Ai 30K Copy & Paste Commissions Review OTO Upsell By Glynn Kosky

Ai 30K Copy & Paste Commissions Review OTO Upsell By Glynn Kosky

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in this AI 30k copy and paste commissions review I’m going to be showing you a software and system responsible for making its create a thirty thousand dollars a month I’m going to show you what this is and of course what this isn’t and make sure you stay to the end of this review is I’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades how you can get a discount on every single one of them including a discount on the offer you see on the sales page if you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out AI 30k copy and paste commissions just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out on the YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page put a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of warrior plus after you purchase through my link let’s take a look at the sales page here together it says Plug and Play AI system lets you copy and paste are done for you Commission system that makes us thirty thousand dollars per month now it’s a pretty hypey offer however as with Glenn’s stuff behind the hype he actually has some substance to this so what this really is is you can actually copy and paste a system and the the software allows you to actually replicate his squeeze Pages bonus Pages download delivery Pages for a profitable offers that you can promote and have all the pages done for you so it’s essentially A done-for-you system that is all hosted for you don’t need a domain name and he even provides you training and a lot more so but that being said he’s very hypey in his marketing and if you watch the uh the sales video you’ll also see that it’s pretty hypey there as well and talking about people making different amounts of money and blah blah blah but it’s definitely you need to understand that just because he makes money doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to make a ton of money from it but he has a done-for-you system that it can at least help you get started a little bit easier year right so this is the front end offer you’re going to get access to the software you get access to the system you can access to Glenn and if you if you purchase you can even get a discount if you move your mouse away again I make less as an affiliate by showing you that so please hit that like button okay I’m gonna go ahead and play you a video explain this a little bit more then I’m gonna come back show you the backend area the otos and the discounts stop right there how would you like to let alone the exact same chat GPT powered system that makes me over thirty thousand dollars every single month with the help of artificial intelligence hey Glenn here one of the biggest super Affiliates in the world now I don’t want to waste your time so I’m going to get straight to the point because I’ve got something for you that is absolutely incredible 30 done for you profitable affiliate campaigns that have all made me money for less than a dollar each but that’s just the beginning I’m also going to show you exactly how I make over thirty thousand dollars every single month on autopilot with these campaigns then instead of letting you crash and burn to figure all this out on your own I’m gonna do all the work for you yep that’s right 100 done for you inside my brand new software the AI 30k copy paste commissions we will give you the money making campaigns and connect them to the highest profitable affiliate offers but together in the exact right way so that you don’t have to do a single thing on your own even better some of these affiliate offers are even paying out 100 commissions we’re pleased to say that we’ve successfully integrated chat GPT into our system which is the groundbreaking new AI take that everyone’s talking about I’m sure you’ve heard about it chat GPT gained 1 million users in five days and over 100 million users in two months and this new technology is allowing us to make money while the tech does all the heavy lifting for us and take a look at this over the past seven days regular people just like you have been making money with the AI 30k copy paste commissions here’s Nigel from the United Kingdom who made 1238 his Sally from Hong Kong who made 2 483 and his bill from Texas in the United States who made over three thousand dollars now what do these three people have in common not a single thing except they’re all regular folks who use this proven system to make consistent money online with only a few hours of work each month over the next couple of minutes I’m going to share with you my personal secret for making consistent daily profits online profits that are steadily increasing by the hour thanks to artificial intelligence and the magic of chat GPT so if you’re tired of all the hype all the junk and empty promises from gurus that left you feeling lost then this system I’ve discovered will finally make a lot of sense to you it’s important you watch until the end because I’m only sharing this with a few you select individuals due to time limitations and you’re one of the lucky few who will ever have the chance to watch this short video You’re about to get access to the chat GPT powered software and system that I’ve been using for over seven years now that has enabled me to consistently earn thirty thousand dollars in online commissions every month like clockwork yes that adds up to millions of dollars in my affiliate accounts and the best part about this system is that I’ve been able to do it without creating complicated websites without creating YouTube videos or getting on camera without posting on social media like Tick Tock or Instagram without running an Amazon or Shopify store without trading Bitcoin and crypto and without anything else which you’ve probably tried and failed with in the past we’ve also been able to do this with a zero upfront budget we’re not shipping products or drop shipping from China and even better you don’t need any experience technical skills or internet marketing knowledge to get the kind of results that we’re achieving with the AI 30k copy-based commissions and what makes this even more powerful is that this system uses artificial intelligence and chat GPT to do all the heavy lifting for you I’ve made it my personal