DFY Suite 4.0 Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

DFY Suite 4.0 Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

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hey there and welcome to my done-for-you suite 4.0 review now if you would like to rank on google if you would like to rank on youtube if you like to rank your videos your blog posts your websites etc then you’re still going to need backlinks it’s still an important factor in order to rank your videos and your blog articles now that’s where done for you suite 4.0 comes in it’s going to create all those backlinks for you so i’m going to give you a full demo full walkthrough so that you see exactly what it is and for those that know done for you suite already that maybe own it already i’m going to show you what’s new in version 4.0 because they keep developing this software which is a good thing now before i do so i want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about the pricing also some free upgrades that you’re going to get if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check out that link before you purchase all right let’s dive into this and let me show you what done free suite 4.0 is all about so right now i’m logged in this is the dashboard where you can start creating your campaigns now this gives you an overview here at the top of the credits available it’s a credit based system going to talk about that a little later also the campaigns that are being created or have been created and then also the active campaigns that are currently posting backlinks now to create backlinks it’s super easy here at the left side we have a menu with campaigns and when you click on campaigns you can start creating a new campaign so when we go to the top right here we click on create campaign and here we can start creating our campaigns i always used to always like to use the dog training niche as an example so let’s call this dog training and then here we can add the url that we would like to rank so if this is a website you’re going to paste a url to your website your blog post etc in this case i’m going to use a youtube video so let’s say this is my video it’s not my video but let’s say this is my video i can copy my videos link address and i can paste that in here and now i’ve added this link to be ranked by done for you suite now you can add multiple links so let’s say we scroll down and this is one of my other videos i can also add that link in here so i can add multiple links to get ranked to get posted and get backlinks to uh those videos to those blog posts etc then within the keywords part here you need to add the keywords that are relevant that you want to rank for so in this case let’s say i wanna rank for dog training and i wanna rank for puppy training just the the keywords that are matching your uh where you want to rank for training and then keyword three you get the id right so here you can fill out all the keywords and then once you’re done here you click on next to go to the next screen so we simply go through all these steps to create our backlinks now this is an important thing here uh because you’re able to create automate to create content automatically by done for your suite this is a very powerful way of creating content because right now they’re using artificial intelligence to write those posts for you you can write posts yourself here so if you like to write it yourself you can do that but make sure if you write the content yourself that you use spin articles otherwise every website would have the exact same article which is not good which will be seen as spamming that’s why i recommend you to simply enable this and then done for you suite will take care of the content it will write the content for you with an artificial intelligence engine in the back end then also here the language is this is one of the new things that they’ve improved in version 4.0 in version 3 there were 10 languages if i’m correct no 11 languages and then in version 4 they’ve added 12 extra languages so right now you can rank for 23 languages so if you want to see which language there’s in in here stop the video and then check if your language is in here so let’s say i’m dutch then i can select dutch in here and then my videos my backlinks will be placed on relevant websites to get ranked uh for my dutch keywords and also the articles will be written in dutch in this case we’re going to click english and then here we got some extra options here so here it says embed video so this is very powerful for video ranking as well you can simply add the url in here again and now this url will be embedded on all the articles that are being created by done4u suites so this is very powerful if your video is being placed inside all different kind of articles all over the web it tells youtube hey this video is important because it’s shared on many places so here you can paste your youtube video but you can also add vimeo and twitch is also a newly added feature so you can add your twitch video in here as well and also a new feature is the google maps embedding if you enable this you can embed your google maps and this is very powerful for local rankings so here you simply add the iframe and you can click on more info here it will show you how to get your iframe to get your google maps but you can add that as well and the same thing here is for at by adding business profile citation when you enable this you can also add that in here your business name address phone website and google business profile url and also here is more info if you’d like to see more info about this and this is also a newly added feature to get better rankings for your business now once you’re done you click on next it’s at the right bottom you cannot see that right here when you click on that it will get you to step three where you can decide how many backlinks you want to create so here it says link quantity and by default this has been set to 25. now you can drag this all