Brand Marketer Review: The Automated E-Commerce Affiliate Sites

Brand Marketer Review

Sell The Best Products From The World’s Leading Brands At The Lowest Prices!

Dear My Friends,

As you probably found out already making any sort of income online is REALLY HARD!

Millions of marketers try and fail!

But ask yourself a question. Have you been trying to get conversions with the WRONG sort of products?

You see the truth is that 99% of affiliate products that marketers try to promote are TERRIBLE!

They are low value, low quality and crucially they have ZERO brand value or awareness.

HOW are you EVER supposed to get ANYONE to pay GOOD MONEY for POOR PRODUCTS?

So that’s why I wanted to finally give all marketers the chance to make a SERIOUS online income by giving you the opportunity to sell THE BEST products instead.

I’m talking products like the latest Apple Ipads, the hottest Nike sneakers, and the latest fashion from Gucci.

I wanted YOU to have the chance to sell the LATEST PRODUCTS from the WORLD’s BIGGEST BRANDS.

You see huge brands like Apple spend BILLIONS on marketing and advertising each year. So people ALREADY WANT to buy their products.

Just think how much EASIER it would be to get people to buy products from you if they already have all that marketing spend behind them…

But I wanted to take it one stage further… I wanted YOU to be able to sell these WORLD LEADING BRAND products at LOWER PRICE then ANYONE ELSE on a totally “DONE FOR YOU” website!

Just think top brand products that people want + the lowest price = an EASY sell for you.

But you need a platform to sell on. So I wanted to create that site for you, so you have an amazing site that will make you money selling brands at the lowest price.

Yes that’s right. A whole site designed, created and HOSTED for you. Your site automatically filled with the latest products from the world’s leading brands.

With live prices showing your visitors where to buy those hot products at the lowest possible price.



Brand Marketer Review – Overview


Vendor Dan Green
Product Brand Marketer
Launch Date 2020-Jun-08
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type General 
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

Brand Marketer Review –  What Is It?

This is a platform that creates a fully-functional and hosted website that is filled with the latest products from big brands around the world.

It offers a site that is automatically filled with the latest and most popular products from world’s biggest brands.

What’s more, the hot products are shown in the lowest possible prices so that your visitors can see you as best bet.

In other words, everything you need to make money including a DFY site that is filled with popular products together with the latest prices is presented to you.

What’s more, you will not need to worry about its hosting as this too is taken care of. Everything is done for you.

You just need to login to this web-based software and price comparison website is created for you.

Brand Marketer Review – About Creator

Before exploring the features of this product, we should take a look at the authority of its creators.

Dan Green has gained his reputation for producing tens of trending products. His main focus is to support virtual entrepreneurs with basic processes in their daily tasks, thus making them feel easier when dealing with boring and repetitive tasks.

In the past, some of his most successful launches are Click and Bank, Instant Success Site, WP Easy Ranker and so forth are typical examples from this vendor.

Okey let take a look at his sale history to realize that how great his products were:


If you have tried his applications before, you will realize that the common factor that we can witness in his tools is that they took a short time to deploy. If you carefully follow the instructions, you will be able to replicate what this consultant has done for his business.

Recently, the brilliant Dan Green also marked his comeback with a new game-changing product called Brand Marketer. With tons of benefit offered, Brand Marketer promises to create your online business in no time, which no other tools can.

See The Power Of BrandMarketer (Brand Marketer Review Video)

Brand Marketer Review – Features & Benefits

Here’s a List Of Features For Brand Marketer

  • 1 Click “Newbie Friendly” Setup

Literally all you need to do is choose your brand, enter your affiliate ids from Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress, and click a button, and you are now the proud owner of a totally automated and fully hosted for you site, filled with products from your brand, that will create content, get traffic


  • Choose from 20 of the world’s best and biggest brands.

You have 20 of the biggest brands in the world to choose from. All these brands spend BILLIONS on marketing and advertising each year, so EVERYONE ALREADY WANTS TO BUY FROM YOU.

You can choose from Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Armani, Nike, Addidas, Converse, Chanel, Levis, Samsung, Disney, Canon, L’Oréal, Lego, Prada, and Dior.

AND REMEMBER you can the latest products from these brands at the LOWEST PRICE, and cash in big time when you do. How easy does that sound?

  • Get daily high quality blog posts for your site on total autopilot

Once you have chosen your brand you’ll also get high quality blog posts posted to your site for you. You’ll never have to make any content again! All the content created for you will be ultra-relevant to your chosen brand, complete with images everything your visitors will love!

  • 100% automated site monetization using Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress

All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate on these top ecommerce platforms, and any time someone buys through your site you get full credit automatically making you money!

Your affiliate ids are auto embedded for you on all the brand products on your site. You don’t need to do anything complicated to make money from your site!

  • 100% automated SITE CONTENT all about your chosen brand.

Creating lots of content for your site is really important, but also really boring. So Brand Marketer takes care of that for you too.
It creates a blog on your site all about your chosen brand and creates new blog posts for you every day too!