mission this year to help struggling newbies like you go from zero to Super affiliate with my 100 done for you campaigns that make me more than thirty thousand dollars per month in online commissions to activate the system and campaigns all you have to do is copy and paste your affiliate links where we show you activate the built-in artificial intelligence and you’re good to go in fact to get great results starting today all you have to do is follow my simple three-step system Step One log into our powerful AI 30k copy based commissions app on any device step two activate one of the 30 done-for-you profit generating campaigns activate the artificial intelligence then copy and paste your affiliate links into the system step 3 sit back and enjoy profitable days with ongoing affiliate sales and commissions that’s it as easy as ABC the value you’re getting here is tremendous but maybe you’re wondering why am I actually doing this well you often hear that the easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing no product creation no customer service no shipping no returns and no BS but statistically 95 of people who get into affiliate marketing fail how is this possible with so much money being spent online as especially if this method is supposed to be so easy one word competition While most affiliate marketers struggle to make a few bucks here and there top earning super Affiliates control the commissions and easily Bank six or seven figures each year how do they do it they’re not smarter or harder working than anyone else in fact many top Affiliates dropped out of high school or college and considered two hours a full-time workday all they do to make the big bugs is deliver what buyers want they find Great Value products to promote then add incredible bonuses to encourage prospects to buy and package these up into slick campaigns that people can’t say no to for most new and struggling marketers getting all this done isn’t easy you need the skills to pick the best offers to promote you need an ongoing budget for premium bonuses to give away to buyers and some slick software or an outsourcer to create specific Pages for every product you promote then you’ll need to write some amazing emails that stand out in the Inbox and they get opened and clicked and be able to drive traffic to your offers it all adds up to a lot of time money and effort so much for an easy online income solution right picture this instead a tried and tested blueprint that lets you duplicate the results of top learning super Affiliates for lifestyle changing results even if you’ve never made a penny online before welcome to the AI 30k copy paste commissions The Proven done view method software and system that allows us to copy and paste our way to four figures in Daily commissions with artificial intelligence and chat GPT we’ve studied the top producing campaigns from the top earning Affiliates in multiple niches going back over five years and have found a consistent profit pattern so we developed a powerful software that unleashes next level results for anyone just by copying what myself and the world’s best super Affiliates are doing this powerful software instantly creates winning campaigns that turns prospects into profits to fully automate the system we’ve added more than 30 done-for-you campaigns where all you have to do is add your affiliate link these done for you affiliate campaigns each based on Evergreen top converting offers are the ultimate solution for anyone with a busy schedule plug them in to put your affiliate marketing game on autopilot with practically zero effort and I’m sure by now you realize the AI industry is booming right now and is currently taking the World by storm in 2023 is replacing jobs and automating tasks that would normally take hours days or weeks to complete so I’m super excited to announce that we’ve successfully integrated chat GPT and artificial intelligence into the AI 30k copy and paste commission system this speeds up the process and has increased our profits imagine waking up tomorrow and checking your bank account and seeing one thousand dollars and then a few hours later you check again and you see two thousand dollars and the next day you check and see five thousand dollars by the end of the month it’s thirty thousand dollars well that can be a reality because it’s not only the reality for me but also many others around the world who are using this exact same system I just wanted to come in here and quickly send a quick shout out to my good friend Glenn carsky once again you’ve come out with another excellent product I’m going to tell you right now if it wasn’t for the help and the money that I gained from purchasing your products I would not have a small business right now so I gotta tell you I appreciate the fact that there’s an honest affiliate marketer mentor and that’s what you are you’re a mentor to people that are just starting out the last three days I’ve got 10 sales I’ve never done that before in all the years I’ve been doing this stuff so I I highly recommend Glenn and his courses I have been active only a few days and as soon I started photo Glenn’s instruction the money started to come in so the last 30 days I’ve made 1555 look at the last seven days here 917 dollars Glenn promised that I would be generating income I’ve generated nearly 300 in the week since completing the setup videos a big huge thank you to Glenn um I’ve been using his products and I just want to say that I have not found products like this that can instantly make you money and continue to make you the residual income that you’ve probably been looking for and I just want to give a quick testimonial and a quick shout out to my man Glenn I want to say brother thank you for what you’ve done I’m in under four days I was already start making a hundred dollars a day so my man I love what you’re doing peace and love brother keep doing the good work I guess at this stage you’ll probably want wondering is this actually proven to work well I’ll let you be the judge of our commissions here you can see our campaigns are generating money on a daily basis and guess what all of these campaigns or 30 of them are now yours to use as you wish as you can see you could literally be making thirty thousand dollars per month in the next 30 days just like we are I can’t stress how important this is firstly this