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AgencyBud Review

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In this AgencyBud review, we’ll be going over a suit of softwares (my favorite) that its creator Walt Bayliss, has invested millions of dollars into and has also spent 10 years compiling, that will help you, help other businesses.

The economy is in a bad spot right now.

There are possibly hundreds of thousands of businesses that are either going out of business, or are at a massive high risk of doing so, in the following couple of months.

But so, what do these businesses need? Well, they need to adapt to the upcoming changes, and they need leads.

Essentially they need help. Everybody needs help.

AgencyBud is a great way for those aspiring agency owners (or for those who just want to make more money online) to get started, for a very small investment and in a industry and moment in time, that is unlike anything there has ever been.


What Is AgencyBud?

In order to understand what Agency Bud is, we must start from the beginning. As we have mentioned you may want to develop something that can be sold each month and you get regular income. To develop any such software, you will need at least $30.000 to start with and additional $150.000 to mature the product and sell it but this is not the case with Agency Bud.

Agency Bud gives you an opportunity to sell the software you didn’t develop and generate the income. Basically, you will eliminate the investment plan and you will move straight to the profit. This actually works and it is simpler than it sounds.


There is no need to invest a lot of time into a new venture because most of the work is done behind the scenes of the Agency Bud. After all, you get all the main ingredients and you need a bit of effort to get the job done.

In simple terms, Agency Bud allows you to create a software agency you like and want. You can promote and sell software and you can earn a good amount of money. Your job is to find clients, sell the software to get a profit.

Agency Bud comes with a license that offers you the ability to sell 4 major programs. All of them are well-developed, have a massive base of users and they come without any drawbacks. It is something you will want to know more, so we have decided to explain all of that in the next section.

To continue the Agency Bud review we will take a closer look at these 4 software programs offered inside.

Agency Bud Review Overview


Vendor Walt Bayliss
Product Agency Bud
Launch Date 2020-Apr-03
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $497
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

Agency Bud Review – About creators


Walter Bayliss developed Agency Bud in order to assist millions of potential businessmen out there who want to start their own business or to update the old one. Walter has been a professional marketer and coach for a long period of time and he developed 7-figure business while offering his services to the world. Today, he is one of the leaders in the industry and after Agency Bud we believe he is one of the best of them all.

We must add that Walter is also CEO of GoJeo, one company that is available with Agency bud and the one that has massive success at this moment. He has been working with people from all over the world and he helped many of them become rich businessmen.

What will you get inside Agency Bud?

By now you should know that Agency Bud allows you to sell programs and keep the profit. There are for SaaS programs included in the package. They will be explained below. Anyway, SaaS stands for software as a service and it is basically a software that is located or stored on the central server and users get the ability to use the software without installing it or downloading it. In return, they pay a monthly subscription. With Agency Bud, you get the ability to keep that subscription. The 4 programs available are:

1st Software in Agency Bud: RepWarn


RepWarn is a software that can you effectively monitor what customers say online about your brands, products, people, and even competitors. You will also track all mentions, tweet and even a blog comment in one place. It is a best way to solve the angry customer comments before it goes viral and best way to build up reputation online. With RepWarn, every mentions will be in one place so it can save you and your clients lots of time to manage your online reputation so that you can focus on running your business. This software currently sell for a subscription price $97 per month or $997 per year. With the Agency Bud, you can resell it to earn a recurring income.

Main Functions of RepWarn

1. Instant Notifications:
  • Receive notifications immediately via email or App. When someone talks about you or your business, you’ll be able to reply right away.
2. Master in minutes
  • No more daunting tools that take an age to learn. You’ll be up and running in minutes with our simple setup. We’ll even set up your first report for you.
​3. Stay updated
  • RepWarn scans the web every five minutes so you’ll always be the first to know when someone mentions you.
​4. Reply Instantly
  • Every email includes a link straight to the conversation so you can easily jump in and reply. This makes it easy for you to resolve any issues that arise before they blow up on social media.
​5. Track competitors
  • Because RepWarn tracks ANY website and EVERYTHING you ask it to, you can even track what’s said about your competitors.
​6. Increase sales
  • Find people who are looking at your product or service, but still haven’t made the purchase. It’s as simple as clicking a link.
​7. Access anywhere
  • Stay on top of conversations even when you’re away from your computer. Available on both Google Play and the App store.
​8. Catch what other tools miss
  • See, Google Alerts are good, but mostly show you articles that make it into the news. But as any good marketer knows, there are many conversations taking place across the web that you need to be aware of.

