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Automated Commission System is a proven system that helps you earn commissions easily with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, while proven to be a lucrative avenue for making money online, often presents a daunting challenge for beginners. The internet is flooded with various training programs promising instant success, and self-proclaimed gu.rus who claim to have the golden ticket.

Unfortunately, these avenues can lead beginners down a confusing and often costly path, leaving them more frustrated than when they began. What beginners truly need is a clear and concise set of instructions to guide them through the affiliate marketing maze. Investing in countless training programs can be both financially and mentally draining.

What if there was a straightforward solution that could provide the necessary guidance without the unnecessary fluff and confusion?

I would like to introduce the Automated Commission System as a solution to simplify the affiliate marketing journey.

The Automated Commission System is designed to empower beginners with the right knowledge and direction, setting them on a path to online success.

Thanks to Ben Fletcher, I get the results I wanted

The Automated Commission System reveals how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

With a proven track record, streamlined approach, and many other key elements help you become a professional affiliate marketer.

Your decision to invest in the Automated Commission System will be a strategic move towards unlocking a world of opportunities in the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing.


Vendor Ben Fletcher
Product Automated Commission System
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


This cutting-edge affiliate marketing solution has proven itself over the last decade, offering a reliable and streamlined approach to earning commissions.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, the Automated Commission System is your gateway to a seamless and effective affiliate marketing experience.

Let’s see what you can have inside:

  • Discover the straightforward 5-point Affiliate system that has been his reliable go-to for the past decade, allowing him to capitalize on demand. If his livelihood depended on making a sale, this is the fail-proof system he would employ every single time.
  • Unlock the foolproof “P.E.A” Blueprint, his trusted lifesaver, which consistently generates affiliate profits whenever deployed – and it can do the same for you too!
  • Learn about the essential Affiliate Platform to kickstart your journey, featuring an array of incredibly lucrative affiliate products to promote. The best part? It’s FREE.
  • Follow a step-by-step guide for pinpointing the most profitable affiliate offers to promote, bypassing any irrelevant or ineffective options.
  • Master the art of leveraging automation to secure all the affiliate income your ambitious heart desires – one of the most lucrative strategies you’ll ever undertake.
  • Explore ethical and profitable methods to harness the hard work of others for your gain, all while earning gratitude for your efforts.
  • Uncover the magic of Affiliate Automation and its persuasive capabilities, even with the most resistant prospects.
  • Gain insights into acquiring unlimited traffic for any Affiliate Offer with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Discover techniques to make your ideal prospect instantly receptive to everything you present, effortlessly compelling them to click and buy.
  • Learn how to penetrate any market and establish your highly profitable lean affiliate machine in 60 minutes or less.


FRONT-END: Automated Commission System ($9.95)

The anticipated user of the Automated Commission System is anyone involved or interested in affiliate marketing.

This includes both seasoned affiliate marketers looking to enhance their strategies and beginners seeking a reliable and effective system to kickstart their affiliate marketing journey.

The system is designed to cater to a diverse audience, providing a comprehensive and accessible solution for individuals eager to capitalize on affiliate marketing opportunities and generate consistent commissions.

  • The system is designed to push users into immediate action from day one, fostering a proactive approach to affiliate marketing.
  • It requires no specific skills, education, or prior knowledge. The step-by-step guidance ensures accessibility for individuals at any expertise level.
  • You can scale up their earnings without an upper limit, allowing them to customize their venture to any desired size.
  • Requiring only a few hours each day, the system allows you to easily integrate it into your daily schedules, making it suitable for part-time commitments.
  • The system boasts a proven track record, assuring users of its effectiveness regardless of the economic climate.
  • You enjoy the security of a 365-day, 100% full confidence money-back guarantee and dedicated support team, providing ample time to assess the system’s suitability and effectiveness.

OTO 1: Affiliate All Access ($197)

Unlock exclusive access to an additional FIVE Affiliate Products, expanding your affiliate marketing arsenal. This upgrade encompasses:

  • High ticket offers
  • Top converting offers
  • Affiliate networks
  • Affiliate email marketing
  • Super affiliate profit strategies

OTO 2: Underground Traffic Systems ($97)

This upgrade grants you access to secretive traffic methods designed to maximize your affiliate earnings.

OTO 3: Partner & Bank ($97)

Gain exclusive access to a collection of his top-performing products that you can resell as your own.


  • I’m a complete beginner, is this ok for me?
    At this point, I should be giving you a standard Goo-roo reply and tell you “YES”
    …because who cares? ….in true goo-roo fashion..”a sale is a sale right?”..
    I’m kidding.
    Truth is, I created my Automated Commission System EXACTLY for beginners just like you.
    So if up to now, you’ve found Affiliate marketing completely overwhelming or you’re yet to make your first sale then this is perfect for you!
  • How quickly can I be up and running?
    I don’t care if you’re brand new and never made a solitary Red cent in your life.
    I know full well how BRUTAL it is out there on your own.
    That’s why I’ve made this extrememly easy to follow, everything is broken down, step-by-step and you’ll watch over my shoulder and see exactly how I do it and follow along.
  • How much available time will I need?
    I recommend you set asside at least 1 hour this week to go through it. Then at least 2 hours to implement it.
    As I’ve already said… I’ll show you step by step and you’ll watch over my shoulder and see not only what I do but more importantly …HOW I do it too.
    Something a lot of other products conveniently leave out. hmmm.
  • Can I do this without expensive tools?
    YES! Because truth be told, Me and expensive tools don’t get on well.
  • Is there a moneyback guarantee?
    I like to put my knackers where my mouth is and that’s why I have an industry leading 365 day FULL CONFIDENCE Money back guarantee.
    If for some unfathomable reason you hate this, just send me an email and I’ll refund every cent you paid back to you.
    But what I will say is this…
    If you’re purchasing this just to “kick the tyres” there’s plenty of other goo-roo ‘pump & dump’ trash out there to blow your hard earned cash on. By that point it would be too late.
    I want serious people only.
  • Should I buy this?
    Yes, because you need absolutely no specialist skills, education or knowledge to do this. I’ll walk you through every step of the way. Piece by piece, brick by brick.
    It’ll work and continue to work regardless of what the economic climate is doing in these uncertain times.


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