CourseReel AI Bundle Deal $132 OFF: Get CourseReel AI Premium FE + ALL Upgrades

CourseReel AI Bundle Deal $132 OFF: Get CourseReel AI Premium FE + ALL Upgrades

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in this CourseReel AI review I’m going to be showing you a software that’s going to allow you to create educational and profitable videos with just a single keyword and make sure you stay to the end of this review is I’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades and how you can get a special bundle discount on the entire sales funnel if you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software courses if at any point during this review you want to check out course real AI or the bundle discount you can go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you click that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page we’ve got a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of jvzoo after you purchase through my link okay let’s take a look at the sales page here together it says never see I’ve never seen before AI Trinity Matrix let’s anyone plan execute and create their very own profitable course with hardly any effort in just minutes our true in-house AI does the research script creation and video creation while you sit back and relax so essentially you just put a keyword into the software it creates a full course for you that you can either sell or you can put up on places like YouTube and monetize it which is what I would do with something like this it creates and monetized courses and multiple niches true AI course creator automatically gives you your course topic and title fast based upon your keyword or Niche um actually gives you chapter outlines scripts app turns every script into a separate video you’ve got your videos ready for just a few clicks upload or record audio in the app and have a video ready in no time 100 cloud-based commercial license so you can sell these as a service export or send videos directly to YouTube or Facebook and you can turn your idea into your next big course with just one keyword so again essentially this is a video creator it creates videos on on different topics the got income proof of people creating courses and making money with them however I will say that these people didn’t create courses with this software so they actually created them on their own so I don’t want you to think that just because because you make videos with this you’re going to start making like twenty thousand dollars by doing this this is a an educational video creator uh where I would personally use these as a way of getting traffic and not as a way of just like selling them as courses I would put these up on like a YouTube channel or something put them on the Internet and make money with them that way you can give your course reel your audio or input a keyword and get back to the course topic suggestions you can let the AI create the course outline everything with images for you in seconds you can even record your voice or let the AI do it for you I mean if you do your voice then I could see it being more like you actually creating the courses and you could go in there and actually create your courses using the software and add yourself into it a little bit and there you can sell those courses I I think that’s what I would personally do with this let’s get your topic uh Creator here you can do your topic research you can set up your chapters you can set up your course content uh you can publish and create your videos again if you put yourself into it a little bit more and let the AI help you but actually like use that as a way of getting started I think that’s going to be better for people creating higher quality content uh how to create highly profitable video courses in no time flat create singular videos in just minutes you can go through and actually go and edit everything in there if you want to as well create vsl for video courses so that would be a pretty cool thing if you want to create a like a video sales letter or something you could do that as well or you can create courses with just your videos so with just your voice so you can do that as well here create courses by copy pasting any script you can create up to 50 videos per week with a software create amazing videos in full HD quality up to 15 minutes in length you can add additional Clips in there so I mean they’ve like I said they positioned this as like you put a keyword in and it makes a video for you but you can actually use this as a video creator and be more manual with it if you want to full rights no watermark record your audio directly in the app repurpose old videos to create better ones create new videos from videos you didn’t create create videos ads in a Flash auto voice creation I mean just on and on and on and on here I can’t read all of this it would be here forever I’ll let you go to the sales page and take a look at that they’ve got a couple options here they’ve got the starter or the premium most people get the premium you can do up to 50 courses create up to 10 videos per course create bsls for for your video courses all included on that front-end offer for a one-time price I’m gonna go ahead and play you a quick video explaining this more then I’m going to come back show you the backend area and the otos and then the bundle discount in this short video I’m going to show you a brand new revolutionary cloud-based software that is going to help you generate tons of new leads sales and profits in a few simple steps by helping you create profitable video courses using AI while the world is dealing with all that’s happening business is losing money people losing jobs the e-learning industry has been growing exponentially the e-learning business will generate 13 billion dollars this year in the us alone and it’s expected to grow and generate over 275 billion dollars in the next 18 months worldwide that’s a billion with a B ordinary people like Liz Wilcox who was able to turn her knowledge of traveling and rving into a successful video course that generated over thirteen thousand dollars in just a few days cat Norton aka Miss Excel was able to quit her job and turn her side hustle of teaching Excel on Tick Tock into a course that’s earned her over one million dollars Kelsey Baldwin of paper oats was able to generate twenty thousand dollars by creating a course teaching people digital design Rachel Nom generated 49 500 in just five days by selling her course titled pin with purpose and Michelle Gardner of making sense of sense was able to generate 1.1 million dollars in core sales the pandemic of 2020 and recession of 2022 over 1.5 billion people turn to online video courses that’s 1.5 billion with a B potential customers video courses are the fastest way to build an email list a huge social media following and to make a passive income online especially during the recession times however creating a good video course is hard you need to have knowledge about something you want to share spend days typing everything down spend hours trying to create one video continuously starting over because of messing up designing everything formatting rendering and whatnot it’s simply not easy and forget about Outsourcing to a hundred dollar per hour expensive Freelancers now imagine