Creaite 2.0 Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

Creaite 2.0 Review OTO Bonuses By Joshua Zamora

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[Music] hey guys josh is more here with a quick message before we switch over to the presentation portion of this video and discuss what create actually is and what it does i want to preface this video by letting you know that you are here during our special 2.0 grand open this means that since our initial opening roughly 10 months ago we’ve been hard at work to ensure that we made our platform better faster and more powerful to deliver you even more results plus we put together a very special and limited time discount offer during this special 2.0 grand opening with some extremely valuable bonuses that you will not be able to get outside of this special 2.0 grand opening so stay tuned because i’ll pop back in later on in this video and let you know about all the new features that we’ve implemented to make sure create is the best platform on the market for having real artificial intelligence write all of your content for you and for your clients let’s go ahead and switch over to the presentation on this page we’re going to show you how you can have our ai web app write all of your content for you in any niche you like yes i said any niche and you’ll be able to see how it’ll write quality articles for you in under 90 seconds each i’m talking about a hundred percent unique content that will give you the power to get more traffic make more profit dominate your niche and spend more time enjoying your hard-earned money because let’s face it content is king and this is just as true today as it was five years ago 10 years ago 20 years ago even 30 years ago you can’t really build a business or survive in business without content it’s one of the main strategies that all businesses use to provide value build up trust get more traffic get more subscribers generate more profit get more rankings and much much more in fact quality content is more important now than it has ever been with everyone being able to quickly access any and our content on demand you really have less than a second to captivate them or lose them however actually creating content is a huge pain in the ass right let’s be honest here most of us avoid creating content because it’s a huge pain in the ass even though we know that we should be doing it the more content and value you can provide to any specific niche the more money you can make period however outsourcing content comes with its own set of nightmares and if you’ve been online for any amount of time you’ve probably experienced some of this yourself you know things like spending endless hours in front of the computer writing articles who really wants to do this paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to an article writer to write content for you who really has that kind of budget when starting out having a content writer disappear on you after you already paid them this one really sucks and happens way too often however today i have some great news for you we have changed content creation forever and made it easier for everyone to get more traffic rankings and make more profit what you’re about to see is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before we are now in the era where artificial intelligence is booming and growing at lightning speed artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing industries right now and for good reason we all want things to be easier faster and more profitable right we all want to get results now and if you’re anything like me we also like it when things are done for us so we decided to blend the power of artificial intelligence with the power of content creation and after many months of hard work we’ve been able to accomplish our goal we have created the best done for you content creation platform to ever hit the jvzoo marketplace you will now be able to have unique perfectly readable human-like content created for you at the push of a button and no this is not a content scraper this is not a content spinner this is a complete artificially intelligent content creation engine that will write 100 unique content for you every single time that will pass a copyscape check with flying colors it’s like having your own personal content writer ready to write for you for any topic at any time for pennies of what it will cost you to use a human writer and faster than any human can ever write guaranteed you’ll be able to have an entire perfectly readable article written for you in under 90 seconds and to make things even better you will not be able to tell the difference between human written content and content written by our ai writer i know it still sounds unbelievable but it’s true allow me to introduce you to create create is like having your own professional content writer at your side at all times with create you’ll be equipped with the ability to have perfectly written content created for you at any time and it’ll be written in under 90 seconds you’ll be able to get more traffic more sales and more profit by leveraging the most powerful strategy ever content marketing you’ll be able to get more rankings by giving google exactly what it wants constant quality content you’ll never have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have content written for you you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the content you’ll be getting from a writer whose native language is not english you’ll be able to provide more value to your target audience and convert more visitors into subscribers and much much more plus we’ve simplified the entire process of getting high quality content written for you into three simple steps step one is to log into our web based dashboard step two is to tell create what niche you want your content in and watch it work its magic right before your eyes and step three is to copy edit download or share your content on any site you’d like hey guys i’m back and as i mentioned at the beginning of this video you are here during our special 2.0 grand open which means better features a better platform and better and faster results for our users but what exactly is new in 2.0 in version 2.0 you’re getting a totally revamped ai writing engine for way better content and way better accuracy the content that the original create produced was scary good most of our customers still can’t believe how good the content is it’s literally like having real humans writing content for you at any time you’d like however we were still not satisfied we knew that we can do better and we knew that we can continue to improve plus since we have our finger on the pulse of the artificial intelligence world we knew that we can develop a completely new and totally revamped ai writing engine so that’s exactly what we did we secured a much bigger ai model and trained it to write even better and more accurate content for our users the quality of content and create 2.0 will be unmatched guaranteed we’ve also completely removed all niche restrictions so that create 2.0 will write content for you in literally any niche yup the reason that we moved over to a bigger and much more improved ai model is so that we can train her to write content for any niche imaginable one of our biggest complaints in version 1.0 was the fact that we had a certain number of niches and even though we did the best to train our ai to write for all the major niches it still wasn’t enough and we knew that to be the best we needed to cover any niche and now in version 2.0 we have accomplished that create 2.0 will now write content for you in any niche you like we’ve also included the addition of the most powerful ai content writer that you’ve ever seen this feature alone is worth picking up your copy of create right now if rai writer hasn’t impressed you enough wait till you see this our ai writing engine is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before our ai writer will take any existing content yes any whether it’s yours or not and rewrite it into a totally unique and perfectly readable version that you can now use for yourself it is truly like hiring an english major to rewrite content for you without paying their crazy expensive rates i know this sounds a bit evil right but it truly allows you to create fresh content on demand from content that’s already proven to be successful and lastly we’ve also greatly improved our content editing system that comes built into create in version 2.0 you’ll now be able to instantly add relevant images to go along with your content which you’ll be posting to your sites these changes will now let you post perfectly formatted and seo optimized content directly to you or your client sites this particular update is part of one of our upgrades though so if posting your content from inside of create directly to your site or your client site is of interest to you make sure you pay attention to this upgrade talk about some amazing upgrades right as you can see we’ve not cut any corners on the improvements that we’ve released with version 2.0 we could have sold each of these feature upgrades separately as individual upgrade offers however you can get access to all of these 2.0 upgrades plus all of our amazing 1.0 features for the insane discounted price you see below talk about awesome right we’ve created the first and best artificially intelligent content creation system to ever hit jvzoo this is real artificial intelligence combined with the power of content creation however this is more of a see to believe kind of product right so at this point i invite you to go below this video and check out the live demo so you can see exactly how create works you’ll be able to see multiple articles that create has written for us and if there’s one thing i can guarantee with 100 certainty it’s that we’ve literally created the easiest way for you to have quality engaging content created for you in a matter of seconds i guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like what you’re about to see plus one of the bonuses that you’ll learn about below is so valuable that we were not planning to offer publicly and we may decide to pull it down at any time so make sure you go below this video check out everything that we’re offering and then go ahead and choose the package that’s right for you you

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