FlipSpeed Review – $5000 Bonuses, Discount, OTO Details

Here’s Exactly What You Get…

  1. Introduction – Getting Started
  2. Creating Accounts & Navigating Each Marketplace
  3. How To Start Flipping With $0 And No Automobile
  4. Deciding What Items To Flip And How To Find Them
  5. The Art Of Negotiation And Closing The Deal
  6. How To Sell Your Items On Each Marketplace
  7. Managing Your Flipping Business
  8. Advanced Selling
  9. Downsides To Flipping
  10. Conclusion

FlipSpeed Review – Is it worth buying?

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The advice I’ve learned from the ProFlipperz course has enabled me to make over $22k just by paying attention to opportunities. I made over $12,000 on one deal with Steve’s advice. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. For someone in the military this has been amazing in setting me up for retirement in the next 2 years. I know what I’ll be doing when I retire!

Eddie Perez – AIR FORCE

As someone who lives on a fixed income, I really needed a way to make some extra cash. With ProFlipperz, I was able to flip my first item in 24 hours and made $140!!! Since then I’ve been able to give myself freedom I didn’t think was possible. Thank you Steve! I’ve been able to travel and spend more time with my grand kids, without worrying about my bills. It’s truly a blessing!


I was skeptical about the ProFlipperz course since I’ve flipped some in the past but so glad I bought it. With Steve’s personal coaching I’ve been able to make over $30,000 in less than 3 months part-time while I’m not working my full-time job. I’m about to open my own shop and take my flipping to the next level! Couldn’t have done it without you Steve and looking forward to hitting the $100k goal!


I can’t say enough about Steve’s course. I made $2000 on my first deal working with him and the lessons taught in this course. I’m a personal trainer and with COVID-19 it’s been rough but I’ve been able to make even more now that I’m flipping. Most of my flips I don’t even use my own cash! God is good and keep fighting the good fight!

Anthony Calhoun – PERSONAL TRAINER

I’m always looking for a good side hustle and so glad I found ProFlipperz. Steve, you’re my hero! I’ve put so much cash in my pockets using your tips and methods. You’ve definitely taken my hustle to a whole new level and nothing is stopping me now!


I’ve been looking for a way to get out of my dead end 8 to 5 job in the warehouse. After buying the ProFlipperz course I’ve saved up over $8,000 in the last month which is twice what I make at my day job! I’m planning on putting my notice next week! The freedom this course has brought me is priceless and Steve is an amazing coach.


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