the way to 500 and you can even do more if you upgrade but let’s say you want to create 200 backlinks then you set this to 200 and then in the next field you have the drip feed so you can enable this let’s say you have 200 backlinks and you want to spread this over 50 days then each day four backlinks will be created for you so that it looks more natural instead of having everything here you can say no drip feeding and then suddenly you add 200 500 links at the same time that’s not natural so you can use the drip feed here and decide how many days you want to run your campaign for these backlinks then you can also schedule this is also a new option you can start the campaign immediately or you can decide to schedule this campaign with this calendar so let’s say you want to schedule this for next monday you can say the 23rd my campaign needs to start so if you run multiple projects or you do this for clients you can start it with this start date and then also one of the options and this is one of the upgrades is to get your lynx index now this is a very powerful feature if you have this upgrade you can enable this and that means that done for you suite is going to index or ping all search engines for you automatically and telling them hey there are new articles online google and all the other networks will start scrolling those new articles and they will find the backlinks for you if you do not add this it will take a longer time to get your links indexed because otherwise google needs to find those articles himself so it needs to scrape a lot more on the web to find your articles this is definitely a recommended upgrade if you like to get your links indexed quicker i’m going to talk about that a little later as well we talk about the pricing now let’s say this is how we like to have it then you click on next and in this screen you’re going to get an overview of everything that you’ve created so you can check if everything is correct and if everything is correct then you simply click on create here and now your campaign has been created as you can see here it has been scheduled to start on may the 23rd next monday this campaign will start running now there’s a little bit more here at the left side you can see the network info so you can see how many domains with different types of authority here you can see domain authority 10 are 142 sites and then here domain authority 1100 sites here at the right side you can see the different domains that are being used etc but that’s basically it we don’t have to make this complicated this is what done for you suite for is all about now regarding the pricing done for you suite starts here this is the info that i’m having right now so make sure you check this on the day of launch here it starts with 2500 credits so each credit means one backlink so you’re going to get 2500 backlinks and you’re going to get this for 35 instead of paying 97 and again this is the info that i have right now uh check check it yourself if it’s the same amount but on the sales page you can see how many backlinks you’re going to get and what you’re going to pay here then the first upgrade here is the monthly option to get extra backlinks now this will give you 5 000 credits every single month plus 2500 bonus credits so that means seven and a half thousand credits every single month will be added to your account and you can try this the first month for one dollar so i recommend you to do that uh and then if you decide to take this longer it will cost you 47 per month for seven and a half thousand backlinks now this is three times more than the front end offer and it’s uh it’s way cheaper as you can see forty seven dollars for seven and a half thousand so if you’re serious this is one of the recommended upgrades and then the second upgrade is what i talked about the indexer so the indexer right now is 67 a one-time price it will be added to your account and then your links will be indexed automatically and to just give you an example of what you’re normally paying this is one of the services that i have always used one hour indexing and here for 1000 links per day you’re going to pay 17 per month so you’re not even able to add more more links on a single day you can add thousand links a day 17 a month and you’re going to pay this every single month there’s also a plan for 10 000 where you’re going to pay 47 dollars a month so let’s say you have one month that you do not post many backlinks then the next month you have to pay again 17 or 47 well if you do the done-for-you suite backlink option checker or the the indexer you’re only going to pay 67 one time so this is definitely a recommended upgrade if you’re serious about investing in done for you suite and that is what done for you sweet is all about again if you’d like to get more information make sure to check out the link in the description i promised you one more thing that i forgot and that was what is new in 4.0 i already discussed a little bit uh but they’ve added here done for you google maps and batting they’ve added done for you google my business citations which is new uh twitch and bats is new six times the size of their network which means six times more authority and ranking power also they’ve added 200 new high domain authorities also um done for you rankings in any language so they’ve added 12 extra languages plus much more a whole section and video covering what’s new is on the sales page where you can check that out and that is what done for you suite 4.0 is all about if this video was useful please hit the like button please please comment below this video it would be nice to see if you find these reviews useful and also consider subscribing to my youtube channel if you haven’t done that subscribe hit the notification bell so that you can know the fight each time i upload a new review and that’s it for today thank you so much for watching and i hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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