2nd Software in Agency Bud : ColdReach


ColdReach is a lead generation and sales automation software developed by Wal Bayliss. With this automation system, you can contact 100% of your leads every time without struggling to find the time or even missing a lead or a sale. You can use it to pull in fresh hot leads all day every day, add the leads into your autoresponders and follow up sequences. ColdReach will help you discover tonnes of highly targeted leads into your projects and pipelines from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and you can collect email ad-dresses, names, physical addresses and even phone numbers, so you can choose your perfect method of contact that suits you and your business. It is about a full sales funnels that you can resell it to your clients. ColdReach is now selling as $39.95 per month or $297 per year. It is included in the Agency Bud, so it means you can resell it to earn recurring income.

3rd Software in the Agency Bud: DataJeo


DataJeo is a first-class software that help you and your clients delivers the information at a price that will make all of your marketing infinitely more profitable and delivered in a matter of seconds! DataJeo shows you what people are looking for. This software is selling as $37 per month or $397 per year. It means, with Agency Bud, you can resell it to your clients and earn all the profit. You or your clients can use Datajeo to do the following search:

  • Search by Keyword or Domain: Start exploring products related to keywords, or break down a successful competitor’s website to see what they’re selling.
  • Refined Search: Simply check or uncheck a few boxes to drill down into your data for specific results fast. 
  • Analyze Organic Competitor Keywords: Find out which organic keywords send your competition the most traffic and make sure your marketing funnels more traffic your way.

  • Analyze Your Own Keywords: Search yourself, discover the strengths and weaknesses in your current campaigns, get rid of underperforming keywords, then scale what works.

  • Build Keyword Groups: Expand your reach, and your profits, by creating keyword groups for your PPC campaigns.

  • Deep Search: DataJeo will bring you back as much data as you like with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’ll even email you when your results are in so there’s no need to wait about – or even have your browser open.

  • Top Keywords: Reveal the best keywords and phrases capable of driving the most traffic to any site, product or funnel, in any niche.

  • Analyze Paid Competitors Keywords: Secure a better ROI for your paid advertising by only choosing keywords that are already proven to perform.
  • Understand Your Market: Create a complete SEO or PPC strategy by uncovering the most popular sites, products and keywords in your industry before you invest a single dollar in advertising.

  • Discover Hot Topics For Content: Check out the most visited pages on sites owned by the leaders and influencers in your industry. Then use top referring keywords to find out what’s trending, and what’s selling.

  • DataJeo Shows You Where Your Audience Is: You will know the top traffic source, top referrals, top publishers, top pages…and many more.

You can use DataJeo in three easy simple steps 

  • Step 1: Enter the website or keyword you want to research and hit ‘go’

  • Step 2: DataJeo’s network will query the top data sources on the web and bring back all the info right to your dashboard

  • Step 3: After just a couple of minutes, you’ll have everything you need to create a killer promotion

Here is the demo video:

4th Software in the Agency Bud: Engage


ENGAGE is a superbot system that you can simply install it on any website, and have a live chat system that helps to engage your or your clients’ visitors. You can connect it to the existing message system such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. Also, Engage comes with a Roster and Schedule system that can deliver the message to the right person at the right time. The bot is so powerful that you can set up a set of answers to reply to a series of questions. Engage is currently selling as $39.95 per month or $297 per year. It is included in the Agency Bud so you can resell this superbot system to any company that wants to save time and increase engagement rate and earn your recurring income for a huge profit.

Features Of The Agency Bud

Now we have to explain the main features of the Agency Bud and they should help you understand all about the platform and how it actually works. Without further ado, let’s continue this Agency Bud review by going over the features.

4 major software available

As you were able to see, the Agency Bud gives you an ability to promote and sell 4 software that are stunning, useful and almost something each business will need at some point. What this means is that selling is simple and effective.

Keep the profit

Yes, you get to keep 100% of the profit for yourself. It is a stunning advantage and one of the main features here. You get to keep all the profit except credit card fees or similar merchant fees.

Easy to use

Agency Bud is extremely simple and easy to use. There is no need for complicated processes, coding or anything similar. Basically, you can promote the tool in any way you like and you get the profit. That’s it.

