link you’re also going to get my free upgrades at no cost and this is a brand new one is called video reviews this is a very cool application that allows you to automatically create product reviews by entering a url of amazon aliexpress ebay or manually upload your own videos you’re gonna get this software completely free if you purchase Koincart here through one of these links now there is a button here that goes to the front end but there’s also a special bundle deal that will give you all the upsells now when you scroll through the bottom here you can see the whole uh the pricing and all the available upgrades so you can see it starts for 37 plus all these upgrades you can read more about this on my website but let’s dive into it and let me show you what Koincart is all about now normally here at the top you will see the main menu so when we go to the dashboard here this is the main page that you will see when you log in now when you scroll down you can see some statistics about your sales etc but basically what you’re going to do is your go you go to your products here where are you going to set up your products that you can sell through Koincart now when i scroll down here you can see that i already created a bunch of products inside Koincart and to view a page you could simply click on this button here and this is a page that has been created with Koincart here and in this case people can purchase this it’s called a fitness get a one year free of five fitness classes per month and they can pay here with cryptocurrency as you can see here these are the different options so they can pay with bitpay with Koincart they can even purchase through paypal crypto as you can see here they can select their payment method on how to pay with crypto they can fill out their name here their their email address and if you have a coupon you can add that as well and then when they click here on pay now and you first need to fill out your name so let’s do that and my email address here click on pay now and now it will take you to the to the payment processor uh where you can purchase with bitcoin or with litecoin for example so when you click on this you get the code you can pay and once it’s paid they get access to their product now this can be physical products these can be digital products and everything can be set up in here so when you click on create product here you can start setting up your up your product now let’s open the product that we just saw here this fitness product uh you can modify this page so let’s say this is a product that we’re going to set up here you can see all the details so you give your product a name here fitness you can give this a sku number if you like here is the url to the page you can give this a description in here you can say i want to have a fixed payment but you can also do pay as you want and then they can fill out their own amount but let’s say a fixed payment of 100 dollars in here you can upload your product image and in this case you can say this is a digital service or a physical service and you can also select the countries where you want to ship to and also give that an extra amount if you want to charge extra as well let’s say we do a digital product you can also say a thank you page url so here you can fill out a thank you page and if you like to once somebody has done the purchase here we have the ipn which is an instant payment notification this can be very handy if you want to send information to another platform so the info will be sent to this instant payment notification you can also do an order bump in here so you can give this a title a description upload another image and then you can select the product that you want to use as an order bump uh of course you first need to create that product but then you can add that as a product bump uh to your product now this is the first part so as you can see here we have a top menu here and these are the product details this is the first part then the second part is the template that you can choose so when we scroll down here you can see that there are a bunch of templates that you can use inside of Koincart so this is a page builder that you can use to create your payment page as you can see it comes with a bunch of pages it’s still loading all these pages here a lot of templates that you can choose from in this case we’ve used this template if you want to change this if you want to customize it you simply click on this button customize which will open the page builder for you now this is the page builder it’s being loaded right now and as you can see here all changes will be auto saved now my internet connection is not very fast so it’s loading right now and once it’s ready we can start editing not sure why it’s not let me refresh my screen hopefully my internet is not broke right now yes there it is so here you can see the page so personally i like to turn this button off i don’t like these lines and here you can change everything on the page so you can add your own images you can change the fonts etc so everything can be managed here at the right side of the screen you got all the details like fonts colors margin paddings etc you can duplicate parts on the page you can add extra elements and as you can see here at the bottom your checkout will be automatically added so you can change everything in here if you like you can even save this as a template and once you’re done your page has been automatically saved so when you go back here to your product you can even save it as a template so you can use it the next time then you can go to the payments and here you can select the payments that you want to include and these payments need to be set up first in the integrations part in here then we got the seo part in here where you can do seo for your specific pages that you just build here inside of your template you can go to the settings here where you can add all different kind of scripts or you could do headers where you can do a chat service on your website for example you could do a footer script but also after someone has purchased you can also add the script in here you could change the footer branding to add your own branding and also if you have your autoresponder connected you can connect that and put all the information on an email so once somebody has purchased you can send them an email automatically as well and also close the checkout after purchase you can put that on or off and if you like to you can also run this on your custom domain you simply fill out your custom domain in here and of course you need to set your dns to make that available also here the last part here you can create coupons so if you like to create a coupon you can simply change that in here set the amount of the coupon or a percentage let’s say you want to say 10 discount you can set that as well in here you can deactivate this for all products you can apply this coupon to all products you can set a start date and end date for your coupons if you like to and then you can simply create your coupon and people can use that on the checkout so that’s the whole products part that we see here at the top these are all the products as you can see now with each product here you can click on this link it will open the product page for you you can modify your product or you can go here to this button where you get an embed code where you can embed this payment on any website so you’re not limited to Koincart websites you can basically share this on any website so when you click on embed this is the code that you will get so you get a script that you can add to your header and then this is the checkout code that will be automatically added to any page that you own so you can basically add this payment system to any website then there are also shares so if you want to share this page you click on this and you can share it on all these social media platforms and then the last one the page design if you want to change that you can do that you can also duplicate products if you like to but that’s in the product section the next section is the product so if you uh the reports so when you click on reports here you can see all the reports you can see the serial number or the the order numbers the products you can see the price the visitors the sales the incomplete sales the conversions for each specific product is the total sales price you as dollar per visitor and also in here you can select a specific product and we go to the reports you can also go to the specific customers in here so here you can see the customers that i’ve signed up for Koincart uh as you can see here so also done a lot of tests in here that’s what you can get in the reports section now the cool thing is that you can also hear before i go to the integrations when you go to the top menu here you also have account management so in the account management you’re also able to create team members but also client accounts now client accounts are view only so that your client can log in and they can also view what is happening uh regarding to sales you can create that in here as well you can create an account name an email and a password you can send that to your client as well then the integrations are a lot of integration as you can see here by bitpay uh Koincart paypal crypto.com as you can see all these are supported more will be added as well you can add all these autoresponders get response a weber mailchimp sendgrid send lane we’ve got san diego and we got milvio and very soon uh zapier will also be supported so you can send all your details to basically any platform now there’s also a help and the support where you can get uh the topics so you can see exactly how to work with this platform and then here at the top uh the privacy settings uh your account management your business setup if you want to upgrade your account you can do that as well but that’s basically what Koincart is all about now if you want to see more about the upgrades again you can go to the link in the description of this video here uh when you scroll to the bottom of my website here scroll down to the bottom you can see here the pricing and there are quite a few upsells as you can see this is the front end after you’ve purchased the front end in here you will see the upgrade one and upgrade one is basically the fast pass that will give you the rest of the funnel for 227 dollars so you can purchase the front end and then get the fast pass or the fastpass but you can also when you scroll down here uh you can also get the bundle deal which is basically the front end and all the upgrades here you can simply click on this button here it’s called bundle deal or here let me see yeah this bundle deal here when you click on this you get a whole funnel for a discounted price so here you can also see the pricing 37 97 127 67 67 67 67 and all of this you will get for 264 dollars you can simply purchase it through one of the buttons on my page here front end or the special bundle if you like to and again you’re gonna get all these bonuses as well so um all those bonuses mentioned on this page you’re gonna get them completely free and that’s my review about Koincarts now if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below also consider subscribing to my youtube channel if you haven’t done yet i do a lot of reviews on uh yeah marketing products and please hit that like button if this review was useful for you and thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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