if you could create profitable video courses in minutes using just a keyword imagine if you could sit down enter a keyword and let the AI create the course outline the scripts for each chapter and video slides with images for your entire course in just minutes in no time you would have a new video course ready this is the idea I got in my head a few years ago when we first launched real apps and after years of hard work testing adding improvements and running beta groups I’m proud to introduce to you course reel AI course reel AI is the world’s first and only true AI powered video courses creation platform that lets you create profitable video courses in just minutes just enter a keyword follow a few simple steps and voila you’ve got an instant video course and video content created course real AI is powered by our course creation Trinity Matrix AI simply log into the dashboard click create a video course enter a keyword and let the AI walk you through the entire process the AI will recommend you multiple course topics and ideas to pick from based on your Niche or keyword then the AI will help you create an outline of your course what chapters to include in your new course then the AI will help you create a script for each chapter in your course outline once the scripts for all the chapters are created the AI will then process the script and automatically create a fully customizable video that you can edit as you like using our drag and drop real engine editor you can even add new background music images video clips and a brand new voiceover using our natural Tech text to speech technology once done hit render and download or publish your video on Facebook and YouTube in just a click convert all chapters into videos to club together as a course and start making profits course reel AI will let you create videos and video courses in any Niche you want upload your course to sites like udemy and Coursera who are getting 120 million visitors a month even if they send you 0.5 percent of that traffic that’s 600 new sales every month at a 10 price that’s six thousand dollars in profits plus a buyer’s email list using course reel AI you can not only create profitable video courses but also create YouTube channels for profits tap into tons of buyers and earn affiliate commissions from review videos create video sales letters sales videos or create simple videos for your clients wait did I just say clients that’s right course real AI for a limited time only comes packed with the commercial usage license this gives you unrestricted rights to create videos and video courses for your clients and charge thousands of dollars in fees create videos and convert your knowledge into profits within minutes not hours not days not weeks in minutes with course real AI you start your e-learning video course Business Without creating content hiring expensive Freelancers or juggling sophisticated video editing software there’s nothing to install and it’s so easy that even a child can do it create your course real AI account and get instant access today however this offer won’t last long and the price is increasing every few hours and if you act now you’ll receive not only our commercial usage license but also some very useful bonuses mentioned on this page your course reel AI purchase is fully covered by our 14 days risk-free money-back guarantee see for yourself how easy it is to create amazing videos and video courses fast and if you don’t agree that course reel AI lives up to the hype then we’ll refund your every penny but the clock is ticking to get your exclusive access to course reel AI with the commercial license all the bonuses and exclusive training on how to profit from all of them this you need to act fast course reel AI is currently available for a one-time fee without any monthly cost or setup fee click the button below to get your instant access right now we look forward to helping you create profitable videos and video courses using course real AI okay so we are back so this is your members area that you’ll have access to after your purchase where you can create your courses view your courses you have your different Integrations now there are multiple otos with this one the first upgrade you’re going to see is the unlimited version this is going to allow you to do unlimited video courses unlimited topics chapters content you can create stunning looking true HD 1080p videos with 30 minutes in length with this all kinds of different transitions etc etc added inside of this this one right here is going to be a price of 67 for this one the next one is a professional version you can unlock International voice overs translations in 12 different video styles for this one this upgrade is going to be 57 for the this one the next one is you get done for you where they’ll take care of everything for you and actually create uh actually 100 quality courses with rebranding and reseller rights you can have actually actually all done for you and this one is 97 the next one here is let me show you the easiest way to make money using your new software in the next five days so if you want to learn how to make money with this they’re going to teach you how to do that and how to actually sell and make money with the software that’s 47 for this one next one is Skyrocket your buyer traffic leads with Next Generation interactive videos you can add in clickable buttons opt-ins and menus links and auto play into any video with this one this option is 47 for this then you have one where you can actually get paid with cryptocurrency so this is an optional upgrade this one is 47 for this and then the last one okay so that’s the last one in the sales funnel or instead of going through that entire sales funnel you and click on the bundle discount link on my bonus page it’ll take you over to a bundle discount where you get everything in the sales funnel for a very highly discounted one-time price it’s up to you how you do this you can do the bundle discount you can go through the sales funnel everything’s optional pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about course real Ai and what don’t I like about it if I say something that I don’t like about this I mean it’s it’s the fact that you put in a keyword and it creates like courses for you it’s not going to be as good as someone sitting down at their computer and recording a real course right like it’s not going to be as good as that so just be aware of that these are more for like putting content out on YouTube or if you’re going to do it you’re going to have to do some manual work what do I like about this if you’re looking to put up content and get like and drive traffic or you want a really easy way of creating videos or you want to use this as a way of getting like your your ideas set up and scripting it out and then going through and manually recording your voice and creating even higher quality content then definitely check this out thank you so much for checking out my course real AI review if you want to check it out go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out on the YouTube channel and I appreciate it make sure you click that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in my next review video thanks

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