Friend referral

If you have a friend who also wants to use Agency Bud, you can discuss the price with the author of the tool directly. You two can get the best price and make Agency Bud even more affordable. This isn’t something most companies offer and it is actually something we saw for the first time despite decade being in this business.

12-24 license providing service

Once you purchase the Agency Bud and you want to start to use it, the author of the tool will create you the license within 12-24 hours. This is a personal license for you and you become their client.

Email campaigns

Now you can also create email campaigns and lead them to potential customers. This is slightly more complicated process but there are countless helpful tools and guides you can use.

Constant profit

You will get the profit all the time and even when you are on holidays. The Agency Bud will work for you and let you keep the profit we have explained above.


How Does It Work?

Well, AgencyBud is a training course so all you need to do when purchasing it is listening to and follow every step that it teaches you. There will also be a demo video that will explain how to use the four platforms that I have just mentioned above in detail.

I know that those tools are so amazing that you just want to rush to discover and try them out first, but trust me, all knowledge and skills in the lesson video are the invaluable experiences that Bayliss went through and now he wants to pass them on you. So, don’t miss out on them!

Besides, it is effortless to use Agency Bud as you are not required to install or download. Agency Bud is a web-based program so the only things you need are the Internet and an electronic device that has already been connected to the Internet.

For more details, let check the instruction video below:

Why Should I Get AgencyBud?

The amount of businesses out there that are currently looking for your services, are probably never going to be in as such high demand, as they are right now.

For that reason, the opportunity to capitalize on this, is also right now (and not later).

A lot of people will see the opportunity to start an online agency and online business, and will take the leap.

But a lot of other people, will be left behind. And you don’t want to be with those who are left behind. You want to be part of those who take the leap when everyone else is retreating.

And if you don’t have any experience with getting clients, working online or doing any kind of agency jobs…you don’t have to worry because as part of the AgencyBud program, you’ll be getting training and support.

AgencyBud: Who Is It For?

Agency Bud is a great tool for all of those who want to start any form of SaaS business. Instead of wasting time and money into making your own software which is extremely expensive, you can promote other software that is mature and has been properly developed.

There is no need to add overall simplicity. Agency Bud is appealing for teenagers who go to school and for successful software engineers. It doesn’t require from you any special skills making it the top choice for millions.

Another type of users we can see are companies and groups who want to monetize their sites or channels which are in connection with the general users. It is probably one of the best investments out there and one that will become more and more profitable in the future.

To summarize, the Agency Bud is an ideal solution or an alternative for all users of the internet who want to make a profit in an easy but legal way. There are no downsides you need to worry about and there is no need to invest thousands into a new business. You can start by investing your allowance, literally.

AgencyBud Price

Agency Bud will cost you $497 and this is one-time purchase. There is no need to pay for a monthly subscription. Additionally, it will charge you 50% commission only on the first sale and 20% recurring. You may believe that this is too much, but you are selling 4 SaaS programs with a combined price of $2.000. As such, we can add that the Agency Bud is a great investment and something most of you will be interested in as soon as possible. The Agency Bud will become available for the general public starting April 3rd and the first copies are already being ordered.


For those that want to run a digital marketing agency but are struggling to find new customers to pay a monthly fee, this is a good alternative.

Instead of “scaring” business owners with hefty monthly fees, any one of these software options can be sold so much easier.

You could even offer to train them on the software for a fee.

What’s also possible is that once you have your foot in the door, you could upsell them on even more services.

I think one of the things I do like about Agency Bud is that it is a soft sell. Business owners are getting hit with people trying to sell them on SEO, Facebook ads and the like on a daily basis.

If you can offer them software that can automate some of these processes, it’s your foot in the door to possibly sell them on more.

If they want to get more leads and customers, who do you think they are going to call? Some guy that emailed them from India, or you that they have a relationship with already?

Something to consider.

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

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(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 3)


BONUS 1: YouTube Lead Sniper


To succeed as an Online Marketer you must always be building your list, and strengthening your eMail marketing skills. The ability to which you are able to do this is based on your authority within the marketplace.

However, I am here to tell you that adding ‘X’ number of subscribers won’t mean much if they aren’t ‘responsive’. You get responsive subscribers on your list through targeted opt-ins.

