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VidSnatcher Review – Cloud-Based Video Editor To Replace Camtasia Studio?




VidSnatcher Review – In recent years, online training courses delivered in video series have emerged as the great and effective way to make money online. You only need to record it all once and then sell that same one like a thousand times. As a matter of fact, more and more newbies want to join the game nowadays, which makes this market grows fast and stably.

But my friends – online trainers or e-learning teachers out there – have you ever found it a great challenge to finalize your videos? Have you ever felt dead when you are trying to get your videos ready for publishing?

I know the video editing process is complicated and frustrating and no one wants to get there. But, until you see this latest software – VidSnatcher, you will find all of these just a child’s play. No hassles. No complication.

Stay tuned on the next parts of my VidSnatcher review to explore this.



Creator Todd Gross et al
Product VidSnatcher
Launch Date 2020-Jan-14
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website https://vidsnatcher.co/
Front-End Price $37
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Video
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


VidSnatcher is the first cloud-based, open-canvas editor with text to speech AND language translation and much more! It is equipped with all the editing tools the most expensive video editors have PLUS even more powerful features like the built-in text-to-speech and language translator– all at an extremely affordable price!

In other words, VidSnatcher is a cloud based video creation and editing software, perfect for creating e-learning online courses, training videos and marketing videos in Any language. It comes loaded with a huge library of media assets to make your video creation workflow simple and seamless.

It’s like Camtasia, but with text-to-speech and language translation BUILT-IN, and ALL in the Cloud!

  • It opens business opportunities around the World and completely crushes language barriers, opening access to markets that were virtually impossible to reach before now.
  • This Video App will enable ALL of us to tap into the fastest growing online video market for years to come.
  • Includes Commercial License, is equipped with more features, and is easier to use

ALL at a fraction of the cost to comparable video editors on the market. It’s perfect for the explainer, how-to, show me videos that kicked Todd’s career off with a major bang! Every single one of us can capitalize because the topics and niche’s are literally endless. We can all teach and train others on whatever we choose.

And for the next hours (or possibly even minutes depending on when you’re reading this VidSnatcher Review), you’re going to be able to get the ultimate discount – the lowest price you’ll ever see VidSnatcher, or any other similar video editor for that matter!

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this VidSnatcher Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!



VidSnatcher is a product of Todd Gross and his partners LuAnn Beckman & Bravinn Technologies.

I have to emphasize that if Todd is in the second place of the video creation expert leaderboard, no one is in the first place. Specifically, he has spent many years producing a lot of stunning video software.

He has 3 times Emmy Award Winner and became a pioneer in online Video Marketing.

Todd uses his expertise for professional voice overs & on-camera videos, his working knowledge to train others & partners on new software products.

You can easily verify my words by searching for some of Todd‘s products of all time and see how they succeed. They are MugJam, Video Pal, EZ Magic Video, VideoRobot, EZ Review Videos, Video Marketing Publisher, Easy Web Video – eBay, and so many more.

He is also in Top 1% Affiliate as well as Premium Seller of JVzoo.

This is like precious chance giving in your hands to find out this product so please stay on this VidSnatcher review.

Check Todd Gross’s sale history to see how great his products were:



Basically, VidSnatcher is a powerful video editor which is mainly built for creating and customizing training videos. You will find this tool is fully loaded with killing features and unbeatable in many different aspects when compared to other editing tools.

I’ll list some distinctive features you could find out in this VidSnatcher:


It sounds a bit hilarious when you say a video editor is packed with video editing features, right? But that basic thing happens to many editing tools when they could’t offer what the users actually need.

And some customers end up buying tons of them with the costly price for each separately. That’s really depressing, you know. But this VidSnatcher is the one great exception to that. It meets all your fundamental needs right inside one dashboard with one-time fee.


Well, the language translator is here for any international courses you want to build up. This translator means you don’t need to outsource and waste your hard-earned money on it. The text-to-speech engine would buy you a lot of time since you don’t write down word by word manually.


This is absolutely a nightmare for anyone spending so much time on writing the script, recording themselves for hours and then working so hard for their editing process. But, boom! Some out-of-nowhere notifications like “the file format is not supported” would ruin everything. This is not gonna happen with the videos you created from VidSnatcher – it’s cloud-based and your videos work for all operating systems.


As the online trainers, I bet you guys all know what this feature is made for, right? You can easily make the training or guidance for your software showing your screen, with your voice explaining through step by step.

