300k Rookie Consultant Review – How I Made $300,000 As A Rookie Consultant Review

300k Rookie Consultant Review – How I Made $300,000 As A Rookie Consultant Review

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How I Made $300k as a Rookie Consultant
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hello friends and fellow marketers this is Mark gray from the roof of online marketing now today we’re going to be looking at 300 k Ricky consultant or as the actual product is known as how i made 300,000 as a ricky consultant 2017 so if you click the link below this video then you will be taken to my written review where you can have a look have a read over see what I thought of it I also list what the two up sales are which we will have a look at in this video and if you scroll to the very bottom you’ll see that I am giving away a ton of awesome bonuses you can have a read yourself here about what they actually are now these are not bonuses bought from an plr extreme or a one dollar per month plr site these are all products that I’ve bought from Jay visa or elsewhere so they’re all softwares or good solid products with a PDF and videos included so enemy click the link below check out my site check out my review now let’s have a look at 300 k Ricky consultant right when you when you purchase this you will go to a you’ll get this so sorry you don’t want to go there we want to go to the main offer so the first thing is I would advise you to do is to watch the video the video is for us a lot the video is 58 minutes long and you can see that here and if I just get forward a little bit you’ll see that it is over the shoulder view which is very very useful so if you are following along with the video and you know you can play it and then do each step one step at a time so you play it until something new where you have to do and you pause it you do you go back to the video or alternatively you can open up the 76 page PDF and this is a here by Luther and oscar gonzalez and so it’s using desktop notifications to build massive list of online and offline buyers now this is a offline business that can be done online so just to clear that up because a lot of people get confused when i say some offline business this is a business where you don’t have to go out and meet people you don’t have to attend business meetings you can do all of this from right here at home so it’s an offline online business now the PDF 76 pages it is very detailed now I didn’t know anything about this business model if I’m honest I know about email marketing and about social media SMS easy I send them but when I got to hear completely lost and it wasn’t until towards the end where it came to building a WordPress website that I kind of you know caught up so there is a lot to learn in this but it’s all set up so I would advise you know just taking one one step at a time so as well we at mobile push notifications and the good thing about this PDF is it’s linked meaning if i press this it will take me to 3.4 of the PDF press oh there we go 3.4 so push notices are a powerful tool for reaching your mobile audience is an instant aware that pops up on the on your phone screen and sits in a notification tray of the device until you clear it so that’s what push notifications are and so I don’t want to give away too much of this but as you can see this is a very detailed PDF so something like getting your google api key that might you might read that like oh my god i don’t know how to do it but it’s actually very very easy so you know there you go you click this link tells you exactly what to do and as really as easy as that so it’s very newbie friendly so if you’re looking for something like a new business stream or an income stream sorry this could be perfect if you’re already if you already have a business and then this like an offline business so say you sell services to offline businesses already this would be perfect to get you more clients and build your authority and make more money and the great thing about this is with or teaches you let’s go back up to the top here leather teaches you in this course how to get recurring payments so you make the deal once and then you profit from every month without doing very much extra work that was one part that I really liked about it so as well as the main course PDF and the 58th minute video in the front end there is a rather cool swipe file so these are all swipes that have had the highest click-through from Oscar’s campaigns and and of course littles sorry I forgot his name there so this is other issues as well so clothing stores fitness centers bars and nightclubs so under food service of course so consumer retail I don’t know how would work with consumer and retail but I you know I eat a lot so I imagine it could be you know very good for that I like drink sometimes so yeah could be very very useful especially it was a sporting event on that would be fantastic and fitness centers I train every day if I can at least five six days a week so you know in the summer for example they might gym offers because i am in croatian they offered a you pay for one month and you pay for yet pay for one month in May and you get june and july for free that’s just to keep people coming in the door so you know i took advantage of that and that’s kind of what this is about is about being able to show off special discounts or offers and attract more clients now it’s kind of hard to explain in one video without you know reading through the whole PDF and watching the video of what this course is actually about but in a nutshell this course is a way to get more clients now if you’re in the offline business you’ll know how important that is getting new clients is huge for example if you are able to get an extra 30 28 20 to 30 clients per month for a restaurant you know a smallish restaurant that’s huge for them you think how much each client is worth that is a lot of money per person not per person per group per booking let’s say so 20 to 30 extra Perkins per month is massive and that’s basically what you’re doing is you’re creating and generating leads and you are selling them to these two businesses so the PDF teaches you how to find these clients how to get everything set up and how to sell him I mean this kind of sells itself because the great thing about this is there’s no start there’s no real startup costs you don’t have to invest in anything all you have to invest in is your time and if you’re serious about making money online then investing some of your time shouldn’t be a big deal really should so you know that’s my opinion anyway so if you’re interested we’ll have a quick look at the OTO it’s a video of ESL upgrade so the video sales letters upgrade so these are videos that you can use to attract more clients these are landing pages lead generating landing pages the training presentation which is an hour point I believe sales presentation which is PowerPoint which would be extremely useful an invoice template lead spreadsheet work agreement and upgrade training video that’s it there so that’s what you get with the upsell I just know that a lot of people will send me emails or comment if I didn’t show what the upsell was so that is the upsell so with the front-end offer you are getting the main course PDF 78 pages a belief and you’re getting this swipe file and you are getting this 58th minute video which you can stop and start and play on your favorite recorder you know maybe you like windows media media player better I always use VLC to personal preference because it plays anything really and it’s easy to stop the star so yeah so my overall conclusion and review or 300 k rookie consultant is that it is a good solid product that will work if you put it into action now who is it good for it is good for people who are looking for an extra income stream it’s good for people who already have some experience in the offline local business niche and it’s great for people who know nothing and want to build a business from home online so they are the people that I would recommend by this course so I hope this helped you a bit remember click below this video click the link and go read over my review and check out the policies I’m giving and I hope that you decide to purchase through my site and of course you can always leave a comment below the video comment on my site or even contact me here my personal email is here this is the email that I use 24 7 and so you can direct me so guys thanks for watching I hope this helped you and have a nice evening bye bye

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