By following what I will lay out in the strategy the author is about this disclose you will start adding highly responsive subscribers to your list. Better yet, He will tell you how to add these ‘RESPONSIVE’ leads for free? Yep FOR FREE! You’re in luck as the ‘YouTube Lead Sniper’ approach does just that.

BONUS 2: WPSecondChance


Installing the plugin is like installing any other WP plugin, then creating your campaigns.

You can use your URL for your online campaigns and target the people. That’s inside your Facebook list with a simple FB ad.

BONUS 3: Video Profit System


Video Profit System is for anybody who wants to make money online, without having to spend all of their time behind a laptop screen, writing articles and hustling. It’s for people who want to do the work now, and reap the rewards for months to come.

It’s for anyone who has ever been burned buying a system that does not work, and needs something that does. Video Profit System does not promise to make you a millionaire, but it does promise that you will see more money out, than what you put in. That’s all anybody can ask for really.

If you put some time into really learning this method, and then actually putting it into practise, you will find yourself with $1500+ paychecks at the end of the month which is going to help you and your family. Right now, it may seem like just a pipe dream, but if you’re dedicated to make it happen, you feel for yourself how good “Internet Money” really feels.

BONUS 4: Video Profit Masters


This course and technique can be used for people who just want to build an information video and then have the affiliate link below leading straight through to the sales page they are trying to promote. If you are doing this I would suggest using, with you can now add your own words at the end of the URL so for example

This looks much better than just, though the author will show you how they get people to click the link no matter what. We can also use this technique for people who were hit very badly by the Panda and other zoo animal updates from the big G.

Instead of having your website stuck in SERP 1289 or something similar you can use a video to have your website back on page 1 through being in the description under your video which the author will explain soon. There is also a couple of little bonus techniques will include at the end.

For complete beginners: You will need an affiliate account and the most popular are Amazon Associates, Clickbank,, Warrior Plus and a new affiliate program

that has tons of very specific products…it is called all are free to join.

BONUS 5: Video News Jacker


In this guide you will learn the very simple process for optimizing your onpage video SEO for your videos. This is something that most regular video uploaders fail to do but gives you a significant advantage over most video owners.

Proper on-page video optimization is crucial to the success of every one of your video marketing campaigns. Here you will learn how to do it properly and effectively. And you can use this handy guide as a quick reference as opposed to watching a video over and over.

Although, this is a simple process, it should not be ignored. I call this the universal on-page optimization guide because it doesnʼt matter if youʼre setting up a campaign for affiliate marketing, news jacking, local businesses, etc… Itʼs all the same.

You focus on your main keyword and follow the simple steps below. Weʼll be concentrating more on Youtube optimization for this because Youtube has the traffic and Google owns Youtube.

When you go to upload a video you will see these exact things and should follow the steps in order. Weʼll break this down into easy to follow steps.

BONUS 6: Video Cash Bonanza


As you noticed. Video Cash Bonanza is a course that is laid out in step by step video setting, however, not everyone learns by following videos, so the entire course has

been added in this PDF file. We still advise to go through bought-video and PDF in order to learn how this strategy works.

First. What are you going to learn here, is exactly how to generate some passive cash, with READY to purchase buyers.

We are not going to focus on untargeted traffic. We are not going to focus on gigantic traffic, we are going to focus on Ready to purchase BUYERS. Plus, we are going to help you build buyers list plus generate sales with jvzoo marketplace.

If you are brand new to the Internet Marketing, don’t worry. This works for everyone. Including you. 😉 and you will see how easy it is. So let’s get started…

BONUS 7: Turbo Traffic Hacks


Kingged is a social community dedicated exclusively to internet marketing and making money online. It’s an excellent tool to build a list, make sales and getting clients for your services.

Just like Reddit, it allows for members to rank posts created by other members, using the button called “King This!” (see the similarity already?). It’s a super powerful tool with a lot of members – a marketing goldmine.

BONUS 8: Traffic Authority


Welcome back ☺, and I emphasize the word welcome because in no way should you be starting this course from this eBook. Make sure you’ve read the Traffic Authority Manual before carrying on here.


Because in this section we’re going to be focusing on applying the traffic strategy taught in the Traffic Authority Manual for the sole purpose of building a list. Everything is

similar, it’s just I’m going to tailor the strategy solely to building an email list.

So why build an email list? It’s simple. Because it’s an effective method to consistently market to in the aim to obviously make money.