money will be your money and you will have complete control over it and secondly this means within days you can start paying yourself a thousand dollars a week if you want to it’s working flawlessly right now as we speak on complete autopilot and will continue to do so for many years to come and don’t forget we are not leaving you on your own here we’re going to give you a helping hand so that you can get this set up in minutes from right now you know how long it takes to set up most online methods well it’s not minutes I can tell you that it’s more like months with our help you will have this ready to go in 10 minutes or less now here’s the cool part this is ridiculously easy that even your old grandma could do this you don’t need a website you don’t need experience you don’t need complicated techy stuff and best of all you don’t need to create any videos you’ll get industry leading training from Top Affiliates who are making over thirty thousand dollars plus per month with this software and the done for you campaigns and the best part you can get all this done by using the built-in chat GPT copy and paste software tools built into this system check out the full details further down the page then take a look at the proof of results from beta testers and our own campaigns AI 30k copy paste commissions Works faster and easier than anything else this software system and the done for you campaigns put Commissions in our pocket by simply automating the same steps top earning Affiliates use to make the big money so I have to ask how much would this be worth to you to have a done-for-you system like the 30k copy and paste commissions would it be worth a thousand dollars or maybe five hundred dollars think about it we’ve done the testing for you and these are the winning proven profitable done for you campaigns we’re using to make over ten thousand dollars five hundred dollars would be a steal for this but you’re not going to pay that how about 300 or maybe 100 or how about less than twenty dollars that’s less than 60 cents per done for you campaign now I know you’re excited right now but you may be wondering why would we do something like this is this too good to be true well think about it this way it costs us nothing to give you these done for you campaigns we already created them for our own personal use and secondly with the click of a button you can have all of them activated and ready to go now be honest with me are you tired of buying make money online products and softwares that don’t actually give you everything you need to get results they leave you to do the hard Parts on your own and ultimately leave you nowhere I hate seeing people put all the work in follow all the boring steps of some outdated method and then it doesn’t even work losing both your valuable time and your hard-earned money it really makes me mad the truth is I want you to get results as fast as humanly possible that’s why we named the product the AI 30k copy paste commissions so let’s give all the time wasting and get you straight to the goods you’re getting our exact campaigns and a software to create your own custom campaigns no wasted time no complicated techy stuff no websites and no hosting needed we take care of that too quite frankly you don’t need to do anything at all here these are our exact campaigns ready to activate instantly to get your results online just like we’re getting now I’m I’ve raised just one of these campaigns makes us over one thousand dollars you’re not getting one not five not eight but Thirty done for you campaigns and let me say on record there’s tremendous value here but you may be wondering will these campaigns become saturated no because there aren’t millions of people interested in making money on the internet which means the market is so overwhelmingly huge that there’s no logical risk of saturation these campaigns will work just as good today next week next month and next year you may be wondering how difficult it is to actually set these campaigns up well these campaigns are instantly activated inside your AI 30k copy paste commissions dashboard upon purchase how nice will it be to have a method strategy system and done for you campaigns that work in minutes from right now what can you really get for under 20 these days a fancy lunch at your favorite burger joint will cost you over 20 bucks skip that and get something done for you which you need we’re so confident that the AI 30k copy paste commissions will work for you that when you grab it you’ll have 180 days to try it out risk-free use the training software done few campaigns and everything else inside and if for any reason you’re not thrilled your money back during this exclusive launch your access also includes multiple bonuses designed to get you even better results a private Facebook group to network with other marketers and get answers to your questions a live Master training session with one of the top earning Affiliates in the internet marketing space showing you how we make thousands in commissions per day attend live for the latest profit tips that are working now and we’ll post the recording in your members area so you can refer to it anytime you’ll also get a bonus quick start checklist so you can be up and running within the next 24 hours plus the powerful traffic software so you can start getting free buyer traffic right away the total value of this proven software and commission system runs into the thousands of dollars but today you can get it for a fraction of its true cost this low one-time price will not last so don’t miss your chance to lock in your discount now see all the details below and click the buy button for instant access this is a one-off opportunity that I strongly advise you don’t skip click the buy button right now to join the AI 30k copy paste commissions and secure your copy before this is sold out potentially be up and running generating sales within a few minutes joining our current members who are making up to thirty thousand dollars a week tap the buy button below and together we can work to transform your life for the better you can spend as little or as much time as you want on this system with barely touching it and still making thirty thousand dollars per month and remember this video will not be up forever I’m only giving this opportunity to a few more people don’t close this site