  • 100% automated GOOGLE RANKING for TRAFFIC to your site!

Because all the content created for you is 100% original it means your site will rank on Google automatically! Remember having regular original content for your site is BY FAR the most important ranking factor these days, and that’s exactly what Brand Marketer creates for you.

  • No manual work needed. It’s the simplest software to use ever.

With Brand Marketer there is no complicated setup. No need to create an apps, no need to sign up for any other services, no need to have any hosting, it really is as simple as choosing a brand and clicking a button, and then you get your own site to make you money.

  • 24/7 100% automation!

Once you click the button to setup your site, that’s it you are done! The software will work for you every single day forever creating content, tracking the lowest prices of the latest products from your brands to make you money, ranking your site on Google to get you traffic… all on 100% AUTOPILOT!

  • MULITPLE themes to choose from for your site design.

Brand Marketer really does create and design an entire site for you with just one click. But you also have many different design themes to choose from so you can get your site looking how YOU want.

  • Add banner ads + optin forms wherever you want!

Want to make even more money from your Brand Marketer site? Well you can…
Brand Marketer gives you the ability to add any banner ads or your optin forms anywhere you want easily. So you can grow your list and make additional ad income if you want to!


No need to pay any hosting costs. Brand Marketer sites are all fully hosted for you. So any commissions you make a PURE PROFIT TO YOU!


Yes that’s right we provide the ability for you to have ANY DOMAIN you want for Brand Markerter site and STILL have it FULLY HOSTED for you at no extra cost!


How Does Brand Marketer Work?

To get started with this platform is very easy;

  • Step 1- Choose your brand:

You can choose from over 20 world leading brands including Apple, Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, Disney, Nike, Dior, and much more.

All you need to do is to choose the brand you want to promote products for.

  • Step 2- Sign up as an affiliate:

After choosing the brand you want to promote products for, you then sign up as an affiliate on eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

Brand Marketers keep track of the brands products on these three platforms and also show your visitors the lowest priced products so that they can save money.

And the best thing about these platforms is that signing up as affiliates is free; it takes seconds to sign up.

  • Step 3- Enter your affiliate IDs into Brand Marketer and your site will all be set:

That’s it. Your site is designed, created, and hosted for you once you complete these steps.

You will have an amazing site that is filled with latest products from your preferred brand.

Your website will display products from your chosen brand, customer ratings, as well where they can get at the cheapest

Your affiliate ID is auto-embedded into all your products so that every time a visitor buys a product, you get commissions.

Brand Marketer Demo Video

see result:


Who Should Try Brand Marketer?

I highly recommend the product for newbies to start stepping into MMO industry. Since the product comes with sufficient functions to run profitable ads project, beginners are able to remove the “guesswork”, save a lot of money and time on different tools and outsources.

Besides, if you have been working as an affiliate for a while but making a little progress, you should take Brand Marketer for advancing your business to get better results.

Running an affiliate site to earn passive income might be attractive to Bloggers, Offline Marketers, Freelancers, Social Media Marketers. You already have a solid understanding about the IM field, so Brand Marketer makes things even more easier to make another stream of income. Product Creators can use the product to promote your own products.

What I Like & What I Don’t Like

I Like:

  • Done for you site creation
  • Done for you 100% original content
  • ​Done for you monetization
  • Done for you search traffic
  • No need to have your own wordpress site
  • No need to do any setup of themes or plugins
  • Help you make unlimited sales
  • Get a fully mobile ready website
  • 30 days money back guarantee

I Don’t Like:

  • There is too much to talk about the disadvantages of Brand Marketer. But nothing is perfect, and you can get some small troubles in the working process if you do not check your internet connection before working. However, if you can any difficulties, you can contact the support desk to get help immediately.

My Opinion

Fact is that many marketers find it hard to make any sort of money online.

Many come up with great content, great websites, good marketing methods, but along the way, they fail to make enough money to sustain their online business.

One of the main causes of failure lies on the choice of product.

The truth is that 99% of affiliate products that marketers promote are not desirable. Most are low quality, have low value, and have no appeal.

Yes, you can convince customers to make a purchase, but when they look at the product you are offering, they find it not worth the money.

And now, you can overcome this product by selling products from major brands that people trust.

And this is now possible through Brand Marketer………………

This is a platform that you can use to sell people products from major brands at affordable prices.

Why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Brand Marketer?

Making money online calls for a lot of things, and as a beginner, you can find it challenging to get started.

And now with Brand Marketer, you will have an easier time getting started online.

This platform offers a DFY website that has products from the brand of your choice, together with their prices and customer ratings.

This means you will not have to do a thing; just get it, login, choose your brand, and products and content will be added to your site. You can begin to profit sooner than you think.

Why don’t you try it today!


The Bonuses

Remember once getting in Brand Marketer, you will receive massive bonuses from the creators:

  • Instant Success Site

Basically, this Instant Success Site is a completely done for you social marketing to get you “24/7 targeted traffic” from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and of course completely done for you monetization.

