AppOwls Review OTO Bonuses By Abhi Dwivedi

AppOwls Review OTO Bonuses By Abhi Dwivedi

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how would you like it if you could create your own stunning looking professional mobile app without programming skills needed you can create subscription-based apps paid apps free apps whatever you like you can build that all with AppOwls Commercial which is a brand new product that i’m reviewing today starting for just 47 so if this sounds interesting to you then stay tuned i’m going to show you a full review within a second but before i do so i want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about AppOwls Commercial also what’s included etc so you can read a bit more and also the pricing you can see exactly what’s included for the 47 but you can also upgrade here there are more upgrades there’s also a special fastpass bundle here that will give you all of these upgrades for a discounted price and today it’s 227 for the first day you’re gonna get all these upgrades so that’s a huge discount and you’re also going to get all these free extra upgrades if you decide to pick this up through my link so make sure to check out the link in the description before you purchase all right let’s dive into this and let me show you how you can create your own mobile app so when i go to the dashboard here this is where you can start creating your own app now when i go here to the laptop create new app i can generate my new app so i need to click here first so let me yeah there i am so i can auto generate an app or i could do manually create an app now the cool thing is like i said you can create mobile subscription based apps so let’s say you want to do something with yoga then you can create a yoga app you can simply go through this and i think this is in the health section let me see here health and fitness when you select this category here you can choose from the different templates so let’s say i want to create this yoga app i can say the title of this app i’m going to do tim’s tim’s yoga team’s yoga that’s called tim’s tim’s yoga nityaga yoga here and then i’m going to click next and then i can create my own subdomain here so i can say uh tim’s yoga that AppOwls Commercialo now you can also have the option to create your own custom domain if you like to in this case we’re going to do tim’s yoga here and then you can select your colors here of the app the main colors you can add your support email so in this case we’re gonna do this and then my phone number and then my address my address one two three and then in here i can upload my mobile app icon so this is very easy i can simply select this one this is not a good one let’s choose this one select apply and now i can crop my image so this is my app icon that’s being used inside of AppOwls Commercial and once i’m done i’m gonna hit publish and then my contact number should be added okay one two three four five ten let’s click publish again and now my app is being published basically my app has already been created now then at the left side here once you’ve created your app there are two sites that you can edit so we have a left menu here and these are the general settings all the settings based on my app and then in here we have the design options for this specific app so as you can see here at the right side this app has already already been created we cannot scroll yet we can do that here when we hit the pages part but this is our app it’s being created for us in seconds now you can go through the basic app settings here at the left menu so when you select basic app settings you can change the basic app settings in here so you can change your sub domain your app icon you can select your time zone in here and then once you’re done you click on continue and it will go to the next setting which is the splash screen settings as you can see here this is the default icon you can change this to your own icon so i go to my library i’m going to choose my own icon again i’m going to crop it again the way i want this to be cropped and there it is this is my icon now i can use a background and image background but i also can use colors if i’d like to you can also use gradient colors in here i always like those gradient colors here i like this color i think it’s pretty cool and once you’re done you simply click on continue and this way you simply go over this menu so you could do app notification emails in here you could do a cookie consent you can enable that you could do installation bar settings so welcome to tim’s yoga and for easy access and better user experience please install our app that will be displayed on the app itself you can do authenticator settings like enable logins for your app enable registration enable verification all those settings can be uh applied in here so your address seller address because you can also sell products through your app else account or to your apps smtp settings in here integration so it integrates with all these autoresponders like mailchimp aweber get response contact constant contact sent lane infusionsoft activecampaign sendio and also some extra settings in here that you can apply like a twilio sms voltage sms google analytics in here you can apply this as well your tracking id and then also your payment settings so you can enable your paypal your stripe your square your paystack razer pay cash on delivery that’s also a good one or shipping charges you can apply all of that in this settings in here so that these settings will be applied to your app now once you’re done with that you simply go to page and elements and in this area here at the top you can start designing your pages so right now here i’ve selected my home page and i can scroll here through my home page so this is the page that has been created for me and i can modify each element so let’s say i want to modify this element then what i can do here is i can type in here so i can select this text let me zoom in so that you can see this and then i can choose other colors as well so let’s say i want to make this orange i can do that or red whatever i can change the background as well but then i can select this gear icon in here so when i select the gear icon i’m getting some extra options in here in this left menu here where i can select my element style so in here i can select the box style circle button the text position