In my opinion, if you’re not interested in building an email list, you’re making a big mistake. There’s huge value in building an email list in any niche, because you then have access to a database of potential customers to market too. In the simplest of terms, you can send an email… and make money.

But I’m not here to walk you through every strategy you need to take to make your email list profitable. Because lets face it, to perfect your email marketing it’s an in depth

subject which needs detailed training. I’m here today to show you how you can tailor the Traffic Authority strategy to generate an email list of potential customers within your target niche

BONUS 9: TheFlippingCode


You will get 5 Modules inside TheFlippingCode:

Module 01 – Site Flipping for Profits Overview

Module 02 – How to Buy Low and Sell High

Module 03 – How to Create Site for Profits

Module 04 – Adding Massive Value to Your Virtual Real Estate

Module 05 – Online Places You Can Auction Your Sites

BONUS 10: The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51-$74 Per Hour


The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51-$74 Per Hour (The IM Goofball’s Guide for short) is one hundred page PDF guide that promises to teach you how to make money ($51 to $74 per hour) online by offering “IM services” (internet marketing) to successful online business owners.

The services, they say, can be anything you want but they recommend sticking to three main services: Writing emails, writing product reviews, setting up sales funnels.

Basically, The IM Goofball’s Guide teaches you how to be a freelance writer.

BONUS 11: The Business Brains


“This Book Below Will Show You Exactly What What You Need To Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Plan!”

As a person just like you who has struggled with getting a business plan in order, I have searched high and low to find the best strategies and information on how to put a business plan together and I am fully qualified and equipped to help you put an end to the lack of knowledge and give you the tools to finally put a good business plan together!

Another of the many thuings you need to know about is a mission statement. A mission statement is a statement of the business’s purpose. Mission statements generally should be short and clear, thus easier for people associating with the business to keep that mission in mind and do what is best to achieve it.

BONUS 12: The Automated Viral Commissions


1>Breaking the Mindset

• What You Don’t Need

• What You Need

• Basic Introduction

2> Sowing Plan Overview

• Step by Step Plan

3> Creating Your Commission Seed

• Getting Down to Business

• Finding the Right Content

• Using Reliable Networks

• Putting in Affiliate Links

4> Promoting Your Content

• Promoting on Forums

• Content Syndication

• Promoting On Social Networks

• Contacting List Owners & Safelists

BONUS 13: That One Article


You need some stuff.

You need a domain name, an autoresponder, a hosting account, a Warrior Forum account, a Paypal account (Premier or Business), web 2.0 accounts, a YouTube

channel, affiliate accounts, and a Google Adsense account (optional).

The first thing I need to tell you is that this process will work best in the IM niche.

You can make it work in other spaces, but you won’t have nearly the same level of resources that you’ll have in the IM niche.

So keep that in mind. As we proceed, I’ll be teaching you how to do this in the Internet Marketing niche.

If you want to use the “That One Article” system to rock a different niche, feel free! Instead of the Warrior Forum, use the most popular forum in your chosen space.

It’ll be up to you to find places to and product vendors to distribute your mini ebooks to, etc. But you’re pretty smart. You’ll figure it out.

Or you could just take the easy road and do this in IM! 🙂

BONUS 14: Solo Detective Solodex


This “solodex” is a very powerful weapon to have in your marketing arsenal! I have confidence in every single one of these sellers listed. Do yourself a favor and don’t just order from the top 10 or 20 sellers.

Notice I did not number the list because no one seller is better than the next. All of these sellers send REAL traffic that is highly interested in “biz opp” and “make money online” offers.

In order to get the most out of your solo ads, you must have an effective funnel. That means not only must you have a high converting squeeze pages, but you must also have an attractive offer on the back end. I highly recommend promoting CPA offers that pay at least $75 per sale. The whole idea when it comes to solo ads is to make enough money to cover your cost so you will building your list for free!

If you need any help with your funnel, or any advice on your squeeze page, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email anytime! Thanks for your purchase. I wish you lots of success!

BONUS 15: Simply Traffic


The people viewing the ads, are sitting there, glued to their monitors physically clicking on ads and waiting anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds per ad . . . before they can move on to the next ad . . . and before they earn their commission that ranges from anywhere between $0.001 and up to $0.02 . . . for clicking on the ad!