Inside, you will get top quality reviews of the best converting ClickBank products in your niche, coming with video, bonuses and everything you need to make money.

see more: Instant Success Site Review

  • WP Auto Ranker


  • Fan Automater


  • Paymember


  • Videoprofiteer

  • WP Video Ace Plugin

  • FB Live Marketing

  • FB Remarket 2 Made Easy

  • Facebook Ads Made Eas2 2.0

  • Facebook Fanpage Tips

  • Facebook Live Authority

  • Facebook Ads Domination

  • Video Ads Made Easy

  • Authority Traffic

  • Video Marketing Made Easy

  • Youtube Ads Made Easy

  • Modern Video Marketing

  • Youtube Celebrity

  • Youtube Video Mastery

Evaluation & Price

Brand Marketer is ready now and you can put in your cart with only $37. I find this price entirely reasonable, even a really good deal that you seldom see on the market. Imagine, without working hard at training course, purchasing unproven software, hiring people to work for, etc you can not only save a fortune with Brand Marketer but also earn handsomely for yourself.

This good deal will not last long because the price will go up soon, you need to act quickly. In addition, you still get 30 Day Money Back guarantee with NO questions asked. Whenever you feel unsatisfied, return it and get back your money. It is a risk-free investment. Take action now!

BRANDMARKETER2OFF – Goes live 11am 8th of June ET
BRANDMARKETER4OFF – Goes live 11am 9th of June ET
BRANDMARKETER6OFF – Goes live 11am 10th of June ET
BRANDMARKETERCLOSING – Goes live 11am 11th of June ET


What’s In The Funnel?

What’more, you can consider more choices with advanced features in Brand Marketer ’s OTOs:


Brand Marketer Reviews

See What People Are Saying About Brand Marketer Connect & Dan’s Other Tools:

Peter Gilbert: This will totally transform the Clickbank Affiliate Marketing efforts of any business. I particularly like the ability to add your own opt-in form so you can build your list at the same time!

Joy Selah:

This is great, just insert your clickbank affiliate link, pick your niche and you are good to. I like the fact that the content, pics and overall site-look are editable, that way we wont all be walking around with the exact same looking sites, wording etc.

Phil Horsepool:

This looks just like the sort of app that I’ve been searching for to make my affiliate sites easier and more efficient. Just thinking of how many hours this is going to save me, awesome job…

Danilo Gesmundo:

This will absolutely a big helping hand to lots of internet marketers with all the features that it offers from hosting, posting and traffics, where traffic is crucial to online business. People can also use their own domain to promote clickbank products.

There’s no need for WordPress to install on your site. Fantastic job, this is a sure moneymaking clickbank affiliate site-maker.

Thank you guys.

Glenn Bowman

Wow Dan! You really have outdone yourself. This is the perfect concept and software. I honestly can’t think of anything that would help me any more than this. In the words of Gomer Pyle: “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

Harry Crowder

So this would be a GREAT HELP to me. I just found out my Clickbank ID was suspended for lack of activity ( I was not aware of this ) Now I have to get a new ID and then go through ALL my OLD clickbank pages and change the Clickbank ID for each one (yuck!! ) Yes your Click and Bank software would be a Great HELP !! for me and anyone working in the ClickBank space. Thanks

Wayne Faulkenberry

Mr Dan Sir You really got a Game Changing Software Here …and in my opinion this software would make it a lot easier to promote products from Clickbank as a affiliate with reviews of what each product is about and reviews would bring in a lot of sales from the sites you create from this software and it would be definitely worth the money invested ..and this comes at a time when everyone is looking for a easy effective way to make money online and this would be the way to go …and to rank in Google is a big plus to get traffic to your pages and make sales is what everyone wants so this helps the vendor and the affiliate so it is a win win for everyone in the long run

Rob Tolchard

Hey Dan, reading your email about Click and Bank really piqued my interest. I agree, WordPress has become somewhat of a nightmare. I had been feeling that myself had already started redirecting my efforts towards SaaS web applications. Your development of Click and Bank is such an excellent idea, combining the largest affiliate platform with an SaaS platform. And the way in which you have done this will pretty much guarantee rankings and consequently sales, which is ultimately what we’re all in this for. I’m really looking forward to seeing this in action.

Andrea Rhinoheart Bindi

This is simply magical – imagine having to jump over all the hurdles of establishing a high ranking site ( if it ever gets to rank though ) and being given everything on a silver platter !! You have to see the quality to believe.

Syed Faisal Hassany

Another game changer from Dan and team. Wow!! Nothing can be more complete and simple than this. True DFY product. I m a great fan of Dan products as they are simple and easy to use even for newbies and most importantly they works. Cant wait to have this in my arsenal. Two Thumbs Up

Tim Milne

This sounds great. I have been with Clickbank for many years now and even with original content on my websites and tweets, I have only made a few sales. Great news.


I wish my Brand Marketer review has given enough useful information for you. Please remember that this is a golden opportunity for you to skyrocket your income. Everything is ready for you now. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity and start right away.

Once again, wish you all have a good choice. Thank you for your reading!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.




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