i can do the background color so this is solid i can do that gradient this is now white i can say i want to have a black background something like this or maybe you want to have a a gradient color and then you can choose two colors from here so let’s say i want to use this color uh with a little bit of white you see how this looks like right now so this way you will be able to modify each element inside of your app now when i click on home again here you can see that i can add all these elements to my page here at the right side so when i want to add for example um let’s say i want to sell a subscription here i can simply click here so this is the subscription i can add this to this specific page when i click at it will be added here at the bottom here where people can choose their subscription and you can add your subscription inside of AppOwls Commercial and then you can give people access to a specific subscription now let’s say you want to create a new page so by default these pages have been created here the home page the about the classes the gallery and the contactless but let’s say you want to sell yoga lessons then what you can do is you can create a new page here when you click on new page it creates a new page in here where you have some extra settings so let’s say this is my um how do you call those yoga lessons here let’s say i want to have astanja yoga not sure how to pronounce it astanja yoga lessons let’s say this page i’m going to add lessons then what you can do here and let me zoom in again so that you can see this is you can here allow only for selected subscription buyers when i select this i can choose right now i don’t have subscriptions in this app but i can create them let’s say i gonna choose the people that have purchased this subscription i’m gonna select these people and then these people will only have access to this specific page so once you’ve created your subscriptions or products you can give them access you can also say only for selected product buyers so you can sell a product and then you can say okay this page is only available for people that have purchased here this specific product i’m going to show you how you can create products later but just to show you how advanced this app is you can create complete membership apps subscription based apps with AppOwls Commercial it’s pretty beautiful so once you’ve created that you simply click on add new page and then the page is being added here at the left bottom stanza yoga lesson so when i click on this page you can see this page is empty and i can start designing this app with all the elements in here so if we want to add a text element i simply click on add text and then this text element will be added here to my mobile app you see that it says please add it before publishing so i can edit this text i can simply type here whatever i want you see that so right now i’ve typed whatever i want and then i can modify this i can say okay i want to have this a background for example i want to have this in a blue background that’s fine simply choose the blue background and boom this is now my header and this way when you go back to this page here you can add all different kind of elements so you can say okay i want to do a video for example you drag and drop a video and then you can add let’s say media let’s do that when i click on media you have the option here to add images audio or video so when i add a audio file or video file in here simply click on add and then it will be added to my page here so when i click here on video i have the options here to add a video url this can be any url video alt and here the background color again and this way i can build pages for membership sites and then once i’m done you can click on publish app here and then your app will be published now this way you can create pages you can modify your pages you can add all these elements that are in here to your pages as you can see and then once you’re done you can go to the menu and navigation now in this part you will be able uh to manage all of your menus so right now here this is the main menu so that’s the menu that we’re seeing right here where we can see home about classes gallery and contact us but you can also add more uh yeah more items to this menu so right now you can see here home about classes these are all selected so if you want to add a new uh link to your menu you simply enable this here if i want to have the share option i simply enable this and then the share option will be added to my menu so when i save this this share option has been added to my menu so when i go to the menu again here you can see here when i open this you’ll see that the share option has been added to my menu and you can drag and drop the the order in here as well so you also have the option to change the menu style here so this is inline you could also do a block inline you could change this to icon only menu you can change the main menu here again you can choose the different styles in here the footer menu so all these menus here so when i scroll down here to the bottom you can see this footer menu if you’d like to add more to the footer menu you’re also able to do so and if you like to modify the style of your menu in here now it’s menu right you can also say okay i want to have the default menu which is at the left side here or maybe you want to have this normal menu at the top as you can see in here so you can change that i’m going to put this to default gonna hit save and then if you like to change the theme you can also do that so let’s say you don’t like to have these pink colors you like more blue for example you can simply change this to blue and now everything in your app has been changed to blue the main elements i like this pink one i think it looks pretty cool so i’m going to keep this one and then once you’re done you simply click on publish app and you click on yes publish and now your app has been published so when you go to the main menu here you can see tim’s yoga and then automatically a qr code has been generated your url has been created and now you can also generate an android app that you can upload to the app store or for the iphone app store you can do that as well you can generate this to download and you can upload that in the app store but not only that this also is pwa compliance immediately after you’ve published it now it