Well, they’re all amazing, hah? I would give you a detailed demonstration about this product in the next section.

How does VidSnatcher work?

In this section of VidSnatcher Review, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with this software. So first we need to log in. Once we’re logged in, the first step is to select the canvas size of the video we want to create. A 1:1 ratio is very popular for videos shown on social media and a 16 to 9 ratio is your standard video size for this VidSnatcher Review.


I am going to select the standard size. So now we’re in the editing dashboard of its nature. As you can see it is an open canvas video editor with complete editing flexibility at any point.

If you need to adjust the video size or canvas color, you can go right here to project properties, change canvas size by selecting a preset size or entering a custom size to suit your specific need easily, change the color right here.


Now on to the fun part… in order to create a video, we must add media. You can add media from your computer such as video music, images,  even animated gifs. Once it’s uploaded, you can simply drag and drop it into the timeline.


Now I am going to show you how media within the timeline interacts. I’ll drag and drop the image into the timeline. You can see how easy it is to drag the media around in the demo video below.

You can shorten it, you can split media in half. You can copy, cut and paste media as well as undo and redo any changes you make right here within the timeline. You can zoom in and out on the timeline for even more detailed editing, add more layers for additional media… as well as hide and lock media within each layer for a better editing experience.


As you can see, it is a very straightforward intuitive editing interface. Another way to add media is to create it directly from the vidsnatcher dashboard in the form of screen record and voice record. To show this I am going to start a new project. These are the tools that will be extremely helpful to you when you’re creating any type of training and tutorial videos.


Hre it will give you the option to disable your mic if you don’t want sound, as well as the options to record your full desktop screen or you can record a specific tab open on your computer. It will give you the option to record the full desktop a specific tab or a specific application window.

It’s recording perfect for how-to and training videos. Once you’re done recording, press the stop button at the top of the page and the file automatically starts converting in your media bin. It will take a little bit of time to process but then it’s ready to use in your video very nice. The voice record works the same way.


But what if you don’t want to record your voice or speak in the videos you create? This is where a robot like me comes in handy. This is the very powerful built-in text-to-speech feature with language translation that really elevates vidsnatcher above other open canvas editors on the Internet.

Getting started simply click the speaker icon to access text-to-speech, typing what you want to say here then select the language you want to use. Once the language is selected, click translate and you can see it translates it in the text box.


Now you can scroll down and pick a voice type. There are two options standard or wave which is more advanced but limited on languages, then I can choose between a male or female.


I am going to select the options and add it to my media library. You can see just how powerful that is. In that you can create videos in so many different languages and reach audiences around the world the first time ever.

There are still many more exclusive features inside this software but I don’t want to make this VidSnatcher Review so long. So let’s check this demo video below to see it in action!

VidSnatcher Review: The Best Way to Turn Profits with Video

There is sizzling hot market out there that many of us overlook, time and time again. The ironic thing is it’s a market that every single one of us can capitalize on, and it’s growing at an astounding rate!What is it? It’s the show-me, how-to, video course and video tutorial market, and it’s exactly how Todd Gross got started online many years ago. Specifically, he used Camtasia when it first came out, to screen capture the inside of software and explain and train people on how to use it.Software developers paid him handsomely for his services. The skillset also translated perfectly to creating powerful AFFILIATE promotional videos which helped kick off his affiliate marketing success and the rest was history!Now there’s a new tool that just hit the market that can help you do the exact same thing! What is it? How does it work? Let’s find out all the details in my VidSnatcher Review below!

Posted by 4u-Review on Thursday, January 23, 2020

VidSnatcher Review: Is it worth your money?

It’s no longer a secret, that video is the most powerful form of media. Whether it’s for marketing, informational, or educational purposes, video is the best way to deliver a message. That’s why there are so many different types of video creators on the market. The chances are you own one, or many of these creation tools…

​The problem is with most video creators you’re stuck within the confines of what that specific app can do. Whiteboard, Kinetic, 3D-Avatar, the list goes on. You can create GREAT videos with these apps, but are they really that unique when you’re stuck only with what the app allows you to do?

With VidSnatcher, you completely open your video editing capabilities! Import, edit and enhance ANY video, OR build completely unique videos from scratch with our new TRUE blank canvas video editor.

