Content Gorilla AI 2.0 Bundle Deal By Neil Napier

and in this video I’m gonna show you the new amazing features that we have just added into content gorilla ai2 and you know you’re gonna love it not only you but your customers are gonna love it it’s just something that would completely blow your mind away so let’s you know not waste time and dive right into it because now I’m not gonna waste too much of your time by showing you each and everything that we have been doing since day one instead I’m just gonna you know quickly give you an overview and show you all the new features that we have just added so um on the very basic level content gorilla allows you to search YouTube and find videos that you can convert into blog posts right that’s not just it for this um this particular version we’ve also just started the ability to upload your own video and create a transcription out of it and then um you know creating content based on that plus on top of that we’re also getting Vimeo in so you know that’s going to be in here soon as well but for this for the sake of this example let’s just use um a YouTube video and go ahead and create a post and as you can see in just one click it brings us a post start is already like 1650 words let’s just quickly go ahead and correct the grammar to make sure everything every you know every word that is spoken in this video is grammarly correct let’s just go ahead and do that give it a few seconds all right now the Dotson um you know we can be sure that our content is now or grammatically correct I’m just gonna create a few paragraphs okay it’s just do yep that’s better now again there’s nothing new in this right we already used to do this and we still do it the only thing that has been done behind each and every single AI thing that is involved is that we have upgraded to the same engine um that the charge gbt uses so we’re using gbd 3.5 turbo in at the back of this and you know that’s really helpful because the content is now so much better so another another one of the features that we have just added is the create AI outline feature now in just one click I can you know give this a little bit of uh a little bit of context about the content and in one click it’s going to generate a outline for me to follow with this content and you know automatically create headlines out of it you’re going to see let’s give it a few seconds right as you can see the content outline has been created and um now on the left panel you see that it has taken basically those paragraphs and it has con you know send that to the AI and generated headlines to use along with the content a complete content outline right now I can go ahead and I can simply click on this one button and it’s going to completely remove everything that we um you know fetched from the YouTube video and create 100 unique content choosing AI so let’s just do that let’s give it a second again okay now that it has generated the content for me as well now this is going to be completely unique because it’s written by AI itself and it has to use the YouTube video to create an outline first and then it replaced the entire content using the content creation feature now let’s go ahead and see uh if you know this content is detectable as AI written content so as you can see it’s a 60 real and you know 40 detected as AI written content now I can go ahead and improve this of course and to do that we can do you know something that we have just ordered is we already had this feature where we could um basically expand the content using uh different voices which includes casual as well as voice of a specific person but now you can do so much more than that you can also rephrase the content plus you can simplify it for a three-year-old or and this is the most exciting one you can add a sentence of a few different things which could in which could be basically a joke a quote maybe some statistical fact and an analogy a counter argument and you know things like that um so let’s just say let’s just say I want to add in a quote from some renowned uh person about content marketing I’m just going to basically select the content that I would like to use as context and then I’m gonna click on this button and as you can see here um it has already automatically added the quote from Rebecca lip so that’s just one way right now I can of course add a whole lot of different things that uh you know that the new tool allows me to do so and I can just maybe write a joke about it so basically you can just go ahead and enhance your content much and much and much more and you know play around with content gorilla in itself then that’s um that’s basically the new things inside the editor another one of the new features that I would really like to show you is the ability to create more posts from this one big post that you have just created so what you can do is simply click on this create short form content button and um you know select the number of posts that you want to generate it could go as high as up to 30. well let’s just go over 10 for this demo and then um you know tag it to you know just remember which video this was created from and then click on submit button now it’s automatically going to go ahead and generate these blog posts for you as you can see it says already done that now uh I can go ahead and open this and let’s check how it looks all right so as you can see here um we have all of these posts start I just created but it’s in progress right now so it’s currently working on writing it uh we’re gonna we can give it a few minutes so we’re gonna come back to this in a bit but until then I would uh also like to show you the SEO feature where you basically can analyze your content so you can simply click on the get SEO review button and it’s gonna basically run a few SEO checks and return at the results right so as you can see it it says that we have roughly achieved 59 of the SEO scoring and uh you know it gives us a little bit of overview on how we can improve it even further plus um what I would really like to show you is the highlights feature now what this does is it basically allows you to um create meter description um social media basically a Content summary of 100 words um Facebook posts LinkedIn posts and our Twitter posts and you know all that so as you can see in this one click it has given us some inter description that we can go ahead and use in our you know for SEO purposes then we have a short summary of the entire content and then we have the content for Facebook post and we have a Twitter tweet that we can use and as you as you will see here it also has you know used hashtags in this then you have the LinkedIn post and this all basically uh what it does is it helps you redirect more traffic once you have published your content so that’s how content highlight works then we have the this feature where you can basically create new images using AI so let me just quickly click on this add image button and say I want to oh man in a jungle working on a laptop and I’m simply gonna realistic I’m simply just going to click on this new images button it’s going to take a few seconds and it’s going to generate these uh images using AI here we go you can see if I can just simply drag and drop this here and you know that’s good to go in our content so that’s um pretty amazing stuff as well um that’s pretty much a new features that we have now if you want to take a look at everything else you know I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a breakdown of each and everything that’s new inside content gorilla on this page so go ahead and make sure you explode it

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