Is that souless or what?

Doing the math, they are only earning about a maximum of 5 bucks an hour – and that is IF they actually stick with the activity as it’s one of the most brain dulling, monotonous online tasks that you’ve ever seen.

Please note: I’m not suggesting that you sign up to do this as I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not the best model to follow to earn a decent online income!

The method I’m outlining, was talked about (but not in depth) in a recent WSO of the Day, and if you are interested, its at: Red Hot Traffic Firestorm

BONUS 16: Rush Hour Traffic Keyword Research


BONUS 17: Profit Sucking Emails


BONUS 18: PinterestExpert


BONUS 19: Paid Traffic Handbook


BONUS 20: Email Inboxer


BONUS 21: Effective Emails


BONUS 22: Ebay Cash Cow


BONUS 23: Easy YouTube Money Method 2.0


BONUS 24: CPA Traffic Surge


BONUS 25: CPA Traffic Mayhem


PART 2: Theme Bonus Package

BONUS 1 – Elegаnt Themes – $89


BONUS 2 – Mythemeshop – $87


BONUS 3 – Teslа Theme – $199


BONUS 4 – Theme Junkie


BONUS 5 – Theme Sahifa


BONUS 6 – JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme


BONUS 7 – Publisher – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress


BONUS 8 – MagPlus – Blog & Magazine WordPress theme for Blog, Magazine


BONUS 9 – DW ARGO – Responsive WordPress Theme for Magazine


PART 3: Plugin Bonus Package

BONUS 1 – WP Scarcity Plus Plugin

“WP Scarcity Plus” is the definitive WP plug-in that will allow you to grow and expand your business, while helping you sell more. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling (e-books, courses, services…etc), with “WP Scarcity Plus” you can create smart countdown timers that create urgency. This urgency will boost your sales through the stratosphere!



BONUS 2 – WP Easy Optin Pro Plugin

Easy Optin Pro is a easy to use plugin that creates powerful email opt-in forms that you can place on any page or post using WordPress shortcodes.

Checkout just some of the features:

  • Connect to any email auto-responder service
  • Add your own video embed code, images, and more
  • Customize Design including background color, and other elements
  • Video-lock feature that creates new optins through a slick email optin form popup in your video
  • Manage Shortcodes and create unlimited custom optin forms
  • Large Optin forms that will grab the attention of your website visitors and maximize optins


BONUS 3 – WP Video Optin Plugin

WP Video Optin is a next generation Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress that enables you to Build Stunning High-Converting Video Optin Pages to Increase Your Subscribers Fast!


BONUS 4 – WP Video Affiliate Pro Plugin

Video Affiliate Pro allows you to create video affiliate review pages and manage your affiliate bonuses inside of WordPress.


BONUS 5 – WP Spark Engine Plugin

Spark Engine WP plugin – build any web page yourself in only minutes!You have the power to create any web page you desire!


BONUS 6 – WP Optin Fire Plugin

Easily create eye-popping squeeze pages that will rapidly build your email list and gather relevant feedback from your subscribers.



BONUS 7 – WP Internet Marketing Plugin

Create unlimited sales pages, squeeze pages and review pages inside of any WordPress Theme.


BONUS 8 – WP FB Webinar Plugin

This plugin allows you to create high converting webinar landing pages. Create amazing landing pages inside of Facebook with viral power.


BONUS 9 – WP FB Webinar Plugin

Combine Facebook & Youtube to create killer video galleries!

FB Tube – easy to install & use WordPress plugin. Get started right away, and set up as many timeline optin pages as you want.


BONUS 10 – WP FB Timeline Optin Plugin

Timeline Optin plugin allows you to create amazing timeline Optin Pages that go Viral and are 100% customizable.


BONUS 11 – WP Easy Builder Plugin

Easy Builder plugin allows you to build entire marketing campaigns, from salesletters, landing pages, video pages, and much more.


BONUS 12 – WP Call Directory Plugin

WP Call Directory allows you to create your own Toll Free Call Directory for your offline clients or yourself


BONUS 13 – WP Time To Read

The Time-to-Read plugin is an innovative and useful plugin that is designed to help your readers more efficiently read your blog posts. You can display the estimated time it takes to read a post based upon min and max words-per-minute values on your site and show a progress bar for your readers.