VidSnatcher isn’t just a matter of creating the video and syndicating it. It’s a matter of feeling good, proud, and confident about the video you publish. Of knowing that when you press publish your response is going to be overwhelmingly positive. Of being able to quickly, and easily suck up adoring fans from all 4 corners of the internet.

Could you start off with just your phone, and a YouTube account? Sure, you could. Buy why start at level 1 when a few tweaks in-phone you can start you off at level 10… ready to inspire the kind of following that brings big brands with big check-books knocking on your door in search of an influencer.

So why should you get it right now?

  • VidSnatcher’s open canvas style with editing timeline makes it 100% flexible to fit your video editing needs. Create, add, edit and enhance virtually every type of video!
  • Use VidSnatcher to create “how-to” and “show-me” videos that are value packed (this is how Todd Gross started years ago) – and it’s a market that’s growing like a weed!
  • The screen capture tool in VidSnatcher is perfect for tutorial and training style videos and it’s what people WANT! With text-to-speech and language translation built in – it’s LIMITLESS as to what you can use VidSnatcher for to grow your business!
  • Remember this is the COMMERCIAL version of VidSnatcher with UNLIMITED projects at a ONE-TIME Low Fee.

If you want to surpass the kinds of stories Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have changed the world of marketing with you won’t get a better opportunity than right now with VidSnatcher.

Shoot, EDIT and share. Build hordes of loyal followers and let the advertising dollars flow straight to YOU. You even get the SECRETS of the best youtubers in the world
as part of this launch special offer. Interviews with genuine youtube Millionaires sharing HOW they got started, TIPS for building your channel and insider knowledge that’s worth THOUSANDS. It’s part of VidSnatcher.

You can be right there where the action is, adding an intro, adding an outro, keep everything in the library that the creators have for you, hit one button and publish it instantly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo to your own sites, to all of the video distribution platforms. Just shoot, edit and publish directly from your mobile device!

VidSnatcher makes it easy. All of the videos and photos that you have on your phone right now… you can compile them together, you can make a video out of all the clips that you have.

Add your soundtracks, add voice overlay, add text overlay, add intros and outros, lower thirds and do it all from your mobile device. When you’re getting everything ready, you can cut and edit that seamlessly on your mobile device.

For example, you can take out that bit in the middle, you can add in your own images, put in your lower thirds easily using the mobile interface. That means no matter where you are in the world, got your phone with you now and you’ve got a full video editing studio right there in your hands.

You also get the secrets and the tips from the world’s best youtubers… telling you exactly:

  • How they built their channel
  • Tips for you to get started
  • How to build your subscribers
  • How to monetize your content and monetize your channels

These guys are making hundred thousand dollars a month and they’re making YouTube videos, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Everywhere you look in every niche, that’s absolutely possible.

  • You can be at your kids concert
  • You can be outside, working on your car
  • You can be skateboarding
  • You can be baking
  • You can be making slime
  • You can be tying your shoelaces

…And you can build a youtube subscriber list if you do it the right way. VidSnatcher is what you need!

Similar video editing software can go for $100’s of dollars for each version of the software. ​Not with VidSnatcher. For a VERY limited time you’ll pay a LOW one-time fee with ongoing updates INCLUDED! There will be no new versions you have to purchase, no updating, no more money spent to have the latest version of VidSnatcher.

​The opportunity VidSnatcher presents in the E-Learning space, as well as the overall video editing space is ENORMOUS! Just creating one training video that makes one sale could recoup your ENTIRE investment today!

You will be getting tons of the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and many more at the bottom of this VidSnatcher Review):



As I’ve mentioned above, this is the ultimate Camtasia replacement, geared towards helping video marketers easily edit and create beautiful videos in the cloud. However, with many advanced features and functions, VidSnatcher is suitable for any marketers at all levels, everyone can benefit from it.

In my opinion, you should collect this to your pocket if you are:

  • Ecom Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Offline Businesses
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product Vendors
  • Bloggers
  • Content Creators
  • Freelancers
  • YouTube Partners

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited personal video creation
  • Advance text-to-speech engine with built-in translation
  • Screen Record and Voice Record
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editing timeline
  • Add Unlimited Layers for the most complex videos
  • Dozens of pre-made icons, shapes, and transitions to use
  • Add text, customize and translate to virtually any language
  • Select custom canvas sizes
  • Easily add subtitles
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Up to now, there is not any.


For a limited time, you can grab VidSnatcher with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: VidSnatcher (37$)

Brand New Video Technology Helps Entrepreneurs Create The Perfect Online Courses, Training Videos, E-learning Videos and More! Combine, Edit, Create, and Remake Any Video, In Any Language!