takes a few minutes for this domain and url to be secured with ssl so right now it’s not secure this takes a few minutes so i created another one here another website here to show you how it will look like so when i open this in a new window you can see this is a mobile app and you can see this on your computer as well as you can see this is social media app that i created and you have the option here to download and install this as an app you want to install this app so you can install this app on your computer as well but of course everyone will see this as a mobile app so this is how everyone will see the app on their mobile phone as you can see i’ve added here these members only parts when i click on buy now i can purchase access to this app i can say i want to have access to the members only i can go to the checkout here and i can pay for my app i can fill out my details and i can pay for my app and then they’re going to get access to the pages that are locked to members only now where can you do that you can do that here when you go to the left side i think it’s here if i remember correctly let me click on edit app first you need to click on edit app i think uh payment settings seller no we need to go back um let’s see here product saw here it is products and plans so let me go from the top here to the bottom so that you can see what this left menu is all about so first you have app data and in the app data you can see the app installs throughout the whole world so you this will be highlighted where your app is being installed also the app visits in here the app rating app rating so here you can see it’s visited from these countries the app rating and this piece got this is because i’m using a vpn so you can see that this works app rating here app users you can check them out in here and forms data engage leads in here so here will be all the leads for notifications because you can also send notifications in here so once you have subscribers you will also be able to send notifications to everyone who has installed your app so when you click on send notification you can send a notification in here with your link and then this will be sent to all your subscribers sms is also possible booking manager in here where you can see all the bookings that came through your app a loyalty manager where you have i think it’s a loyalty program i didn’t even notice that because so you can also set up loyalty programs inside of AppOwls Commercial so let me click on that to show what this is so a title a reward so you can really reward and give points to your users pretty cool that that’s also an option inside of AppOwls Commercial so that’s inside all of the engage parts in here now then the products and plans and here you can create products you can have an order manager so when somebody has purchased your app you can see that inside of the order manager or you can create subscriptions so this all works the same so when i click on product i can create a product in this case this was the members only that you just saw you simply click on create add new product and here you can set up your own product with the price with the show buy now button here you can add media so you can add your own images you can select your product type if it’s a digital or a physical product you can fill it out in here the thank you page so you can create your products and memberships here so that people can purchase that and then you can give them access to certain parts of your mobile app i think it’s pretty cool subscriptions exactly the same when you click on subscriptions you can oh shoot you can change the app there let me see here people select select the payment method so first you need to select the payment method i have not connected a payment method yet but you can create the subscriptions in here once you’ve added a subscript a payment method for your subscriptions then also if you have the upgrades you’re gonna get access to a reseller panel and a client manager as well there’s tons of training inside here to see how you can create your own apps i think i showed a lot through this review already but that’s also included and that brings me also here the pricing the reseller and the client panel uh when you go to the link in the description below again you will be redirected to my website here where you can see the pricing so you can see here that the front end starts for 47 so for 47 dollars you can start creating your own mobile apps with members area it’s pretty cool and then there’s unlimited where you can create unlimited apps uh for for uh apples it’s 97 a year here this is oto two which is professional uh which will remove their ad and branding and loop this is one that i recommend uh highly because you don’t wanna have their brand right then still it’s a good deal in my opinion please go over all these details here what’s included in professional what’s included in agency here what’s included in the white label so you’re also able to white label this app but i recommend if you’re serious to get this one so you need to purchase both here the front end plus the bundle deal there you’re going to get access to all these upgrades uh for a special price here for 47 and right now on the first day it’s 227 dollars so then you’re going to get access to all of the upsells and again if you purchase one of the products through my links you’re going to get all these upgrades and also i got some special upgrades when you scroll to the bottom if you purchase one of the upsells or you purchase the fastpass first upsell with the front-end you’re going to get these extra bonuses as well free access to office visitor pro and also free access to offer qr code this is a very cool qr code generator where you can create different colors gradient colors uh qr codes very cool for all different kind of purposes for email sms whatsapp websites wi-fi access etc very cool bonus you’re gonna get this if you pick up one upgrade at least so that is what my app all review is all about now if this review was useful to you please hit the thumbs button also consider subscribing to my youtube channel if you haven’t done yet hit that notification bell so you can get updated every time i have a new review online and again thank you for watching i hope to see you in my next review and talk to you soon cheers

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