WP Time To Read-590x295

BONUS 14 – WP Testimonials

WP Testimonials is a plugin to display and manage testimonials that users submit about your product, service or website. With a customizable interface that has multiple layouts, unlimited color options, an awesome design and fluid responsiveness, WP Testimonials is the best testimonial plugin on the market.

WP Testimonials-590x295

BONUS 15 – WP Subscribe Pro

These days, having an email subscriber list is key to running a successful blog, so we created WP Subscribe Pro. Boost your conversions of traffic to subscribers, and generate more residual traffic and earnings. WP Subscribe Pro supports Feedburner, MailChimp and Aweber and is a must-have plugin for any blog.

WP Subscribe Pro-590x295

BONUS 16 – WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar is a custom notifications and alerts plugin for WordPress that displays a sleek message bar on your website. It can help you grow your email list, manage marketing promotions, increase your social media following or grow the audience for specific pages on your website.

WP Notification Bar Pro-590x295

BONUS 17 – WP Mega Menu

If you have been dreaming of building a stunning mega menu on your WordPress site, our WP Mega Menu plugin is the ultimate solution. You can use Mega Menu for free to create rich and stunning navigation menus for your website. Make menu themes, and customize the styles using drag-and-drop tools. Beautify the menu items with custom colors, fonts, and attributes. Use Mega Menu to build a navigation menu beyond imagination.


BONUS 18 – WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads is the ultimate ad management plugin for in-post ads in WordPress posts and website. With the ability to split test ads, count views, reposition ads, show or hide them after a set amount of time, and customize it for each post, you’ll see higher earnings with your optimized ads.

WP In Post Ads-590x295

BONUS 19 – WP Contact Widget

WP Contact Widget is a great way to boost interaction with your users, by encouraging them to get in contact with you. With WP Contact widget, you can easily add a contact form as a widget anywhere on your website a widget can be placed, and you can customize the fields in the contact form.

WP Contact Widget-590x295

BONUS 20 – WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin for WordPress. WordPress experts recognize it as the most powerful caching tool. Thanks to its wide range of options and automatic optimization features, it can be easily used by experienced WordPress users as well as beginners.

Unlike many other caching plugins, you don’t have to be a scientist to launch this rocket!

WP Rocket caching ensures websites will load blazing fast, which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversions. We’ve aimed to make it the most user-friendly caching plugin around, with the easiest set-up.


BONUS 21 – UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Uber Menu WordPress Mega Menu has been the popular menu plugin since created. It has powerful dynamic menu effect for web development. Along with that, it facilitates its user with flexible layouts as well as enhanced UI. This plugin provides effortless and great customizability.

In a website, no matter wherever your visitors navigate menus are always there. This means we need to focus on its design, layouts and everything because it is the place where user interacts the most. So, you need a plugin like Uber Menu WordPress Mega Menu. This helps you to create and manage your menus wonderfully.


BONUS 22 – WP Video Ace Plugin

“We all know how important video is for generating sales and conversions. But until now you had no real control over how visitors engaged with your message. WP Video Ace finally puts you in charge, its features are super easy to use and extremely powerful. I love it.”


BONUS 23 – WP Sales Robot Plugin

Unlock More Sales and Profit Today. Easy Admin… There is nothing worse that downloading a power packed WordPress plugin only to find a space shuttle complicated dashboard. Get started fast. Fast Creation… You will not be wasting time inputting tons of un-needed content. Enter a few lines about your product into the super simple interface and start selling. Affordable… After searching for a solution to quickly create product promotion pages and seeing what others were charging for sub-par plugins, we created our own. Setting up your products could not be any simpler. When developing this plugin one of the things we focused on was simplicity since time equals money. Once you have your page or post designed, adding a products is simple as turning on and choosing options. This very light weight plugin works right out of the box with little configuration. We tested with a wide variety of themes so you can expect excellent compatibility. Your can customize the order form from sharing to discounts in little time.


BONUS 24 – WP Review Me Plugin

Off-The-Grid, Plug-and-play WP Plugin Allows You To Easily Get Feedback From Your Visitors So That You Can Know Exactly What They Are Thinking About Your Products In Your Blogs!


BONUS 25 – WP Reports Plugin

This plugin is used to create and display post, page and comment activity reports, per site or per user.

It makes better decisions and share your success with clear and accurate information!