One video market is set to EXPLODE! This how you can capitalize… This is how Todd Gross made his first online dollar. NOW the market is set to EXPLODE!


OTO 1: Pro Editor’s Suite ($47)

Bring your videos to life, boost your video’s value, and blow your clients away with this pro editing addition! Instantly unlock royalty free media libraries built directly into your vidsnatcher account, and easily insert highly-engaging, media rich content into your videos in seconds!

  • Tap into an unlimited source of high-quality image & video libraries
  • ​Media libraries are integrated directly into VidSnatcher
  • ​Access an ever-growing background music library
  • Unlock in-app URL screenshot import (Very cool feature)
  • ​Boost the value of each video you create

Never spend another dime on stock images or motion videos ever again! VidSnatcher has Pixabay (images), Pexels (Video and Images), and a vast music library available at your fingertips! You can even input a URL directly into VidSnatcher and it will automatically import a screenshot of that page into the editor!

​You’ll be able to charge a premium for every video you create with these media assets at your disposal. Simply search by keyword and import any media you desire.

  • Create a unique video experience
  • Engage your audiences with rich media
  • Completely transform the way your videos look

OTO 2: Agency Suite ($47)

How would you like to be the proud ceo of your very own vidsnatcher agency? Equipped with a professionally designed website, marketing video, and 50 local niche video templates – VidSnatcher Agency is a turnkey business opportunity with massive potential!

VS Agency Suite is the ideal solution your business needs. With 50 pre-made professional local video templates spanning across numerous niche markets, an agency marketing video, and your very own agency website with full 100% commercial rights, you can start earning today!

  • Use your Agency Suite to start generating profits, today!
  • ​Leverage your website and be the authority in video services!
  • Increase your productivity with pre-made Local Niche Video template. No need to start from scratch.
  • ​Take advantage of professionally developed marketing materials to boost your business!

Agency Suite comes loaded with everything you may need to run a successful video creation agency. The Agency website highlights ALL the services you can offer with VidSnatcher such as video editing, video creation, and the premade local niche video templates!

  • Access To 50 Pre-Made Local Video Templates
  • Agency Marketing Video To Sell Your Services
  • 100% Full Agency Rights
  • Professional Done For You Agency Website
  • One Time Fee!

OTO 3: Local Video Templates Pack ($27)

So you can still accelerate your video creation workflow inside of Vidsnatcher with the 50 Pre made Professionally crafted local video templates. These templates auto-populate in the VidSnatcher editing timeline saving you massive amounts of time!

You can use the exact template we offer and resell it as is. Or you can customize them for

  • Targeted at the hottest local niche markets
  • Increase productivity and save time with premade templates
  • Load any of the 50 premade local video templates with one click
  • Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create

OTO 4: Template Club ($37)

We have designers working constantly to create these beautiful premade niche video templates for you to use to maximize your profit potential with vidsncatcher.

This is a limited time offer so you must act today! We’re talking over $500 worth of professional Local Video Templates every single month, giving you an extra 120 TOTAL new templates over a one year period, at a low one-time cost!

  • 10 New Local Video Templates added monthly for 1 full year
  • ​Increase the number of potential clients to sell video services to
  • New templates will be driven by your suggestions
  • ​Over $1000’s in total value at a very low one-time fee
  • ​Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create

OTO 5: Animation Suite ($17)

Get instant access to 125+ highly engaging animated icons to boost the quality and appearance of your vidsnatcher videos. Plus access to newly added animated icons at no charge!

You’ll gain instant access to search through a robust library of both Animated and static Icons such as Emoticons, Social icons, Utilities icons and more, that can work across multiple niches and industries.editing, video creation, and the premade local niche video templates!

  • Unlock a giant library of animated icons
  • Never spend another dime on icon animations
  • Easily Edit Icon properties for customization
  • Get instant access to newly added icons
  • One-click upload into your editing timeline
  • All at a low one-time price

VidSnatcher Review Conclusion

The screen capture tool in VidSnatcher is perfect for tutorial and training style videos with text-to-speech and language translation built in – it’s limitless as to what you can use VidSnatcher for to grow your business! 

Remember this is the commercial version of this product with unlimited projects at a one-time low fee. Why don’t you jump at this golden opportunity now so that you can never worry about having to pay for a software update ever again!

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