because I can’t guarantee it’ll still be there when you come back take action now and invest in your future click the button below and get started literally anyone can make my program work for them you don’t need technical skills previous experience or fancy qualifications this will work for you in a matter of days don’t waste any more time click the button below and activate your account remember your investment is protected by my 180 day money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain click the button below and start seeing success within minutes from now thank you so much for watching this video we hope to see you inside the members area of the AI 30k copy based commissions hey there for whomever is considering uh purchasing something from Glenn Koski let me just say great stuff really good software that the guy develops I don’t know how he gets it done but man really really cool stuff uh good tutorials good training good response time and uh awesome tools I use three or four of his products so um rest assured that you’re getting a good product and you you’ll get good support from it and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with them too so all right take care bye-bye hi I’m Emma and I’m here to let you know that I’ve completed the training quickly and I have learned lots of new strategies to generate leads and traffic for my business some strategies I wasn’t even aware of so I’m really glad that I completed the training this is definitely the training for you if you’re looking to build a solid foundation and to generate income month upon month and to build upon that I’m so glad I found the course and thanks Glenn he’s just one of those guys that goes the extra mile and you know is really there for for support as well with his support team you know you can get responses very quickly and it’s just amazing how that really sets them apart from all the other marketers out there so I highly recommend getting started in these programs you could really get a lot of results very quickly and you know the best part I would say is just that you can learn the long-term strategies you know if you put in the work and and follow the steps that go Glenn just so easily lays out for you you will get results and this is a testimonial to those results so thanks again Glenn and to anybody out there you know watching this video definitely don’t think about it anymore just jump right in and it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made thanks and I just wanted to uh thank you Glenn for the software that I’ve got from you it is uh already making everything easier and I’ve already made some sales from just installing it yesterday and so I’m excited about that and uh I just wanted to pass on this message and I hope it’s useful to other people maybe checking it out what you do works and the support is great thanks hi there this is Joe monteon of Los Angeles and I just wanted to give you a word on Glenn kloskey and what I think of the work he does because I just got through with one of his VIP workshops this week and I was blown way because I’ve been following him now recently I’m kind of new to this game I’m ramping up my uh my game quickly and I want to make sure that I’m surrounding myself with the best and one of the ways I do that is try to you know patronize them see what the their software is all about and maybe hit some of the workshops and this guy is the real deal there’s a reason why he’s starting to rake in the big bucks because he doesn’t just keep it he gives it away too he tells you in real terms how you can get it and that’s the part I obviously want to hear and I don’t want any riddles I want it done straight shooting don’t get well hateful to overhype with me and he doesn’t do that he’s excited and he gets you positive energy but there’s a difference between that and getting over hyped and and this guy is the real deal so I just want to endorse Glenn because when when I run across something genuine and something good I like to share it once again thank you so very much Glenn and keep them coming buddy listen Glenn koski’s strategies are some of the best strategies and software you can possibly get in this market he always seems to over deliver on bonuses one of the very few marketers that are still around from the time that I started this affiliate marketing his strategies have set me apart from others and continues to grow my customer leads on a daily basis so there’s no doubt whenever Glenn puts up a software I’m definitely gonna get it so appreciate you Glenn for all these years hey guys just wanted to show this quick testimony beautiful Glenn so in a nutshell I’ve been into this internal marketing space for quite a few years already and I’ve tried products software products and trainings from most of the gurus whom you already know about but I actually found it very transparent and a true genuine marketer I mean I know that is so unlike other marketers but that is how it is and he always delivers up to the promises I still remember that day when I finally decided to get started with one of his trainings back in 2017 I believe if I’m not wrong and boy or boy was in for a treat I made my first ever breakthrough and I was literally like on top of the world guys you know the feeling right so anyways his trainings are pretty much easy to follow and most importantly to the point guys I mean that is something I really appreciate about Glenn he always delivers to the point and no stone unturned kind of trainings so yeah just follow him follow his step-by-step trainings and I’m sure you’ll see some success guys hey this is Curtin just wanted to shoot a quick testimonial video for for Glenn’s products so I just picked it up and uh started implementing it and I’m seeing success online already uh it’s it’s just like you know the rest of his products just chock full of value and uh easy steps to implement uh definitely go ahead and pick this up and uh you’ll be you’ll be happy that he did hey this is Diana I’m in Texas and I’m doing a testimonial for Glenn Koski now Glenn is not a Texan actually he’s from the UK but I don’t hold that against him I’ve been following the all the gurus for a number of years trying to catch the star you know and make things happen online so I can have the life of Freedom that they have I haven’t reached that type of success but