BONUS 26 – WP Profit Page Creator Plugin

Instantly Create Money-making Pages That Are SEO Friendly And Will Bring Profits Day After Day With Little Content! Discover A Brand New And Highly Profitable WP Plugin That Once You “Fire It Up” Will Generate You Endless Sales!
These are some of the features and benefits of this amazing WP plugin…
Create money pages in less than a minute.
It’s easy to use thanksto its user-friendly interface (it will take you seconds to get familiar with the admin interface).
Add affiliate links or any type of links with ease.
Extremely profitable – you only have to send traffic to your money page and you are ready to collect payments!
SEO optimized: the money pages are optimized so that you can get traffic from Google, Yahoo or
Bing! (justimagineall of the organic traffic that you will be getting)!
No need to create lots of content – this is very easy…with WP Profit Page Creator you don’t need to waste time writing a lot of content. Just a few lines and you are ready to rock and roll.
Perfect for affiliates as well as for product creators – if you are into affiliate marketing then you will love this plugin as it will allow you to generate endless affiliate commissions!
And much, much MORE!

BONUS 27 – WP Feedback Pro Plugin

Using WP Feedback Pro, you can now setup your own review and feedback area in record time.

In a few steps you will be able to setup review pages and start collecting valuable feedback from your visitors.

Getting Feedback from your customers and visitors is the key your success.

Using this plugin, you will know exactly what people think and are saying about your products in real time.

No matter how hard we all try to be mind readers, it will never be successful but…

Using this new WordPress plugin will allow you to get into your visitors heads and obtain precious info!

If you are a seasoned or even a beginning product marketer there is most likely one powerful weapon you are overlooking… Feedback Reviews!

You can do all the secret recipes, traffic tricks, offers or whatever people tell you is the latest and greatest. But, placing reviews is the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapon you can deploy!



BONUS 28 – WP Cash-O-Matic Plugin

Create cash-o-matic product pages for your own or affiliate offers. Affiliate marketing or selling your own digital products are few of the most effective ways to build a huge online business empire. The thing is that, creating product pages or affiliate offer pages can also be time-consuming and hassle as you need to know what are those elements to be used to attract your audience to buy your offers. The good new is that, WP Cash-O-Matic is the perfect solution if you are a Affiliate Marketer, Product Creator, Everyday Blogger, Website Owner, or Webmaster. No matter what niche you are into this plugin can increase your profits and streamline your product page creation.


BONUS 29 – WP BotBlocker Plugin

Stop your wordpress site from being attacked by hackers using bots to try and bring down your site!
Website hacking has been an issue for many WordPress users for several years now. That’s why WordPress Developers are making security plugins to defend WordPress sites.
If you are having the same problem, chances are you might want to also install this amazing WordPress called WP BotBlocker with will block any bots that will attempt to do brute entry of your website’s backend.

BONUS 30 – WP Checkout Maximizer Plugin

If you’ve been pulling your hair out lately ’cause your traffic’s ground to a halt resulting in reduced conversion at your WordPress site or blog, there’s good news.

In just a few minutes we’ll show you how you can start driving insane amounts of viral traffic – effortlessly, and potentially increase your sales 100X or more, using a UNIQUE traffic and conversion WordPress Plugin known as “Checkout Maximizer“.


BONUS 31 – Yoast SEO Premium


BONUS 32 – Trendpressr Plugin


BONUS 33 – Member Pal Pro


BONUS 34 – WordPress Plugin Delayed Widget Plugin

This Plugin allows you to add a delay in seconds to your widgets before they appear. It can also be used to combat Ad Blindness by displaying the widget after a few seconds and brings it to the attention of your visitor.


BONUS 35 – Second Chance WordPress Plugin ($67 Value)


Add people to “invisible” lists so you can later target them through Facebook ads to sell them related offers.

Keep Selling To Your Visitors! Hosted under Your Facebook Advertising Account. Allows You to Create Ads That Target These Visitors!

From Now On, You Can Create Facebook Advertising Campaigns To Sell Related Offers, Discount And More… Directly To These Visitors! Your Ads Will Follow Your Visitors Everywhere

  • Sell Affiliate Offers (Amazon, Clickbank Tons More!)
  • Offer Discounts (And Bring People Back To Your Sites)
  • Sell Any Kind of Related Offers!


BONUS 36 – Giveаwаy by Kingsumo – $594


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