AI Social Experts Review By Jeanne Kolenda

AI Social Experts Review By Jeanne Kolenda

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hey we’re live top of the morning to you oh that coffee’s full I’m Andrew Larter from Jane clenda has a fresh new product of today called AI social experts and uh you will love it first I’d like to start at the end it’s 37 Jan does a lot of stuff where she does social media marketing she puts together packages uh you probably see it if you look at the bottom of the blog post that’s linked at the bottom of the uh the Youtube video description it’ll take you to my site and you can grab a copy of this there’s also related posts at the very bottom of it which probably will show up other products of hers that are basically packs to do to create an agency for social media marketing for other other businesses You’re Gonna Love what’s in here for 37 bucks let’s dive in uh fresh out this morning um so she does social media marketing is kind of her thing and now she’s going into the uh last six months with uh artificial intelligence and here you go how to use AI on Facebook social media graphics and comment sheet how to use a on Instagram on Google business on Pinterest on Twitter um this is pretty cool this is what you need AI on LinkedIn and Tick Tock AI on YouTube uh that’s really cool somewhere in the middle of it all was the graphics and chat GPT from his AI marketing okay that’s a great bonus to throw in um and the whole nine yards again is 37 bucks so there’s some great testimonials some people you’ve probably uh familiar with but here’s the real deal 37 bucks I’m gonna put the link in the video description it’ll take you to my site of you can look for the related products part there uh but basically this will give you all sorts of stuff to get you started and this is much more focused to the artificial intelligence and she’s been doing it for the last six months so she’s really good at creating what you need for social media marketing using AI uh click the link and go check it out I’m Andrew larda from fresh up today AI social experts enjoy

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