I want to tell you about Glenn he’s one of the good guys he wears a white hat and I know that he’s somebody that when he comes out with a product especially software or anything of that nature I trust him it’s going to do what he says it does and it’s going to make you money if you follow the instructions he’s somebody you can depend on somebody you can trust and don’t take it just from me but try it he’ll let you try it and he gives you a great ability to get a refund if that’s what you choose I don’t think you’re going to want to you have a blessed day bye bye hey Glenn hi um you know what there’s a lot of people selling so many things out there right now and I’ll tell you the truth um I get fed up with it however trust you to be the first to actually create a piece of software that everybody wants so Glenn this is a testimony to you and a testimonial uh that you know what um thank you for creating this piece of software you know what I’ve been looking for I’ve been waiting actually not just looking I’ve been waiting and looking for a piece of software like this uh you know like I said trust you to be the the one that actually creates it and the reason why I think is because you know what the people want um you know there’s others there’s other people out there and they’re all trying to sell me this that and the other and I get really fed up to be honest with you uh because they just fill up my my my inbox with Spam as far as I’m concerned but you have not done that and this is the reason why I keep you um around as it were sorry if that sounds a little bit too like um like I’m treating you like a pet but you know what uh they do say uh a dog is a man’s best friend but Glenn you ain’t no dog that’s for sure you’re the dog but you ain’t in a dog but um anyway so yeah this is a testimony uh I wanted to just uh record and say to you thank you very much for creating this piece of software I’m gonna definitely look forward to using it learning more about it obviously through the tutorials and definitely making some big money you know and hopefully you know what um you know you’ll create something even better you understand so thank you very much Glenn uh for this um uh piece of software I appreciate you and please carry on doing what you’re doing and I know that you’re actually really in tune with what the people want so you know what thank you very much hi my name is Johan you won’t believe it but I’m 73 years old and I’ve got this wonderful opportunity where I’ve bought a nice program from Glenn and I’m going to use it and I’m telling you now it’s going to make the biggest difference in my life I’m broke as it is but I know what I have now I can do wonders and I am going to and I’m so grateful for this opportunity I know we’re going to be strong and very very rich come on this is it and I’m so proud of you Glenn thank you very much I do appreciate it bye bye it’s a lot of people out there that are promoting really bad affiliate products and programs if you guys check on Glenn Koski my friend here that I’m referring to everything that he promotes and that he comes out with is proven to work okay so we’re back so this is the back end area you can actually see your campaigns right in here I’m gonna show you an example of one of these here so what you can actually see if you click View uh this is going to give you a squeeze page that you can use so it creates this kind of squeeze page right here that you can connect to your autoresponder and collect the emails of people it also gives you a main page URL so what that’s going to do here is give you a page to send people to uh where you can your affiliate link is going to be on this page when someone buys and then it also creates a download URL which will also have your links and everything on it so that you can deliver your bonuses as well so it’s kind of a cool way of of doing this it makes it a lot easier to do an affiliate promotion now that’s the backing area you can see it has multiple different campaigns there I think I think it’s like 13 of them if I if I’m not incorrect but he has a bunch of other stuff here like case studies inside of his members area there are multiple otos now the first one here is unlimited traffic and what you want to do on this one is is you want to actually move your mouse away what that’s going to do is that’s going to give you a discount on that one I make less as an affiliate by showing you that so please hit that like button the next one that you’re going to see is done for you uh let’s see if this was done for your traffic next one is uh this was unlimited traffic then he’s got the autopilot version of it again move your mouse away and get a discount then he’s going here where it’s some kind of an ATM Edition I don’t know he’s got he’s got a lot of different upgrades move your mouse away and get a discount another one here is 99 of his best money making products for 47 cents each move your mouse away and get a discount on this one as well uh you can sell and get resell rights and resell it move your mouse away and get a discount uh next one you can get a clone has done for you business move your mouse away you get a discount on this one uh this is what it says press a button to make money teaching you how to do affiliate marketing uh this one you can get a discount as well and the last one of course you’re going to want to move your mouse away and get a discount and this is a coaching program for 245 2.45 cents a day all these otos are optional pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about AI 30k copy and paste commissions what don’t I like about it if I had to say something that I don’t like about it it’s really really hypey I don’t want you to think that just because you purchased something like this you’re magically gonna start making money this is just a tool and this is just training what do I like about it if you’re interested in getting a software that’s going to create done for you bonus Pages done for your squeeze Pages done for you bonus delivery pages and you want training to teach you how Glenn is actually able to make money online doing affiliate marketing then check this out thank you so much for checking out my AI 30k copy and paste commissions review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in my next video thanks

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